Saturday, February 4, 2023


USO Supporter,

The holiday season often brings families together to share laughs, open presents, eat warm meals and continue traditions. But for our service members, not getting to spend the holidays with their loved ones is yet another sacrifice they make to protect us.

So many more military families will spend this month apart as thousands of troops continue to respond to the war in Ukraine — braving the harsh, frigid conditions of deployment in Eastern Europe instead of enjoying the warmth of the holidays at home.

Through this especially difficult holiday season for our troops, the USO will be there — providing comfort, joy and crucial connections to home. And it's all thanks to the generosity of military supporters like you. That's why we put together an interactive photo album of how you've helped our troops celebrate the holidays — no matter where in the world they're serving:

blurred photo album

Thank you so much for all you do to be a force behind our forces — during the holidays and all year long.



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Last year was extremely challenging for our service members, but through it all, they stood strong to protect our country and our allies. We’re so thankful for supporters who stood with them by providing essential supplies, opportunities to connect to home and spaces to relax and unwind.

As we begin this new year, our troops continue to face more danger and uncertainty — and we’re counting on you to stand with them. Please, will you give $29 or more today to activate your 2023 membership and provide critical support to our troops all year long?


Your support means so much to our troops, particularly during challenging moments like this one. Thank you for standing with them no matter what.





“Soldiers from 101st Airborne, 10th Mountain divisions expected to deploy to Romania”
— Stars and Stripes, Jan. 23, 2023


I’m reaching out to you today with a critical update from Eastern Europe.

Thousands of U.S. troops in Romania, just a few miles away from where war rages on in Ukraine, just received word that their deployment would be extended for at least nine more months.

That’s nine more months away from their homes and loved ones, facing danger and uncertainty as they protect our national interests and strengthen our allies.

Meanwhile in Germany, even more troops are preparing to deploy to Romania. As this crisis continues to escalate with no end in sight, our troops are ready to do whatever it takes to keep us safe and free. It’s up to folks back home to do everything we can to support them as they make incredible sacrifices for us.

That’s why I’m asking the USO’s most dedicated military supporters — including you — to donate before midnight tonight: Please, will you rush $29 or more to support our heroes around the world?

In moments like this, contributions from this patriotic community are more important than ever.

Many of the troops deployed to the Ukrainian border countries were forced to leave their cell phones behind for security reasons; now, many of these brave heroes are relying on the USO’s call centers and secure networks to stay connected to their loved ones. We’re also delivering care packages, toiletries, warm winter hats and gloves, hot meals and more.

But I know what goes into coordinating these efforts, and I have to be frank with you: All this takes considerable resources, and as we plan to be there for troops throughout this ongoing emergency, we urgently need you to step up today. Donate now to help provide critical resources and support to troops in Eastern Europe and around the world.

Thank you for standing with our troops through thick and thin.

Alan Reyes
Chief Operating Officer, USO