Wednesday, September 28, 2022


You won’t believe who teamed up in the fight against GOP-led voter suppression: Michelle Obama and Stacey Abrams!

They’re doubling their power to urge – together – that every single person who cares about our right to vote should join this fight.

In their very FIRST public joint venture, Michelle Obama warned that Republicans are attacking our “freedom to vote, cast our ballots and have our votes counted” – and Stacey Abrams explained how these laws would unfairly impact “Black, Brown, young, and working-class voters, and voters with disabilities.”

Michelle Obama and Stacey Abrams are drawing attention to this problem. Now, it’s our turn to do something about it.

Take action today: Will you rush a $7 donation to elect state Democrats who will FIGHT for voting rights and help us reach our End-of-Quarter fundraising goal? All gifts will be matched FIVE TIMES through Friday >>

Join the fight against Republican voter suppression

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Republicans in state legislatures don’t seem to care about the destruction they’re creating – they don’t seem to care about giving Americans access to the ballot box or even protecting the fundamental freedoms of our democracy.

But we care. Democrats like Michelle Obama and Stacey Abrams – along with millions of voters, activists, and grassroots supporters – are taking on the GOP and its voter suppression efforts.

We all need to join this fight: Chip in $7 now to elect state Democrats nationwide and it's worth five times more >>




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