Tuesday, April 19, 2022


The DSCC is the only committee solely dedicated to supporting Democrats in the U.S. Senate, and our work relies on grassroots supporters like you. If you'd like to make a contribution to support us, please click here.

Get on these two winners tonight‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  


💥 Double Stake Yard Info 💥




There's two double stake horses going tonight

One at Lingfield & the other at Nottingham.


I'm including a discount & a very generous guarantee on these today.

Scroll down & win with me later today.




⭐️ Double stakes means double confidence

& both of these are expected to do the business tonight.



I'm letting both of these go for just £10

That's a £5 discount off the usual price


I will give you 80% off the next ones if

BOTH of these don't win



Please Pay Here







Happy Punting!




I will use the email given in Paypal's notification email to send you the bets unless other instructions are given in the notes at checkout. Please double check for spelling mistakes.



“Now is not the time to let our foot off the gas in this fight. It is time to recommit to our mission to bring fairness to our elections.” -- Eric H. Holder, Jr.
A.G. Holder knows fair map advocates have had some important wins in the last few months, with state courts instituting fair maps in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. But he also recognizes some setbacks like the SCOTUS decision in Alabama, which reinstituted racially gerrymandered maps.

With just seven months until election day, when voters across the country will cast ballots for the first time altogether on the new congressional map, we can’t let up on our commitment to end gerrymandering and protect fair elections.
Tell A.G. Holder your foot is on the gas and you’re ready for whatever comes next →
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All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund. Support our work to end gerrymandering.

Text FAIR to 88228 to receive recurring updates from AOTL by automated text message. Text HELP for help, STOP to end. Msg & Data rates may apply. Privacy policy and Terms of service.




We can’t get over how great our latest DLCC sticker turned out – but we noticed you haven’t claimed yours yet!

Think Globally, Act Locally

Flipping state legislatures blue starts with something as small as a sticker. (Really!)

See: Political experts say that your political views can be a HUGE influence on family, friends, and neighbors! So we really don’t want you to miss out on this exclusive opportunity (and one of the easiest ways) to support state Democrats.

Will you chip in $7 right now to claim your “Think Globally, Act Locally” sticker today? Supplies are limited, so you need to act fast >>


State legislative races are underfunded, overlooked, and often have low voter turnout, so we need to do everything in our power to mobilize progressive voters this year – and claiming your exclusive DLCC sticker is the best place to start.

Let’s send that message loud and clear. Chip in $7 today to claim your exclusive DLCC sticker before supplies run out >>



UPDATE REQUESTED: Our records indicate your Democratic Membership requires activation.

Official 2022 Democratic Member


Team, Joe and Jill Biden know that supporters like you are the reason we have a Democratic Senate, and they're counting on you to defend it. But we just checked official DSCC records and your April Democratic membership requires activation!

Thanks to you, President Biden has already made history -- including confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. But if we lose even ONE SEAT, we'll put the president's ENTIRE agenda in jeopardy!

That’s why we’re reaching out today. To protect our Democratic Senate, Joe and Jill Biden need you to become a member of this grassroots team by midnight TONIGHT.

The Bidens are counting on you: Please, activate your official DSCC Membership now and help DEFEND our razor-thin majority >>


Thanks so much,


Here’s our plan to achieve fair redistricting in 2022, Sula:

[X] Step 1: Going state by state, mobilize citizens to fight for fair maps.

[X] Step 2: With our affiliates, support voters in lawsuits against gerrymandered maps and defend fair maps in court.

[ ] Step 3: Respond to and adapt our strategies to court decisions on redistricting.

[ ] Step 4: In the 2022 elections, hold Republicans accountable and support Democrats who support fair maps.

[ ] Step 5: Continue to support reforms to make redistricting fairer.

Thanks to the support of folks like you, we've executed the first part of our plan. But that doesn't mean the fight is over. Between court decisions, Republican trickery, and the upcoming elections, there's a lot of work left. And we're counting on you to help us fund it.

Will you chip in?

– Team NDRC


We’re nervous about the upcoming Michigan special election. Let us explain.

DLCC Spotlight candidate and Democrat Carol Glanville is running against an extremist Republican, Robert Regan. If he wins, it would be a total disgrace. Why? In recent years, Regan has:

  • Made comments about sexual assault so vile we can’t even put them in this email
  • Defended Putin’s invasion of Ukraine
  • Reposted anti-Semitic content on social media
  • Called COVID a hoax
  • Echoed Trump’s Big Lie
  • And much, much more…

We’ll be blunt: We’re scared. With the Washington Post reporting that Regan is the favorite to win this special election, we could use all the help we can get to make sure candidates like him don’t win.

Special elections are notoriously competitive, and even just $10 from every grassroots Democrat reading this email could propel Democrats like Carol Glanville to victory and keep extremists like Robert Regan out of statehouses.

So We’re asking you to dig deep by chipping in $25 or $10 right now. Every dollar will be split between Democrat Carol Glanville and the DLCC to win tough races just like this one. Your gift could be the difference between Democrats – like Carol – winning or losing. Can you chip in today? >>

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We can’t stress it enough – Robert Regan is the worst of the worst state Republicans, and it's urgent we come together to give everything we have to defeat candidates like him. That’s why we’re going all in to help Democrats like Carol Glanville pull through and win.

Don’t scroll away, it’s too important – please consider chipping in a $10 donation to be split between Democrat Carol Glanville’s campaign and the DLCC to help state Democrats win across the country >>

Did you donate?

DLCC Special Elections Team


dom., 17 de abr. às 16:43
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Hi there -- When I looked through our past survey responses, I was very impressed with your level of enthusiasm. In fact, you were more active than 92 percent of Democrats in our database!

As one of our most active supporters, you're who we NEED to hear from to lock in our strategy to defend President Biden's Democratic Senate majority.

That’s why I’m proud to offer you my personal invitation to become a Senior Democratic Strategist and join an exclusive focus group. Click here to start >>


This high-priority focus group is ONLY open to Democrats who've proven their commitment to winning -- fewer than 8% of our supporters made the cut, and you're one of them.

Listening to our most active supporters was the most impactful decision we made in the last election. Your critical input helped us elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, flip the Senate, and kick Donald Trump out of office -- and now we need you again to help finalize Senate Democrats’ official strategy to expand our razor-thin majority.

So please, accept your invitation right away and join our focus group exclusively for Senior Democratic Strategists:

I'm excited to have you on the team!

Executive Director, DSCC


A.G. Holder: If the NDRC is successful in undoing manipulated maps, we will be able to achieve a system in which everyone's vote counts.
Since 2017, the NDRC has executed a comprehensive redistricting strategy that shifts the redistricting power, creating fair districts where Democrats can compete. Our victories have been made possible by our strong community of grassroots supporters.

In just over 2 months, Democrats are facing one of the most competitive elections of 2022 – and it’s all unfolding in Maine. Here’s why this race is so important:

FIRST: Democrats flipped the Maine Senate from red to blue in 2018 – which means this chamber is a top GOP priority.

THEN: Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight reported that new redistricted maps favor Republicans, so we’re already at a disadvantage.

SO NOW: Republicans are laser-focused on taking back control after four years of a Democratic trifecta in the state, and this one seat could help them do just that.

Quickly – there’s no time to waste: Chip in TODAY to help win key races like this all across the country >>

If you've stored your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will process immediately.
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Since Democrats regained control of this chamber, Maine has become a symbol of what’s possible with a Democratic trifecta. From expanding the freedom to vote to providing free meals to kids in schools, Democrats are fighting night and day to secure fair wages, paid leave, and so much more for working families.

But the GOP is bankrolling attack ads against state Democrats, so it’ll take everything we have to keep claiming victory in races like this – and that means we need YOU pitching in right now.

Races like this could be our first step towards defending our majorities in states like Maine this November: Can we count on you? Chip in $7 now to help state Democrats WIN across the country>>

Just over 2 months away,
DLCC Special Elections Team



Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
1225 Eye Street NW Suite 1250, Washington, DC 20005

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Contributions or gifts to the DLCC are not tax deductible.

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