Tuesday, June 7, 2022


ACLASP event shakes São Paulo night.

The honors ceremony

and inauguration of new academics promoted by the Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of São Paulo, brightened the night of this Tuesday, May 31th, 2022, took place at the Paulo Kobayashi Auditorium, at the Legislative Assembly of the São Paulo’state. The event also celebrated the Liberation of Slaves and Mother's Day was attended by the First Lady of the Capital, Regina Nunes, the President of Avante Mulher of the São Paulo’s state, who composed the table of honor alongside the President of ACLASP Roberto Ferrari and businessman Marcelo Porto from BEFREE Mundial, lawyer Clarice D'Urso and singer Paulah Gauss.


Zaine Assaf and  the Chairman Roberto Ferrari have shown strong performance in their management in analyzing the profiles of personalities who work in different sectors at São Paulo and have contributed to the cultural and social enrichment of Brazilian society.



ACLASP event shakes São Paulo night.

The President of the f Writers Association Journalists of Brazil - AJEB, Irislene Castelo Branco Morato, the Secretary General of AJEB, Lin Quintino, who came from Belo Horizonte, as well as the writer and speaker Cesar Romão, the poet Cinthya Theodoro Porto, the writer and lawyer Nelson Malzoni Silvério and dentist Aonio Genicolo Vieira.


The event was conducted by the academic Leniza Krauss with great elegance and talent.


In addition to all the members of the table, the singers Gilbert Stein and Ângelo Máximo, the directors of Instituto Campeão, Gean Carlo Reis Machado and Gean Claude Reis Machado, the composer and producer Cesar Augusto Saud Abdala, the Chef de Cuisine Samir Cauerk Moysés, Ricardo Ferrari received the Renato Ferrari diploma from the Granster economic group, among other personalities.


The event featured artistic presentations by singers Gilbert Stein, Ângelo Máximo and singer Paulah Gauss.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is showing us exactly who he is, Sula.

• A misogynist who is expected to sign an extreme 15-week abortion ban.
• A homophobe who supports Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.
• A craven politician who wants to destroy one of his state’s two majority-Black congressional districts.

He appears to be using Florida redistricting as a playground for his presidential politics at the expense of Black voters.

graphic w photo of DeSantis looking evil or chaotic with rotating headlines:
Orlando Sentinel:
Florida’s redistricting process headed for a ‘train wreck,’ as veto, lawsuits loom 
Orlando Weekly:
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis promises to veto redistricting map
Fight back in FL and everywhere!

But the NDRC is on the ground in Florida fighting DeSantis’ attempted gerrymandering, just like we are in states across the country. And in 2022, we’re planning to (1) help elect officials who support FAIR maps and (2) hold Republicans like DeSantis accountable for their gerrymandering!

We can’t do it without you – so will you pitch in whatever you can right now to help us keep working for fair redistricting?

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:
Donate $10Donate $20
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Donate $150Another amount

– Team NDRC

A.G. Holder: If the NDRC is successful in undoing manipulated maps, we will be able to achieve a system in which everyone's vote counts.
Since 2017, the NDRC has executed a comprehensive redistricting strategy that shifts the redistricting power, creating fair districts where Democrats can compete. Our victories have been made possible by our strong community of grassroots supporters.

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