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This will be short, friend. The end-of-month deadline is at midnight -- the last deadline before some critical states release their draft maps. We need your help to make it to our must-hit goal.

A few days ago, A.G. Holder wrote that "We’re on the clock. Every day is now an opportunity for conservatives to tighten their grip on power through gerrymandering. And we know they won’t waste a second of it."

That's the bad news. The good news is that the NDRC is fighting back in our 16 battleground states and across the country. But how much we can do -- how many manipulated maps we can stop and how many fair maps we can secure -- depends on your investment.

Will you take this last opportunity to pitch in before the deadline hits? Here's a special link just for you:

-- Team NDRC

A.G. Holder: If the NDRC is successful in undoing manipulated maps, we will be able to achieve a system in which everyone's vote counts.
Since 2017, the NDRC has executed a comprehensive redistricting strategy that shifts the redistricting power, creating fair districts where Democrats can compete. Our victories have been made possible by our strong community of grassroots supporters.
If you want to receive periodic updates from the NDRC on our fight for fair maps, text MAPS to 36787. Text HELP for help, STOP to end. Msg & Data rates may apply. Privacy Policy.

We know we send a lot of emails, but we think it's important to keep you updated with the latest information on Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression and how we're fighting back -- regardless of whether you choose to donate. Click here to make a donation. Every dollar you give will go toward our fight to end gerrymandering and voter suppression.

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National Democratic Redistricting Committee
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United States

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 The DuPree Team knows that owning a home for some, is a dream come true, for others, it can quickly become a costly investment they pour their money into every couple of months when things break. In Florida many of the home are older and require some additional care to keep them in top shape. The old adage “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” does not apply here. Preventative maintenance is the key to ensure your home operates efficiently and to minimize unforeseen and costly repairs down the road. Regular service and care will prolong the use of home components and systems. Additionally, damage from weather throughout the year can take a toll on the exterior of a home, just as daily use can wear on the interior and mechanical systems. As a homeowner it is your responsibility to perform inspections on and preform preventive maintenance to your property on a regular basis to keep your home functioning safely and properly and to reduce the overall cost of repairs. We have compiled a short list below of items you should check on regularly to avoid a more costly repair down the road.

Mechanical Systems


Some of the most important preventive home maintenance is performed on the heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing systems. In addition to regularly changing filters in the heating and cooling system, homeowners should have the air conditioning checked during the spring and the heating system checked prior to cold weather. Plumbing should also be checked to make sure pipes are well-insulated and are not leaking. Draining your hot water heater is recommended to remove sediment as well as checking the pressure relief valve to verify that it is working properly. Makes sure the electrical system is in safe working condition by tripping the circuit breakers and inspecting for frayed cords or wires and any exposed wiring.

Home Interior


Inside the home, homeowners should inspect windows and doors that need caulking or repair to prevent leaks and save energy. Chimneys should be checked and cleaned by a professional prior to use to avoid chimney fires caused by a dirty chimney. Another maintenance tip is to inspect grout around tubs, sinks and showers and re-caulk any worn or brittle caulk. Cleaning lint out of clothes dryers can prevent fires, save energy and extend the life of the dryer. Homeowners should also check smoke detectors throughout the home and replace the batteries annually. A pest prevention plan should be in place with an annual reinspection performed to prevent any infestations.

Home Exterior


Homeowners should clean debris from gutters and downspouts and check them to ensure that they are working properly and draining away from the house. A visual inspection of the exterior of the home can find cracks in the brick or stucco, peeling paint and any wood rot that needs repairing. Another tip for home upkeep is to check the roof for damaged or loose shingles and flashings, since regular maintenance is less expensive than water damage in the attic and home caused by a leaky roof.

Yard and Patio


Trimming and pruning trees and shrubs regularly can prevent them from growing onto the roof or other structures on the home and causing damage and providing a point of entry for pests. If too close to power lines, overgrown trees and shrubs can cause damage during storms and periods of high winds. Shrubs that grow next to a house can also block the movement of air around the house. Homeowners should inspect for and repair any wood rot and clean leaves and debris from wooden decks, driveways and patios to prevent mildew and staining.

The DuPree Team hopes that you and your family have a successful year and are so happy to have you as part of our real estate family. We hope that you found this information useful and look forward to providing you with curated and informative email blogs on a monthly basis. If there is any topic you think we should cover, please let us know! Please keep us in mind the next time you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell in South Florida.

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The DuPree Team
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Coral Springs, FL 33065 


We can’t wait to see you at New York Fashion Week

Highly limited tickets available, experience one of the most coveted experiences during New York Fashion Week right now.

All Access Tickets available that include access to all shows and social events September 10-12th, or choose an individual show that fits your schedule.

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1 Pennsylvania Plaza Suite 6317 , New York, NY, 10119, US

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SEPTEMBER 2021 - VOL 101

After the launch of the Cow Parade's 2021 at IC's Five-Two-A, they were sent out to pasture throughout all five boroughs. Tour campus to find all 23 cows via the IC Cow Parade map and read about the cow's return to the city in the New York Times.

FRIDAY: Live Bossa Nova Music
Friday, Sept 3 | 7 - 10pm
Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
Grab a drink, and cheers to the weekend with Brazilian beats.
FRIDAY: Live Latin Music
Friday, Sept 3 | 7 - 10pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Music by Cuarteto Guataca by the fire pit at Sahadi's.
Friday, Sept 3 | 10pm - 12am
Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
Bring on the weekend with a live DJ set of salsa tunes. 
SATURDAY: Bead Workshop
Saturday, Sept 4 | 12pm
Innovation Alley - Building 5
Join Saskia for a kids + adults beading workshop. Kits are available to purchase.
SATURDAY: Rock + Roll Playhouse
Saturday, Sept 4 | 1 - 2pm
Courtyard 1/2
A family concert series, presented by Volvo every Saturday in Summer.
SATURDAY: Songs + Shenanigans
Saturday, Sept 4 | 3 - 6pm
Big Alice Brewing - Building 6 
Come have a whale of a time! Enjoy live music from some of Irelands's finest musicians while tossing back a pint.
SATURDAY: Live Music
Saturday, Sept 4 | 6 - 9pm
Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
A weekly show by Robert Whaley and his band for your weekend enjoyment.
Saturday, Sept 4 | 7 - 11pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Live set by DJ Corey to take you into your Saturday night.
SUNDAY: Live Jazz w/ 2 Blue Aliens
Sunday, Sept 5 | 1 - 4pm
Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
Grab a cocktail and join us in the courtyard for an afternoon of live jazz!
SUNDAY: Live Bachata
Saturday, Sept 5 | 3 - 6pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Grupo Aurora will be in the courtyard for a free afternoon of live Bachata.

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Join us on an Unforgettable Fashion Journey where Moments are Made and Fashion comes Alive.

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