Friday, November 5, 2021

 Three artists  make up the stage for the new season of the World Art Show in São Paulo. 

The Art Gallery established at Espaço Ortobom Arquitetura e Design, directed by the entrepreneur Diogo Roque, was born with the objective of offering the client a Permanent Show in the Design, Architecture and Art segment, in addition to optimizing its space for conceptual companies in the furniture sector plans, such as Potenza Planejados,  which is a reference in service and quality, bringing news and trends. The space consists of 13 spaces redesigned by professionals including architects, landscapers and designers.

Diogo Roque - Exective Director at Espaço Ortobm Arquitetura e Desgn


The new season of the World Arte Show Gallery, which occupies a Fineart space within the Mostra for the year 2022, brings together three names  of visual artists from different aspects and diversity of races, cultures and ethnicities, among them: Ari Acioli  - Maceió AL, Marcos Damascena - Bahia - BA and the Chilean Walter Contreras.


ARI ACIOLI - Maceió - AL

With academic background in Architecture and developed studies and practices in visual arts at Atelier Livre Xico Stockinger (Porto Alegre - RS), at the atelier-school of artist Carlos Olivares (Florianópolis - SC), at the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM) , and at the Barcelona Academy of Arts, in Spain.


MARCOS DAMASCENA -Bahia   BA Hyper-realist artist, Marcos Damascena began his artistic career in 2001, based on the concepts of painting and philosophy. For ten years, it formed the conceptual basis for a journey in search of the symbolism of art. In this meeting, colossal in all spheres, there was the creation of a pure and detailed work that transmutes the conflict between religious syncretism and miscegenation, poetry and feelings.




Born in the Atacama Desert and son of the dictatorship,  Contreras grew up in São Paulo, the city his family chose to live in Brazil. His pictorial images have a strong relationship with the unconscious... present in his narrative. A painter by choice, he makes this difficult craft a language that invites everyone and everything. Walter Contreras is creativity in itself, the daily exercise of not painting anymore... it gives mental experimentation as an art, as a life. The Chilean, living in Brazil since 1976, has become a reference in producing his works with the oxidation of pigments in acrylic.


The project idealized by the World Art Show will be on display for those interested in art, consumers, buyers and collectors of works on Avenida Pacaembu, 1849, in São Paulo - SP.       Sula Costa - Exective Directr at World  Art Show in sÃo Palo - SP BRAZIL

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NOVEMBER 2021 - VOL 110
SUNDAY, NOV 7 | 1 - 2.30PM | BUILDING 5

Hosted by Court Tree Collective + Jennifer Prevatt, students will learn about paper cutting and mixed media techniques. Each class focuses on a new subject and method. This week is on fall forests and why leaves change color. All supplies are included.

FRIDAY: Live Bossa Nova Music
Friday, Nov 5 | 7 - 10pm
Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
Grab a drink, and cheers to the weekend with Brazilian beats.
FRIDAY: Live Latin Music
Friday, Nov 5 | 7 - 10pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Music by Cuarteto Guataca by the fire pit at Sahadi's.
FRIDAY: Thousand Dollar Dinner Party 
Friday, Nov 5  | 8 -11pm
Big Alice Brewing - Building 6
Big Alice's very own, Matt Sucich, will be celebrating a successful US tour supporting the Counting Crows. The Thousand Dollar Dinner Party is named for Matt’s 2019 record “Thousand Dollar Dinners”, which resulted in a beer collaboration of the same name.
Friday, Nov 5 | 10pm - 12am
Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
Bring on the weekend with a live DJ set of salsa tunes. 
SATURDAY: Bead Workshop
Saturday, Nov 6 | 12pm
Innovation Alley - Building 5
Join Saskia for a kids + adults beading workshop. Kits are available to purchase. Saskia will also be holding their Charity Jewelry Workshop, benefiting Women for Women International and help women + girls in Afghanistan. Click here for more details. 
SATURDAY: 80's Throwback Brunch 
Saturday, Nov 6 | 12 - 4pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
80's tunes with Dj Corey Jasper, and a full brunch menu by Sahadi's.
SATURDAY: Songs + Shenanigans
Saturday, Nov 6 | 3 - 6pm
Big Alice Brewing - Building 6 
Come have a whale of a time! Enjoy live music from some of Irelands's finest musicians while tossing back a pint.
SATURDAY: Live Music
Saturday, Nov 6 | 6 - 9pm
Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
A weekly show by Robert Whaley and his band for your weekend enjoyment.
SUNDAY: Kids Fall Forest Art Workshop
Sunday, Nov 7 | 1 - 2.30pm
Innovation Alley - Building 5
Hosted by Court Tree Collective + Jennifer Prevatt, students will learn about paper cutting and mixed media techniques and why leaves change color. All supplies are included.
SUNDAY: Live Jazz w/ Stan Killian's Trio
Sunday, Nov 7 | 2 - 6pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Afternoons are best spent with wine and live tunes.

Big things are happening, folks. A.G. Holder wrote you about them a few days ago:

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Since 2017, the NDRC has executed a comprehensive redistricting strategy that shifts the redistricting power, creating fair districts where Democrats can compete. Our victories have been made possible by our strong community of grassroots supporters.
If you want to receive periodic updates from the NDRC on our fight for fair maps, text MAPS to 36787. Text HELP for help, STOP to end. Msg & Data rates may apply. Privacy Policy.

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 New York Times Columnist Charles M. Blow recently published an op-ed that should serve as a warning to us all.

The toxic stew of election fraud lies, voter suppression bills, and map manipulation will all but guarantee the death of our democracy.

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