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Whether it's a relaxing beach trip, a mountain adventure or some extra time with family and friends, I hope you're enjoying the summer .

But I also hope you'll take a moment to remember all the deployed service members who are missing home this summer, sacrificing summer vacations, holidays and special moments with their loved ones to protect our country.

We only have until midnight tonight to meet our thank-you card goal of 50,000 signatures, and we're still missing yours: Please, will you add your name now to thank the heroes sacrificing so much for us this summer?

Image of service member holding weapon outside window

Thank you for your brave service!

We are so grateful for
everything you do to
protect our country.

All the best,


This month, thousands of service members missed celebrating the Fourth of July with their families. Next month, it could be the first day of school, birthdays, or anniversaries. But our troops don't complain. They don't ask us for anything. They show up for us, day in and day out.

That's why I hope you'll show up for them today . Signing this card will only take a moment, but I know it will mean so much to service members missing their families this summer. Please, add your name before midnight.

Thanks for keeping our troops in your thoughts, today and always.

Mary English Bell, USO


Last night’s primetime Jan 6th hearing just revealed some shocking new information about Trump’s actions (or lack thereof) on that day:

  • Trump was told about the riot within 15 minutes of returning to the Oval Office – but he didn’t call law enforcement or military officials. Instead, he tried to persuade senators to delay the certification vote.
  • While he watched his mob storm the Capitol, he tweeted out an attack on Mike Pence – putting a target on the back of his Vice President and encouraging the mob.
  • He ignored the pleas of multiple advisors – and even his own children – to condemn the violence and tell his mob to back down.

Trump’s cronies take orders directly from him – and this November, more than 400 insurrectionist enablers could be on the state legislative ballot. Trump knows that if his state Republican allies win in November, he can count on them to bend the rules in his favor ahead of his all-but-confirmed presidential run. So it’s critical we do everything we can to stand up against Trumpism this fall.

So we’re asking for your help right now: Can you chip in $7 right now to help elect state Democrats and stop insurrectionists and their enablers from gaining power in state legislatures?

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Trump’s failures on that day endangered our democracy – and his actions since have proven he has no regrets, and he would do it all over again to be back in power.

Trump didn’t draw the line at lying, violence, or manipulation. So it stands to reason that he’ll be just as ruthless in his attempts to build power in state legislatures ahead of his next presidential run. So we need to be ready.

We can’t let Trump’s state Republican allies gain any more momentum – the fate of our democracy rests on defeating them. It’s essential that we mobilize now to give state Democrats the resources they need to secure victories in this year’s midterm elections.

Chip in $7 right now to defeat Trump’s state Republican allies and elect state Democrats across the country >>



Hello – I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news first: My campaign fell short of our fundraising deadline. To make matters worse, we’ll need to raise 50% more in July than we projected to keep up with the GOP’s massive spending in Ohio.

In the race that will decide Senate control in November, every single dollar counts. And make no mistake: This election will be won on the margins – and its effects will ripple down-ballot to our state-level races here in Ohio.

Can you please split a donation of anything you can afford between my campaign and the DLCC to help us make up for lost time?

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But here’s some good news: We represent the best chance Democrats have to flip a seat and break the 50/50 tie in the Senate. If my campaign can just raise the resources we need to fight off the GOP’s attacks, we can win this race. Your donation will also be split with the DLCC to help boost Democratic Statehouse candidates in states like Ohio.

There’s too much at stake in this election – voting rights, access to safe and legal abortion, taking on climate change – to throw in the towel. The next step is blowing the doors off our July fundraising goal, and that must start today.

Can you help kickstart July with some serious momentum by donating $10 split between my campaign and the DLCC right now? We’ve got a lot of ground to cover but with you by our side I know we can do it.


Tim Ryan


Sula, did you hear what the AG said?

In a recent Twitter Spaces with Democracy Docket and election lawyer Marc Elias, A.G. Holder spoke about the United States Supreme Court’s decision to hear Moore, the independent state legislature theory (ISL) case, and other prevalent redistricting news. Here’s how the AG put it:

  • North Carolina Republicans are using ISL, a truly fringe legal theory, to attack our democracy and desperately hold onto political power 
  • Republican maps are so unfair to voters of color that even Trump-appointed judges in Alabama struck down a GOP congressional map (The Supreme Court reinstated that map for 2022 and is now considering letting it stand for the decade in Merrill v. Caster).
  • We are moving towards a system of political apartheid

Maps preferred by Republicans, in states like Alabama and North Carolina, are antidemocratic, gerrymandered, and disenfranchise voters of color. Republican-controlled state legislatures will draw these maps all across the country if they win Moore and Caster. We cannot express how dangerous this case could be to fair redistricting efforts and to American democracy. We’re doing everything in our power to stop Republicans from passing these maps, but we need your help.

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Now let’s hear Marc Elias’s comments on redistricting:

  • Suppressing the vote has always been in the Republican playbook
  • SCOTUS continues to dismantle the Voting Rights Act to make it more difficult to challenge gerrymandered maps

But don’t just listen to A.G. Holder and Elias, let’s listen to the Republicans themselves:

A Republican spokesman for the Republican State Leadership Committee (RLSC), said: “if Republicans and conservatives want to control the redistricting process, then winning control of state legislatures is not enough. You also need to control the supreme courts.”

We know the anti-democratic Republican playbook. Are we just going to let them execute it?

-- All On The Line

P.S. You can listen to the entirety of the Democracy Docket, A.G. Holder, and Marc Elias Twitter Spaces event here







All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund. Support our work to end gerrymandering.

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Hi, it’s Mallory McMorrow. I’m ready to call bullshit, bullshit – and I hope you are too. That’s why I’m asking you to split a donation between the DLCC and the Michigan Senate Democrats.

Back in April, after my Republican colleague baselessly accused me of “grooming” and sexualizing children in a campaign email, I took to the Michigan Senate floor to defend myself from these disgusting and hateful lies. I made a commitment then to stand up to state Republicans’ hateful rhetoric and performative nonsense – and that’s why I’m teaming up with the DLCC to help elect state Democrats nationwide.

Republican attacks like these aim to position right-wing state Republicans as heroes, defending against the “evil” of Democratic equality and decency. But in reality, they’re just a thinly veiled attempt to distract from the GOP’s inability to pass policies that actually improve the lives of their constituents, instead of controlling them. We can’t let them go unanswered.

We have an opportunity to stand up to Republican extremism – we can create meaningful change at the state level by investing in state legislative races now. This November we have a genuine chance to flip the Michigan state Senate – a chamber Republicans have held since 1984!

Flipping the Michigan Senate and building our Democratic power in the states will take time, dedication, and resources – so I’m asking for your help today. Will you split a $10 contribution right now to MI Senate Dems to help elect Democrats in Michigan and to the DLCC to elect Democrats across the country?

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Republicans have spent decades building their power in the states – and they’ve used their majorities to target the LGBTQ+ community, restrict abortion access, and suppress voters.

The results of this year’s midterms will be nothing short of consequential – so it’s critical that we mobilize now behind Democratic state legislative candidates ahead of the midterm elections. If we don’t, state Republicans’ extremist, backward agenda will barrel through even more states.

Will you donate $10 right now to give state Democrats the resources they need to go toe-to-toe against right-wing Republicans this November? Anything you can spare will help the DLCC elect Democrats to state legislatures across the country and help MI Senate Dems elect Democrats to Michigan's state senate.

Thank you,

Mallory McMorrow
Michigan State Senator District 13

Mallory McMorrow



Sen. Amy Klobuchar just issued an important warning on CNN:

Amy Klobuchar: Donald Trump is still out there. He's still endorsing candidates… we have to vote for candidates that believe in democracy.

She’s so right. In Pennsylvania, Trump-endorsed Republican Doug Mastriano won the Pennsylvania gubernatorial primary – despite being at the insurrection on January 6th! And in Georgia, seven of his handpicked candidates won their primaries.

In a few weeks, we could see the same thing again! Voters will head to the polls in Arizona’s and Michigan’s primaries, where Trump has endorsed more than a DOZEN Big Lie Republican candidates up and down the ballot!

We’ll be blunt: The power of a Trump endorsement still holds weight. His MAGA supporters are fired up and ready to go – so we need to meet this moment head-on.

If Trump’s Republicans win, the consequences for our democracy will be dire. Can you heed Amy Klobuchar’s warning and chip in $7 to elect state Democrats across the country?

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Your donation today could make or break whether our candidates defeat some of the very worst Trump-endorsed state Republicans on Election Day. Why? State legislative elections often fly under the radar, and sometimes come down to just a handful of votes, so a little investment goes a long way.

That’s why we’re reaching out – donating today is your BEST chance to take on MAGA Republicans running for state legislatures in critical swing states across the country.

Will you join the fight? Chip in $7 right now to defeat Trumpist Republicans and elect state Democrats in their place >>




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