Sunday, January 22, 2023

According to new research, state-level changes, big data, and state judicial decisions weakened gerrymandering's grip on the political makeup of American democracy in the last three elections.

So here’s the situation -- extreme Republicans in North Carolina have a long history of manipulating maps. But voters keep prevailing in overturning those maps in court.

However, less surprisingly, it could come roaring back if anti-democratic radicals have their way in the decisions due from the U.S. Supreme Court later in the spring. 

Help All On The Line as we prepare for those SCOTUS decisions and protect fair maps from radical gerrymandering in 2023 and over the decade.

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Here are examples of how the rise of radical gerrymandering diminishes fair democracy in some AOTL target states:

  • In states like Alabama, lawmakers want to disregard decades of legal precedent and are pushing for the adoption of a new race-blind test under the Voting Rights Act.
  • In Ohio, right-wing lawmakers elected under a gerrymandered state legislative map continue to push anti-democracy legislation including restrictive voter ID legislation and a measure designed to make citizen-led constitutional amendments harder to pass.
  • In Florida, the political interests of elected officials paved the way for the passage of gerrymandered maps in flagrant disregard of the state’s constitutional prohibitions.

Fair redistricting is part of the foundation of our democracy. It ensures neither party becomes too extreme or polarized. We cannot allow a new wave of radical gerrymandering districts to go unchecked. 

Will you make a donation today to boost AOTL’s plan to protect fair redistricting and maintain the integrity of our democracy for generations to come? 

-- Brianna Shamsuddoha
Interim Mobilization Director


All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund. Support our work to end gerrymandering.

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The America Bicentennial celebrates 200th years at the 2nd Exhibition in Brazil in São José - A Grande Florianópolis-SC.


The Itinerant Crusade and the Museum of the American Continent presents its 5th Edition this coming February 6th to 10th, in São José - SC,  Brazil.


 The artist of the World Currencies, Jaime Vallardo Chávez, Creator and Organizer of the Intercultural Artistic Call for the Bicentennial of America, traveling the Continent with the project and taking with him the physical collection, the exhibition of more than 500 visual artists from the American continent and guests of the Orb , together with a Commemorative Work for the 200th anniversary of each country on the Continent and now in São José Santa Catarina, to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil. 

The coordinator of the call for this 5th edition of the Bicentennial of America in Brazil is the talented Brazilian artist Jucélia Costa,  born in São José - SC. It is worth mentioning that the Brazilian artist is the curator of the exhibition together with the Honduran artist Jaime Vallardo Chávez, founder of the Cruzada Itinerante project and the Museum of the American Continent.


The Bicentennial of America is a project that was born at the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Peru, Honduras and all of Central America in 2021.

The proposal transferred in 2022 to Pucalpa - Itinerant Crusade and the Museum of the American Continent, in Peru and Brasília - DF to commemorate the 200 years of the Independence of Brazil.


In the year 2023, the Itinerant Crusade and the Museum of the American Continent.heads to Peru and Comayagua, Honduras.



With the full support of Mayor Orvino Coelho de Ávila, from the city of São José, SC - Brazil, and his team that make up the activities of the City Hall of São José SC; together with the Municipal Secretariat of Culture and Tourism of São José - SC, the City Council, the Josefense Confraternity of Plastic Arts and Continente Shopping for organizing the event, providing its facilities for the exhibition of the Bicentennial of America. 

The Exhibition stands out for presenting a Heritage Artist of America for São José - SC / Brazil, in memory of Master José Cipriano da Silva (1927-2009).

The American Continent Bicentennial Crusade and Museum Travels
 to two countries a year to commemorate the anniversary of each country 
on the American Continent, and its artists who participate are for life and also receive
 the title of Nobility: America's Art Ambassadors for paint the homeland's
 birthday celebrating its Independence Bicentennial.
 z"Artists who participate and meet the requirements of the Bicentennial become Artists of the
 Bicentennial and are for life", says General Director and Creator of the project, artist Jaime
 Vallardo Chávez.
The coordinator of the Traveling Exhibition in São José –SC -Artist -
 Jucélia Costa flanked by the founder of the event Jaime Vallardo Chavez.
 Location: Continente Shopping

BR 101 Highway - KM 210 Esquina Rod, SC-281 - Industrial District,
 São José - SC, 88104-800
Date: February 6th to 10th, 2023.
Hours: 6pm: 00pm
Coordination, Curatorship and Realization: Jaime Vallardo Chavez
General Coordination: Plastic Artist - Jucélia Costa
Media: Media
Instagram: @vallardoartistanaif
Support: City Hall of São José - SC.
Municipal Secretary of Culture and Tourism of São José - SC.
City Council,.
Josefense Confraria de Artes Plásticas .
Continente Shopping
Organization World Art Show
Photo: Personal Collection
Source: Jaime Vallardo Chavez


Special Election Alert!

The next five special elections for 2023 are just days away!

2/21New HampshireH-Strafford 8

These special elections could be some of the most important elections state Democrats face in this year. Here’s why:

  • In Pennsylvania, state Democrats are facing three must-win elections on February 7th. Without these three seats, Democrats don’t have a chance of winning chamber control this year.

  • In New Hampshire, we’re only four seats away from a majority, so winning the seat on February 21st would help state Democrats gain serious ground. Last year we had five special elections in this chamber, so if we can raise the funds to invest in these critical races, it could be the start of major gains for Democrats in this state!

Special elections like these could change the game for Democrats, but we're up against a tougher fight than usual: Because these races are so consequential, they’re more expensive than ever – in fact, we're anticipating these races in Pennsylvania will cost 25% more! Republicans outraised us and are ready to pour whatever resources they need to win these races after historic losses in November.

We can't afford to keep pace with GOP spending in these races without you. Can you rush $7 to push state Democrats to the finish line in special elections like these?

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We’re up against GOP candidates who are anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ election deniers. If they win, they’ll create barriers at the ballot box, restrict abortion, and more. We can’t let that happen.

Can you donate to help state Democrats win before it’s too late?>>

Thank you for being in this fight with us,


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