Wednesday, December 21, 2022

President Obama is using his voice to amplify the critical importance of state legislatures:

Obama Gif

And no one would be better than President Obama – he served THREE terms in the Illinois State Senate!

Here’s exactly why he’s so right: While legislation stalls on the federal level, state legislators are making key decisions about access to abortion, public education, health care services, and even decisions about the roads you drive on. Where Republicans have stripped their constituents of these rights, state Democrats have protected the right to choose, expanded early and absentee voting, and much, much more.

Simply put, state Democrats are the last line of defense against GOP extremism. But with critical special elections in Virginia quickly approaching, we need every Democrat reading this to listen to President Obama and step up.

Will you listen to President Obama and chip in $7 right now to help secure victories for Democrats across the country?

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You have the power to help us on our path to holding, expanding, and building Democratic majorities across the country. Every dollar you contribute today will go straight to early investments and building out our strategy for 2023 and beyond.

So please – can you spare $7 or anything you can afford to elect state Democrats in 2023 and beyond?

Thank you,




We're in the most critical time of year for the USO. As service members are spending the holiday season far away from their loved ones, it's more important than ever that we ramp up our efforts to support them.

I just stepped out of a meeting about where USO funding stands, and we're behind where we need to be. Since I know how much you care about being there for our military heroes, I wanted to quickly share my notes:

Graphic of a notes app checklist that says "Urgent needs for our troops before the holidays"

As our brave service members make immense sacrifices so that we can enjoy a safe holiday season here at home, it's our duty to make sure they can at least call their loved ones and enjoy small comforts like a holiday meal.

But the USO relies on the generosity of folks like you to make that possible. So please, will you donate now to help keep our troops strong throughout the holiday season and into the new year?

Thanks so much for giving what you can for the heroes who give everything for us,

Mary English Bell, USO

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