Monday, July 25, 2022

While you’re reading this email, you may very well be in a state where a heat wave is happening. Parts of the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast are in conditions of oppressive heat. The Washington Post reports that 100 million people in 28 states are under a heat wave.

By now, we all know that climate change is an existential threat to humanity:

  • 70% of Americans say climate change is affecting where they live a great deal
  • 65% of Americans think the government should do more to mitigate climate change
  • 97% of left-leaning voters are concerned about climate change

So, naturally, you would expect state legislatures to take sweeping action to combat one of the world’s most pressing problems. If the American public is fully in agreement, there must be incredible legislation being passed. Right?

Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, Republican controlled state legislatures have gerrymandered state legislative districts so that voters who recognize the importance of climate change have their voices diluted.

There is a direct link between combating climate change and redistricting. As districts become less fair and more gerrymandered, we move towards an anti-majoritarian system. The special interests who profit off of neglecting climate change will have all the power to obstruct environmental policy. And this is why we fight for fair maps.

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In this undemocratic system where the public has less input, politicians will follow the money to oil and gas giants who will do everything in their power to continue to pollute this planet, destroy the environment, and expedite climate change.

As we continue to push for fair maps, inclusive maps, and a transparent map making process, we support a majority system where the American public will determine environmental policy. Think of how amazing this world could be: with excesses of clean energy, the preservation of green areas, and fewer extreme weather events.

Do you want climate change denialists making environmental policy? We sure don’t.

-- All On The Line





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 moments ago, Donald Trump walked offstage at his latest MAGA rally where he endorsed Arizona Republicans, fired back at the January 6th Select Committee and teased his 2024 run!

But as his MAGA supporters cheered him on, grassroots Democrats stepped up like never before – just look how quickly donations are coming in:

Look at these donations!

Democrats all over the country are making their voices heard, chipping in gifts to turn this rally into a NET LOSS for Trump and his state Republican cronies.

But we can’t slow our pace now – Trump could announce a 2024 run ANY day now, mobilizing Trumpist Republicans across the country! We need local Democrats to rush $7 or $25 right now to support state Democrats and fight back against Trumpism >>

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Trump spent the past seven months parading around the country spreading his far-right conspiracy theories and tonight’s rally marks his 13th of the year. It’s all a part of Trump’s plan to build support in states critical to his 2020’s loss ahead of his likely 2024 presidential run.

These rallies rile up Trump’s base like nothing else – and tonight was no exception. His Republican cronies will flood his PAC’s account with donations to back him and his endorsed state Republicans. The money they raise now will be spent to crush Democrats this year and beyond, so we need the full strength of our grassroots movement standing with us right now.

Can you rush a $7 donation right now to stop Trumpist state Republicans and elect state Democrats this November?





I’m reaching out with an important message today, and I hope you’ll take the time to hear me out:

As a Congressman, I’m doing everything in my power to create meaningful change – but with conniving Republicans in the Senate blocking nearly every progressive bill passed through the House, change isn’t coming fast enough. That’s why I’m looking to state legislatures this fall.

State legislative races have been overlooked and underfunded for far too long – to the detriment of our democracy. State legislators have the power to enact impactful legislation to codify Roe into state law, expand voting rights, reduce gun violence, and so much more. It’s past time we support them at the ballot box.

But the midterm elections are always challenging for the party in charge – and with the Republican party growing more extreme each day, we can’t afford to take any risks. We need to mobilize now.

Please, can you chip in $7 to help elect Democrats to state legislatures across the country and protect our democracy from the extremist GOP? The stakes of this fight demand immediate action >>

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State Republicans have spent the past year pushing hateful legislation targeting voting rights, reproductive care, and the LGBTQ+ community. They’re hell-bent on passing a slew of restrictive, cruel, and backward legislation. We cannot let their attacks go unanswered.

This year’s midterm elections will be a defining moment for our nation. Abortion access, gun violence prevention measures, and voting rights are all at stake this November – and state legislatures are the key to protecting our values, our progressive agenda, and our democracy.

Please, will you chip in $7 right now to support state Democrats and help build Democratic power in statehouses across the country? Every single dollar is impactful in the fight against state Republicans’ hateful agenda >>

Thank you,
Eric Swalwell
Congressman, CA-15


Thursday night’s primetime Jan 6th hearing just revealed some shocking new information about Trump’s actions (or lack thereof) on that day:

  • Trump was told about the riot within 15 minutes of returning to the Oval Office – but he didn’t call law enforcement or military officials. Instead, he tried to persuade senators to delay the certification vote.
  • While he watched his mob storm the Capitol, he tweeted out an attack on Mike Pence – putting a target on the back of his Vice President and encouraging the mob.
  • He ignored the pleas of multiple advisors – and even his own children – to condemn the violence and tell his mob to back down.

Trump’s cronies take orders directly from him – and this November, more than 400 insurrectionist enablers could be on the state legislative ballot. Trump knows that if his state Republican allies win in November, he can count on them to bend the rules in his favor ahead of his all-but-confirmed presidential run. So it’s critical we do everything we can to stand up against Trumpism this fall.

So we’re asking for your help right now: Can you chip in $7 right now to help elect state Democrats and stop insurrectionists and their enablers from gaining power in state legislatures?

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Trump’s failures on that day endangered our democracy – and his actions since have proven he has no regrets, and he would do it all over again to be back in power.

Trump didn’t draw the line at lying, violence, or manipulation. So it stands to reason that he’ll be just as ruthless in his attempts to build power in state legislatures ahead of his next presidential run. So we need to be ready.

We can’t let Trump’s state Republican allies gain any more momentum – the fate of our democracy rests on defeating them. It’s essential that we mobilize now to give state Democrats the resources they need to secure victories in this year’s midterm elections.

Chip in $7 right now to defeat Trump’s state Republican allies and elect state Democrats across the country >>




Trump is set to take the stage TONIGHT at his MAGA rally in Arizona, just 10 days ahead of the state’s primary election.

We know that these rallies serve as a platform for him to spew his lies, inflate his ego, and engage his far-right base. But these rallies also serve as a powerful organizing tool where Trump is going to tout his endorsements for Republican candidates up and down the ballot in Arizona to get out the vote.

Let’s make sure we can counteract Trump’s rally with a massive wave of support for state Democrats. We know that he’ll use this rally to fire up his base – so we have to do everything we can to ensure we can compete with their momentum, secure organizing resources, and keep his allies out of office.

We’re asking: Can you chip in a $7 donation right away to protect state legislatures across the country? As Trump takes the stage, we have the power to fight back and ensure Republican extremists don’t get elected.

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It’s clear: Trump is hosting rallies in states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia because he wasn’t able to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in these states.

Many of the state-level candidates he’s endorsed would have power over how the 2024 election is conducted in their respective states – and with Trump’s 2024 run all but inevitable, his far-right extremist candidates winning would signal that he has the support he needs to run again — and win.

Simply put: We can’t let that happen — and we have the power in our hands right now to put a stop to it.

Before Trump takes the stage, please chip in $7, or anything you can, to support the DLCC’s work to keep extremist Republicans out of state legislatures. Every donation will go towards electing state Democrats nationwide.




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