Saturday, January 21, 2023

The clock is racing towards the first special elections of 2023, with critical races already on the books for January.

Securing Democratic victories in these elections won’t be easy. Here’s why:

  • Special elections are historically underfunded and rarely receive the attention they deserve – oftentimes, they’re decided by just a handful of votes.
  • And after state Democrats’ historic wins this year, state Republicans will be looking for any power-building opportunities they can find.
  • We’ve been outraised by Republicans every quarter this year – so to compete against state Republicans’ outsized spending, we’ll need a tidal wave of support from grassroots Democrats today.

We need grassroots Democrats like you to help fuel our on-the-ground strategy, hire organizers, build community relationships, and develop a winning platform for our candidates. Can we count on you today?

Rush $7 right now to give state Democrats the support they need to secure victories in elections across the country >>

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Democratic majorities aren’t built in a day – or even within a single election cycle. They’re the result of long-term organizing, strategic power-building, and targeted investments – even in the “off” season. Securing victories in special elections is a key part of our long-term power-building strategy – these elections could help turn the tide for state Democrats.

That’s why it’s vital that we seize these opportunities and throw our full support behind the incredible Democratic candidates in these elections – we can’t afford to leave anything on the table, so we need your help today.

Will you chip in $7 to help Democrats secure victories in special elections and build Democratic power in state legislatures nationwide?

Thank you,




As troops are stationed in Eastern Europe and all over the world this holiday season missing time with loved ones, it’s up to us to let them know how much we appreciate the sacrifices they make.

But our midnight deadline is quickly approaching, we’re falling seriously short of our 100,000-signature goal, and you still haven’t signed the holiday thank-you card for our troops!



The holidays are nearly over, but we fell short of our goal to help fund programs and services such as at least 3,000 phone calls home for our troops this Christmas and into the new year.**

Many of our troops can’t call home without support from the USO, and right now, our generous partners at The Pine Street Foundation are MATCHING all gifts to help us make up our fundraising shortfall — but only until midnight tomorrow. We can’t bear to let our troops down this holiday season, so we need YOU to rush an immediate gift to have it DOUBLED:

As our troops risk their lives far away from home this holiday season, will you make a donation right now and have it DOUBLED up to a total of $100,000 to provide connections to home like helping them talk with their loved ones?

With so many more of our service members spending their holiday season deployed far from home due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the comfort of hearing a loved one’s voice is no small thing. It can make a huge difference for our troops as they spend months on end away from their families.

But our programs that connect our troops to home rely on the generosity of Americans like you. So please, we need your help to close this gap before this match opportunity expires at midnight tomorrow:

Rush an immediate donation of $29 — becomes $58 — to provide programs and services like phone calls home and other comforts for our service members spending the holidays far away from their loved ones. Please hurry.

Thank you so much for coming through for our troops.


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