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 Architects celebrate the success of the 1st Virtual Exhibition 10 years DW in São Paulo 

Architects celebrate the success of the 1st Virtual Exhibition 10 years DW in São Paulo. DW! was born in 2012 as Design Weekend, an urban festival with hundreds of events held in different locations in the city of São Paulo during a week. 
In 2021, when it turned 10, DW presented the 1st 100% Virtual Architectural Exhibition in Brazil due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 
The idea of ​​formatting this digital model highlighting the 100% digital architecture and decoration sector, with inspiring images and information about professionals and suppliers just a click away. 
The Inspire Mais Show became an inspiration, almost a year after its launch, due to the initiative of the CIA380o group, which brings together architects, decorators, designers, landscapers and service providers connected to the MAIS Platform. 
The exhibition that debuted virtually last year (2021), at the Digital District of the Design Week in São Paulo, could be visited in different ways: little by little, exploring the integrated spaces at once or dedicating time to a preferred environment. 
The technological evolution factor evolved from an event to a hybrid and multimedia platform for content, business and relationships, with in-person and digital actions, carried out in different locations across the country at different times of the year. 
DW 10 years – 100% virtual exhibition stood out due to the group of renowned architects from São Paulo -SP, Angela Casaburi, Edi Ruiz, Luciano Zuliani and Evaristo Rodrigues, who developed the Angatu space – which means well-being in the Tupi Guarani language . 
Angatuwell being on the balcony – aims to end the concept of balconies as spaces outside the house, fully integrating them with the living room, creating this cozy environment where family and friends can gather while enjoying the view. 
The simple craftsmanship and the composition of the furniture refer to the origins of the indigenous people, bringing a chic/casual comfort to the environment, bringing to the market a new concept of creating environments with solidity that can be viewed on an online platform without losing the charm and integration of ordinary objects. 

Some featured names from the Inspire Mais Show | 10 years DW:  

Angela Maria Casaburi 
Graduated 42 years ago from UMC, she improved her knowledge working in several areas. As an independent architect, her activity is related to architecture, decoration, renovations and modernization of condominiums in different regions of São Paulo. 
These jobs are related to design, execution, advice and administration, both residential and corporate. 
Participated in the First Ortobom exhibition 
Instagram – @angela_casaburi 
• Facebook – Angela.M.Casaburi 
• Website – 
Edi Ruiz 
Architect with practice in environments. It studies user behavior in relation to: colors, furniture and equipment. Specialized in the psychological part of colors and compositions, she tries to do all the reading of trends of what is happening at the moment, I always study what is happening outside Brazil, I try to bring it here. I participate in events, lectures to always be up to date. I have a lot of expertise in the area of ​​Dentistry, Beauty Salon, offices, Residences, 
Small and High Standard. – “Architecture is for better use of spaces” 
– “Design is to have balance, as well as new projects are made to have an economy and more suitable materials within the Proposal”. 
• Instagram – @edi_ruiz 


Jose Luciano Zuliani 
Architect graduated from Universidade Braz Cubas, I worked for a few years in the commercial area of ​​projects for houses in Pernambucanas, Eldorado Supermercado and shopping malls, was production manager in a furniture store, leisure area of ​​the Government of São Paulo, worked in the office of decorator Ana Maria Vieira Santos, is currently focused on projects and monitoring of works - architecture and decoration! 
• Instagram – @luciano_zuliani 
Evaristo Rodrigues 
Since 1986, he has been working as an interior, exterior, project and follow-up designer. Our projects are practical, contemporary, functional and always oriented towards satisfying the needs of our customers. With expertise in renovations, our differential lies in the challenge of capturing the subliminal messages of what the client really wants and expects from his project. 
The creation process is driven by the customer's vision, this is our challenge. So we developed a strong concept to guide each project, informing from the use of space to the general budget. 
Common sense would be the harmonization of elements such as refinement, comfort and well-being. 
• Facebook – erassessoriaedesign 
• Instagram – @er.assessoriaedesign 
Media: architects and designers @angela_casaburi, @edi_ruiz, @luciano_zuliani and @er.assessoriaedesign 
Photo: Personal Collection 
Source: Angela Maria Casaburi 
Editing: Costa Consulting CO | MTB 0003600/GO 


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