Wednesday, October 27, 2021


A Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida & o BACCF Businesswomen's Committee lhe convidam para um

Bate Papo com Maria Adelaide Amaral
Carreira, Inspirações e Obras

Maria Adelaide Amaral (BIO) nasceu em Porto, Portugal. Morando no Brasil, desde dos anos 50, Maria formou-se em jornalismo pela Fundação Cásper Líbero. Ocupa a cadeira nº 35 na Academia Paulista de Letras.
Moderado por:
Daniela Fortuna (BIO),
Banco Itau International e Presidente do
BACCF Businesswomen's Committee
Evento Virtual

*Please note that this webinar will be held in Portuguese
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Quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2021 
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Horário de Miami
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CPhI & P-MEC China Virtual Expo Connect
18 November - 18 December 2021
Don’t Miss Out on Pharma Webinars and Networking
at the 2nd Largest Pharma Market in the World
CPhI & P-MEC China 2021 is fast approaching and this year we are going hybrid!

That means additional online networking and webinar sessions for those unable to travel to the in-person event in Shanghai this December, but still looking to connect with the global pharma industry and learn the local pharma market trend.
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We want to make it even easier for you to connect with pharma suppliers and that’s why our online event will feature the exclusive Hosted Buyers Programme.  

All you need to do is submit your purchasing needs and our dedicated team will review your application.

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Don’t Miss Out on Various On-demand & Live Streaming Webinar Content in December
Starting December 2021, take advantage of our online webinars focusing on pharma and APIs supplier chain,  Asia and global market insights, innovative pharma solutions and more!
6th - 10th
13th - 15th
16th - 18th
  • Supply Chain Security 
  • API Outlook 2022 
  • Innovative Excipients
  • India Pharma Innovation Landscape
  • India & China Pharma APIs Market 
  • Innovation in Pharma Molecules and Formulations
  • Technology, Automation & Digitization of Pharma Manufacturing
  • Technology Transfer of Biologics from R&D to Commercial Production
  • Pharma Excipients
  • Addressing Viability and Commercial Challenges of Manufacturing Large Biologics
  • Future Developments and Practices for mAbs and other Complex Molecules
  • European Regulatory Outlook
  • International Health Care Business Development 
  • International Regulatory Agencies Updates
  • Sustainability as a Motivation: Stakeholder's Insights
  • Pharma Voice
  • Guided Tours
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NB: The live CPhI & P-MEC China event will take place from 16-18 December 2021 at the SNIEC in Shanghai. As well as registering for Virtual Expo Connect, you are more than welcome to register for live show too should your situation allows you to travel this December. 

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Sula -- It’s the Finance team at All On The Line. We’re emailing you because right now, we’re in the midst of the map-drawing process. States are already finalizing their maps -- and won’t redraw them until 2031!

We can’t afford another decade of extreme policies by politicians who entered office because of gerrymandered maps, which is why we set an end-of-month goal of raising $20,310 to help ensure we get things right during THIS redistricting cycle.

Will you make a one-time donation of $20.31 right now? Your contribution will help us meet our end-of-month goal of raising $20,310 and help hold map drawers across the country accountable during this once-in-decade process.


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From: All On The Line
Subject: We’ll have to wait until redistricting in 2031
Date: Monday, October 18, 2021
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Friend -- We’re in the midst of some of the toughest redistricting battles in places like Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.

Georgia’s GOP-led Senate recently released a map on Twitter without warning or notification. Gerrymandered maps in Texas are expected to be signed by the governor any day now -- and early draft maps in North Carolina crack and pack many communities in the state.

We’re fully engaged in these battles -- we have to be. Maps won’t be drawn again until 2031 -- that’s 10 years from now! That means a decade of waiting for important policies to be passed and a decade of politicians who represent special interests instead of representing their constituents.

Will you make a one-time donation of $20.31 to ensure our team has the resources to achieve fair maps during this redistricting cycle and doesn’t have to wait until maps are drawn again in 2031?

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Conservative map drawers have been relentless in their pursuit to gerrymander maps. They know that if the maps were fair, they would lose power.

Their actions prevent people from participating in our democracy -- from gerrymandering to voter suppression.

That’s why our team is mobilizing folks on the ground to attend redistricting hearings and provide input to redistricting commissions.

We can’t afford to wait until maps are drawn again in 2031, which is why we need your help now!

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All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund. Support our work to end gerrymandering.




Contributions or gifts to The National Redistricting Action Fund are not tax deductible.
700 13th Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20005

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