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Special Election Alert!

We’re less than a month away from five special elections happening in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire that are strong opportunities for Democrats to win BIG. But it won’t be easy – here’s what we’re up against:

➝ In Pennsylvania, House Democrats narrowly flipped the chamber in November’s midterms, but now there are three special elections happening on February 7 that could determine control of the chamber. All three seats are critical for a Democratic majority.

➝ And in New Hampshire, this race is a toss-up leaning in favor of Democrats – where we're just four seats away from a majority. If we can secure this win, it will help us lay the groundwork to potentially FLIP this chamber.

Republicans currently control 28 state legislatures, and flipping legislatures one seat at a time takes constant, unrelenting support from grassroots supporters like you.

Special elections like these are how we change the game, so these races are critical for state Democrats. In Pennsylvania, the GOP is gearing up to push constitutional amendments banning abortion and a voter ID requirement if they win these special elections – so whether we can come together to build strong enough campaigns for these candidates to win will have real consequences.

Voting in these elections will start soon and campaigning is already in full swing. Can we count on you to chip in and help Democrats across the country defend and flip key seats like these? >> >>

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It’s so simple: We need leaders who are ready to step up with real solutions, which is why we work so hard every day to elect Democrats. Special elections are a great opportunity to do that and build power during an odd-numbered year, so we need to be laser-focused.

Plus, special elections like these have a notoriously low turnout – so every dollar, touchpoint, and vote we can get right now really counts.

Chip in right now so that state 

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 can win in elections like these >>

Thanks for all you do – we're so glad to have you in this fight.


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Sula -- according to new research, state-level changes, big data, and state judicial decisions weakened gerrymandering's grip on the political makeup of American democracy in the last three elections.

So here’s the situation -- extreme Republicans in North Carolina have a long history of manipulating maps. But voters keep prevailing in overturning those maps in court.

However, less surprisingly, it could come roaring back if anti-democratic radicals have their way in the decisions due from the U.S. Supreme Court later in the spring. 

Help All On The Line as we prepare for those SCOTUS decisions and protect fair maps from radical gerrymandering in 2023 and over the decade.

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Here are examples of how the rise of radical gerrymandering diminishes fair democracy in some AOTL target states:

  • In states like Alabama, lawmakers want to disregard decades of legal precedent and are pushing for the adoption of a new race-blind test under the Voting Rights Act.
  • In Ohio, right-wing lawmakers elected under a gerrymandered state legislative map continue to push anti-democracy legislation including restrictive voter ID legislation and a measure designed to make citizen-led constitutional amendments harder to pass.
  • In Florida, the political interests of elected officials paved the way for the passage of gerrymandered maps in flagrant disregard of the state’s constitutional prohibitions.

Fair redistricting is part of the foundation of our democracy. It ensures neither party becomes too extreme or polarized. We cannot allow a new wave of radical gerrymandering districts to go unchecked. 

Will you make a donation today to boost AOTL’s plan to protect fair redistricting and maintain the integrity of our democracy for generations to come? 

-- Brianna Shamsuddoha
Interim Mobilization Director


All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund. Support our work to end gerrymandering.

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