Wednesday, July 13, 2022

 POLL UPDATE: 90% of Democrats AGREE with James Carville and APPROVE of President Biden!

'I think the president's done a magnificent job' - James Carville

We need to know if YOU agree, too:
Do you approve of President Biden?


Team, legendary political strategist James Carville says that President Biden is doing “a magnificent job” -- and 90% of Democrats agree!

From supercharging job growth to restoring America's leadership abroad, President Biden has already changed history, but Republicans are doing everything they can to LIE about our president and turn Americans against him!

We’ve launched an URGENT Live Poll to prove that Americans are REJECTING the GOP's lies -- but we’re still missing 41 responses from your area! Please, lock in your response before midnight:

Do you approve of President Biden?


Thank you,


Journalism Icon at Federal District dies

The departure of Gilberto Amaral took place this Tuesday (7/12th), the social columnist, broadcaster and presenter, João Gilberto Amaral Soares.
I express my gratitude here for so much learning and unconditional support in the my profession. Since my move to NY 2006 until today in sharing news and business. Mr. Gilberto was like  my second father. Eternal greetings, Sula Costa.

 He lived a full life and was an inspiration to me and many others and will be missed by everyone that knew him.

qua., 13 de jul. às 12:06

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