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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Brazil’s stock market is coming back, signaling that a new period of economic growth is on the horizon. Despite the uncertainty caused by an election year, foreign investments in Brazil are growing, and so is GDP. What is driving the current state of affairs and what lies ahead?
Join us for a discussion on the factors driving the surge of economic activity in Brazil, including the interplay with other emerging markets, the main sectors behind the growth, and the challenges and opportunities for foreign investors.
Agenda and Speakers
8:30 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. - Registration, Breakfast, and Networking Session
9:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. - Opening Remarks, Presentation, Panel Discussion, and Q&A
Opening Remarks
Bob McCooeyVice Chairman, Nasdaq

Ivana FerreiraHead of Latin America Listings and Capital MarketsNasdaq
Pedro DiasPartnerMattos Filho

Ana Cabral-GardnerCo-CEO and Co-Chair, Sigma Lithium (Nasdaq: SGML)
Eduardo MarquesPartner, Mattos Filho
Manuel GarciadiazPartner, Davis Polk
Pedro Quintella, Head of Structuring and Investor Relations, Vinci Partners (Nasdaq: VINP)
Vicente Brochetto, Head of Tech Latam, J.P. Morgan
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Earlier this month, the USPS Board of Governors met and discussed the future of the USPS. And good news: President Biden has now appointed a MAJORITY of the Board, ripping power away from Trump’s handpicked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy!

DeJoy’s key allies have been replaced with labor leaders, experienced public servants, and other experts – a move that will make it easier to defend voting by mail, and make the USPS work for the American people.

And with this change, DeJoy no longer has unchecked power to uphold the unprecedented voter suppression tactics we witnessed last cycle – like slowing down the mail service, interfering with voting by mail in the middle of a pandemic, and so much more.

We’re thrilled President Biden has taken this step to protect the USPS after years of Republican efforts to destroy it. Add your name to thank President Biden for working to save the USPS – let’s show him that we have his back!


On top of signing the Postal Service Reform Act, this victory is great news for the American people, who will be receiving their mail-in ballots, paychecks, and medication on time. President Biden's replacements will protect the American people from more Trump-era policies.

If this has shown us anything, it’s that President Biden is determined to rid the USPS of corrupt leadership. Let’s show our gratitude, and let’s make sure he knows he’s got our support in this critical work!

Add your name to thank President Biden for reversing Trump and DeJoy’s damage to the USPS >>





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As one of our most dedicated supporters, we know you understand the stakes in this year’s midterms, and the value of early investments. That’s why if you’re able to make a contribution today, during the traditional summer slowdown, it will make an incredible difference in the outcome in November.

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