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February 16, 2021

Court of Appeals Affirms that Helms-Burton Claim Must be Acquired Prior to March 12, 1996 

What Happened: A federal appellate court affirmed the dismissal of a plaintiff’s Helms-Burton claim because he acquired ownership of the property at issue after March 12, 1996, in contravention of the statute.


The Bottom Line: The plaintiff in this case cannot recover under the Helms-Burton Act because he failed to allege that he acquired ownership of a claim to confiscated property by March 12, 1996. This opinion benefits entities with potential risk under Helms-Burton as a result of their business interests related to Cuba, limiting those who could potentially claim under Helms-Burton.


The Full Story: In Gonzalez v., Inc., et al., the plaintiff sued, Inc. and Susshi International Inc. d/b/a FOGO Charcoal under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. The Act provides to US nationals with claims to property confiscated by Cuba’s Castro regime a cause of action against those who traffic in such property. The plaintiff, Daniel Gonzalez, alleged that he is the rightful owner of real property located in the province of Oriente, Cuba. The defendants, and FOGO Charcoal, allegedly conducted and promoted the sale of marabu charcoal produced on the subject property without Gonzalez’s authorization.


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Born in São Paulo, Paulo Laizo is the creator of the project. He served for several years as a photojournalist aiming to rescue the socio-cultural, economic history of the referred period, the TRI World Championship created an initiative to honor the true identity of Brazilian football. The focus of the proposal is to recall the representation of this title and its importance worldwide. Paulo Laizo designed a connection of culture and football between Italy and Brazil, inserting participants, mostly Italo-Brazilian. Paulo Laizo's team is made up of Guilherme Andreoli, Fabio Munarin and Roberto Machado. Brasil, Jornal Gazzettino italiano Patagonico, Associação AIM per l'Italia nel Mondo and the companies Power Move, Com Brasil and Bram Films. In addition to the support, partnerships and participation of international journalists, companies, associations, clubs, circles and cultural entities.

The invitation is open to sports and culture lovers and the expectation is of countless adhesions. The social meeting modality is a live solidarity with a duration of two hours and broadcast on all digital platforms. Developed with a rich script of interviews of the players, comments and testimonies of illustrious characters from the sports world, reports of special guests, family members of coaches and players. The action is social assistance. Non-perishable food and hygiene products will be collected for vulnerable Brazilian families, which will be distributed to associations throughout Brazil. The disclosure will take place this month with the awareness of the public, the media and interviews with some stars. The date of the meeting will be fixed soon. Wonderful idea to celebrate and honor our champions and encourage new young talents. Projects like this encourage good humanitarian aid practices, foster culture and shape the principles of citizenship,. In addition to promoting the recovery of historical landmarks of the true Brazilian identity and the maintenance of bridges of friendship between countries. In this moment when the country and the world is passing by, we need to have and be examples for future generations. We will be supportive, highlighting, therefore, the actions of the professionals involved, the partnerships and the support of companies and entrepreneurs that have a community vision, for collectively address this current situation. Sandra Bandeira Nolli.

"The story that has to be reviewed and reedited, I am a mere human being in the evolution phase, I would just like Brazilian citizens to understand that football happened as a phenomenon that contributed to the transformation of the cultural identity of the Brazilian people". (Paulo Laizo)

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NYFW: The Shows has teamed up with BMW to celebrate one of fashion's visionaries, designer LaQuan Smith.

Glamorous, luxurious, and unapologetically authentic, LaQuan Smith has often said that the most fun part of his design process is pushing the boundaries of what it means to create statement-making womenswear. Born and raised in New York, LaQuan drew inspiration for his latest collection from stories shared by his grandfather of 1970's Brooklyn car culture, where such swagger mattered just as much as the clothes you wore. 

Like BMW, LaQuan designs with power and precision in mind. With each new collection, he further hones his style and takes his iconic visions to new heights.

Follow along on @NYFW to discover more about LaQuan Smith's bold design process, and visit to see the legendary design of the 2021 X7 come to life. 

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