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Serginho Cavaco New Album

Overcoming is the word
that marked the life of musician @serginho_do_cavaco .
 Born in São Paulo, the musician started studying the cavaquinho at the age of 11. At the age of 13, he was already playing in several samba groups in the city of São Paulo, making this path lead him to be a member of Banda Evandro Músic Show, which promoted the liveliest Carnival dances at the Cartola Clube in São Paulo.

The musician lived dramatic days with a delicate subject that demanded attention. In 2022, a very serious illness diagnosed as malignant cancer, affected his left leg, causing his world to collapse, in the midst of Pandemiá.

The days were spent between hiccups and regrets that prevented him from finding a way out for healing during the percussion. The disease hindered his trips to the Studio to record the project "A Minha Fe,".
Already diagnosed with the disease, undergoing chemotherapy,, the artist concluded that it was the most difficult project to be recorded in his life, for having to sing, compose and choir a story today for the victorious!



Ready for a total smash up ?

Tomorrow's the last days racing before Christmas Day, so although we're back in action on the 26th we've made sure that we make tomorrow count !!


Good day to end on too, there's Ayr, Ffos Las, Lingfield & Southwell.

We've done everything in our power, rang everyone we know, pulled in many many favours & nearly sold our souls to get these bets sorted so we can all really P the Bookies off right before Christmas.


You'll get......

2x for Ayr

1x Ffos Las

2x Lingfied

2x Southwell (Evening meeting)


You'll also get......

Two running at Deauville (Courtesy of Adam Gaudion).


We're going to be lumping on these & Adam's told us the two in France have been laid out by connections & he will probably be placing double his normal stake on both *we will confirm that in the morning.


If you'd planned to go Christmas shopping tomorrow STOP! Put that off, you can do that Friday using the winnings from these.


If you were looking for something to help you get those extra bits for the day, this should be it.

We'll be winning right into the evening as the day finishes with Southwell's floodlight meeting.


We want to send you all 9 horses early tomorrow morning, click below to make that happen .


It's going to be a cash fest bonanza!



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The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (BACCF)

cordially invites you to a Breakfast and discuss on:

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Outlook for the New Administration

in Brazil 

Presented by:

Ambassador Rubens Barbosa


Ambasador Rubens Barbosa

With a master's degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Ambassador Rubens Barbosa has held a variety of posts in Government and Foreign Affairs: Secretary for International Affairs of the Ministry of Economy Brazilian Permanent Representative to the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI); Under-Secretary-General for Regional Integration, Economic Affairs and Foreign Trade at the Ministry of External Relations; Coordinator of the Brazilian Section for Mercosul-Southern Cone Common Market. Brazilian Ambassador to the Court of St James?s from January 1994 to June 1999. Brazilian Ambassador to the United States of America from June 1999. Ambassador Barbosa is also author of several articles, essays and two books, one on Latin American Economic Integration and ?Panorama Visto de Londres, that deals with foreign and economic policy. Currently, Amb. Barbosa works as a business consultant and is President of the Upper Council of Foreign Trade from Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo (FIESP), the leading interlocutor between industry and government in the capitol of Brazil. Amb. Barbosa regularly publishes articles and essays and is the author of four books. He is a member of the board of the Sao Paulo State Symphony Orchestra (OSESP), the Foundation Padre Anchieta (TV Cultura) and the CSU (credit card administration) company.

Date/Time: Friday, January 13th

From 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST

Location: Shutts & Bowen

200 S Biscayne Blvd., Suite 4100

Miami, FL 33131


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These are exciting times for the FoodFutureCo Community! With a bunch of updates from our cohort company graduates that scaled up, leveled up, and took the next big step, here’s the latest community news to mark the highlights of our portfolio companies just in time for the holiday season.

FFC Community Video Call Highlights Two of Its Cohort Graduate Companies: Harvest Returns and Seal the Seasons

Last November 30, we conducted our FFC Community Video Call with some of our cohort graduates. Harvest Returns and Seal the Seasons shared with us plenty of groundbreaking updates about their brand, vision, goals, and direction.

Shen Tong, Managing Partner of FoodFutureCo, has also shared with us updates and insights about the current interconnected and global industries of food, agriculture, technology, and climate.

“The future of food is now,” Shen said in his welcome message at the FFC Community Video Call. He mentioned the different crises happening around the world for the past decade—the Covid-19 pandemic, high inflation, climate change, food crisis, and so much more. But while the human race seems to be living more and more in misalignment with the order of nature and the universe at large, we are also winning through small but impactful solutions that aim to rebuild the harmony that mankind has with the environment. “We are moving beyond advocacy, beyond initial conversations, toward macro risk adjusted strategies”, Shen reported, and this recognizes the high yields, returns, and equities that investing in the food industry has to offer. FFC's portfolio companies are a testament to that.


Harvest Returns believes that supporting farmers helps sustain the planet. In sustainable farming businesses, farmers and investors can work hand in hand to create profit, growth, and learning in the agritech industry.

From its founding in 2016 and being an FFC cohort graduate in the spring of 2019, Harvest Returns have gone through 44 successful raises, 5 exits, and a total of $6.2M investor distribution to date. Spring 2022 has also gathered an amazing $2.5M in the company’s seed round.

Harvest Returns has been continuing to push for support for farmers through specialty crops and agribusiness, sustainably-produced livestock, and controlled environment agriculture. To know more about how you can support, invest, and partner with Harvest Returns, check out its website.


Seal the Seasons believes that local food is better. That’s why the company has chosen to streamline the distribution of local farm products through a distributed supply chain rather than a centralized one. It is aiming to build a $100M brand amidst the 55.5B frozen produce market.

Because of the company’s commitment to its goals and values, Seal the Seasons has shown velocity growth across different segments of grocery, such as Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, and Food Lion. It has also managed to forge long-term partnerships with retailers, which range from 4-6 years to date since its inception and funding.

For Seal the Seasons, the next big step and phase of growth is creating value-added innovation with locally grown ingredients. If you want to witness the company's growth beyond fruits and vegetables, and learn how to contribute, invest, or partner with Seal the Seasons, check out their website.


Get Involved as a Mentor!

FoodFutureCo’s Cohort 10 accelerator program is just around the corner! There has been a larger pool of applicants, with 50+ companies going through screening and evaluation, and targeting at least 40 industry experts to be lead and adhoc mentors, EIRs, and advisors.

We're aiming for Cohort 11 to be bigger than ever. So, if you want to be part of the Cohort 11’s wonderful journey to reshaping the landscape and future of the agtech industry, mentor the next big names in food and agriculture around the globe, and share your expertise and experience with our latest pool of companies, join us! Sign up as a mentor through the button below.

Fresh and Exciting News from our FoodFutureCo Community

Peelon is celebrating another win as it is hailed as one of the 10 finalists of the Brave New Food’s Startup Challenge 2022! Peelon is advocating for the reduction of food waste and plastic through game-changing innovations in making the shelf life of fruits and vegetables longer.

Seal the Seasons took home one of the emerging brands of year awards from NOSH! NOSH believes that Seal the Seasons is emerging to be one of the mainstays in the healthy, sustainable, and organic food and agriculture industry.

Jar Goods is upping its holiday game by adding more color and spice to ordinary holiday dishes! Head on to the Jar Goods’ website to check out the best tomato sauce gifts for your loved ones!

Nutrimentos Maybo was invited and recognized at the forum on safe food today for a healthy tomorrow held at the Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia as part of the 2nd International Food Engineering Congress.
Hummi has continued to expand with various partners in New York and California! Check out where you can score POINTS! near you in the Hummiiverse locator page.
ICRISAT and CGIAR Summit invited HireMyFarmer to a workshop specifically designed to examine how data in the agriculture ecosystem affects smallholders' quality of life.
Quo Agro Justo participated in the  #Expoagrofuturo 2022 with the support of the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá. They were in the #Agstar entrepreneurship pavilion, where entrepreneurs innovate and promote Colombian agriculture through technology.

Lobster Made Easy served delicious Nova Scotia Lobster Rolls and Snow Crab Rolls at the Saltscapes Fall Expo - Harvest Greets the Holidays. They were also invited to the Sobeys Culinary Stage daily to host demo and tasting with their microwaveable lobster.

Check out Lil Mixins (Hanimune Therapeutics) founder Meenal Lele's new book, "The Baby and the Biome", a revolutionary parenting book that draws on cutting-edge research to reveal the key to raising happy and healthy babies. Check it out here

You can also order here



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