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Now that Democrats have lost the House, Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan are threatening to investigate the January 6th Select Committee – potentially cherry-picking evidence to sabotage Democrats.

So the Committee chairs are pledging to release all evidence collected to the public before the year is over.

So we’re polling local Democrats – We need to know whether or not you support the committee’s decision as this session of Congress wraps up >> >>

Do you support the House Select Committee releasing all January 6th evidence publicly?

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We’re polling Democrats in your area because this is likely one of the last actions the committee can take to keep insurrectionists and their Republican enablers accountable.

Please respond to our poll ASAP – only you can make sure local Democrats' voices are heard >>


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One last chance. One last chance to expand our Senate majority. One last chance to minimize Trump’s influence in the Senate. One last chance to make sure Total Disaster Herschel Walker stays far away from elected office. One last chance to power a true progressive Black champion to victory — again.


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The stakes have truly never been higher than they are right now, and we need every single one of you to step up to the plate.

If you’re located in Georgia and haven’t cast your vote yet, click here to find your polling place. For more information on this election, click here. If you aren’t able to vote in this election but want to help the team here at The Collective PAC mobilize as many voters as possible, click here to make a donation of $10 or anything you can right now.

Thank you. We’ll see you at the polls in Georgia!

— The Collective PAC

We just released our 12th annual Global Media Intelligence report. This year’s report details media and device usage in 44 markets and, for the first time, presents this data on a regional basis, allowing for robust global comparisons.

Some major takeaways from the report include:

  • The world has become noticeably more mobile. From 2019 to 2022, time spent on mobile devices increased in all regions.
  • Latin America leads the world in five time spent categories when it comes to activities and devices: PC/tablet, mobile, social/messaging apps, music streaming, and online media.
  • Only two regions increased time spent with social media/messaging from 2019 to 2022, North America and Western Europe.
  • TV consumption is significantly higher in the US than in any other country.

Uncovering what behaviors to expect in 2023, and how to plan accordingly, is instrumental to staying ahead of the curve.

Let’s schedule a few minutes to learn more about your digital media strategies for 2023 and to see how Insider Intelligence can support your efforts. What is your availability this week?

The Insider Intelligence Team

The Collective PAC is strategically focused on creating a truly equitable democracy where our nation’s local, state and federal governments have diverse and talented elected leadership and Black people are fully represented in positions of power to create the policies necessary to progress our communities forward. Since our inception in 2016, we have helped 110 candidates win general elections at the local, state and federal levels. We strive to support the next wave of progressive and unapologetic Black candidates who will usher in a sea of change in our political system while helping America fulfill its promise of democracy by creating a government that will truly be for the people and of the people.

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WE WON!!! Raphael Warnock is officially heading back to the Senate, defeating Total Disaster Herschel Walker and SHATTERING Walker’s political ambitions.

Yesterday, Georgia voters stood up for our democracy, REJECTED right-wing extremism, and saw through Herschel Walker’s BS. They made the right choice by voting for Rev. Warnock, a progressive Black champion who will put Georgians ahead of everything else.

If you’re as excited about Raphael Warnock’s BIG WIN as we are, sign our card to congratulate Rev. Warnock on winning re-election and thank him for all of his hard work →


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Elect Black Democrats

Our cozy merch makes the perfect gift for the local voter in your life this holiday season!DLCC merchOur merch is 100% union made — all of the proceeds go to building Democratic power in state legislatures across the country.Order before December 14 to receive your merch by December 24!


President Obama is using his voice to amplify the critical importance of state legislatures:

Obama Gif

And no one would be better than President Obama – he served THREE terms in the Illinois State Senate!

Here’s exactly why he’s so right: While legislation stalls on the federal level, state legislators are making key decisions about access to abortion, public education, health care services, and even decisions about the roads you drive on. Where Republicans have stripped their constituents of these rights, state Democrats have protected the right to choose, expanded early and absentee voting, and much, much more.

Simply put, state Democrats are the last line of defense against GOP extremism. But with critical special elections in Virginia quickly approaching, we need every Democrat reading this to listen to President Obama and step up.

Will you listen to President Obama and chip in $7 right now to help secure victories for Democrats across the country?

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You have the power to help us on our path to holding, expanding, and building Democratic majorities across the country. Every dollar you contribute today will go straight to early investments and building out our strategy for 2023 and beyond.

So please – can you spare $7 or anything you can afford to elect state Democrats in 2023 and beyond?

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We're in the most critical time of year for the USO. As service members are spending the holiday season far away from their loved ones, it's more important than ever that we ramp up our efforts to support them.

I just stepped out of a meeting about where USO funding stands, and we're behind where we need to be. Since I know how much you care about being there for our military heroes, I wanted to quickly share my notes:

Graphic of a notes app checklist that says "Urgent needs for our troops before the holidays"

As our brave service members make immense sacrifices so that we can enjoy a safe holiday season here at home, it's our duty to make sure they can at least call their loved ones and enjoy small comforts like a holiday meal.

But the USO relies on the generosity of folks like you to make that possible. So please, will you donate now to help keep our troops strong throughout the holiday season and into the new year?

Thanks so much for giving what you can for the heroes who give everything for us,

Mary English Bell, USO

As I was catching up on recent news, I was not surprised to see -- Ohio is once again making news concerning democracy in the Buckeye State. Here are a few recent headlines from the Ohio Capital Journal to check out:

More than 140 groups oppose effort to limit citizen changes to Ohio Constitution.

LaRose wants to make it harder for voters to amend constitution but evidence of a problem is lacking.

Voting laws top the agenda as Ohio's lame-duck session resumes.

We must put a stop to legislators’ anti-democratic tactics to deny voters access to fair democracy. Chip in today so we have the resources to support voters, in places like Ohio, fight for voters’ ability to hold elected officials accountable at the ballot box

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Another Amount

Here are some issues to pay attention to in Ohio’s recent news:

  • Lawmakers are threatening to propose a bill that would limit ballot drop boxes to only three days, limit election offices to 88 county boards, shorten the early voting period by a day, and a voter photo ID requirement could be added.
  • Lawmakers are hustling through a measure that would make it harder for voters to amend the Ohio Constitution, protecting amendments passed by a gerrymandered legislature.

Sadly, this means lawmakers are imposing barriers to limit voting power of the people. All On The Line is preparing to take action to combat these challenges like these in 2023 and ahead.

Team – this is why we are making a commitment to double down moving forward, championing voting accessibility through democracy reform, and organizing volunteers to protect fair maps. We can’t watch as these corrupt ideals try to manifest as American democracy when we know this is not what our country stands for. 

This is why every dollar counts as we begin the next chapter of the fair democracy movement, which includes advocating for voters like Ohioans. Donate right now to help All On The Line put their plan into action.


– Art Mitchell

Deputy Director, Litigation and Policy














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