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Sula -- The Census Bureau just dropped the redistricting data yesterday! Republicans have made it very clear that they plan to take advantage of this next phase of redistricting.

Hyper-partisan politicians should be taken at their word when they say that they intend to manipulate the redistricting process to draw themselves into the majority in the House of Representatives for 2022 and beyond.

The All On The Line team has a plan to ensure that doesn’t happen, but we need your help in order to put it into action.

Can we count on you to make a one-time $30 donation right now? We are on track to hit our new $75,000 fundraising goal by our Sunday deadline -- but we’re hoping to see a few more donations from NY! Will you chip in?

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If conservatives are successful in gerrymandering maps, anti-democracy lawmakers will not only continue to prevent Congress from passing much-needed democracy reforms but also could pass federal anti-voting legislation of their own to further entrench themselves in power.

We can’t allow that to happen. We believe the fight for voting rights is also a fight for fair maps.

Help us start off this next phase of redistricting strong by making a donation right now. We're about $15,000 away from reaching our new $75,000 fundraising goal -- but we’re about 48 hours out from the deadline.

-- The AOTL Team



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Aug 17, 2021TODAY

Happy Tuesday! India, the world’s largest democracy that’s also my home, celebrated its Independence Day on Sunday. On such occasions around the world, we’re invariably reminded of our countries’ founding fathers. But today, I’ll introduce you to the Indigenous professor who could be Chile’s next founding mother. As many Afghans look to escape their now Taliban-controlled nation, discover the unlikely havens that are welcoming refugees. And bite into a berry designed by nature to make acidic food taste sweet. 

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1 - No Regrets

President Joe Biden forcefully defended his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, a move that set the stage for the Taliban’s rapid return to power in Kabul over the weekend, while admitting that the Western-backed government there had collapsed faster than Washington had expected. He referred to desertions and surrenders within the Afghan army to argue that America couldn’t be expected to fight the Taliban when Afghan soldiers were unwilling to do so. In Kabul, Taliban fighters are enforcing an ominous peace, while the U.S. tries to airlift evacuees from an airport besieged by fleeing Afghans, some falling to their deaths after clinging to a departing jet. (Sources: WaPoBBCAP)

2 - Booster Bulwark

U.S. federal health officials are expected to recommend booster COVID-19 vaccine shots for Americans eight months after their second shot, as the country battles a surge in infections from the Delta variant. Meanwhile, even as much of Africa waits for vaccines, Johnson & Johnson doses made on the continent by a South African manufacturer are being shipped to Europe. And New Zealand recorded its first local case since February. Should the West share its extra shots with poorer nations instead of using them as booster doses? Vote here or on Twitter . (CNBCNYTReuters)

3 - Devastating Grace

Tropical Depression Grace has hit Haiti, complicating an already difficult rescue and relief operation after Saturday’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake left more than 1,400 people dead. (Sources: GuardianCNN)

4 - Stash That Cash

Businesses are hoarding record volumes of cash, defying expectations of a spending boom as rising COVID-19 cases and worrying variants spark fresh uncertainty about the future of the economy. (Source: WSJ)


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They’re rewriting their nations’ destinies, leading once-in-a-generation efforts at change. 

1 - Elisa Loncón

She’s the daughter of a poetry-loving housemaid and a carpenter who taught himself to read at the age of 17. Now the activist for her Mapuche Indigenous community — Chile’s largest — is presiding over a 155-member elected convention that’s writing a new national constitution. This groundbreaking recognition of Chile’s pre-Columbian inhabitants came after last year’s historic referendum in which the voters overturned their current framework of governance, a controversial legacy of the late dictator Augusto Pinochet that doesn’t mention Indigenous people at all. She accepted the position with a clenched fist raised over her head. The 58-year-old Santiago University professor knows that the winds of change are blowing — and she’s giving them direction.

2 - Alaa Salah

What decades of U.S. sanctions couldn’t do, Salah and her fellow protesters accomplished. In April 2019, Salah became a global icon and a symbol of the popular revolt that brought down the regime of Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir, after an image of the architecture student leading protest chants from atop a car went viral. Since then, the country’s post-revolution government has tried to ignore the demands of women activists. But Salah is using her fame to put global pressure on her leaders from platforms like the United Nations. Meanwhile, women have marched on the streets of Khartoum in recent months, demanding equality under a “feminist manifesto” as Salah and those she inspires continue to hammer away at their chains.

3 - Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul

She lit a fire that has since spread across Thailand, with younger generations demanding constitutional changes to ensure greater accountability for the monarchy. It started when Panusaya, 21 at the time, went onto a public stage a year ago and recited a 10-point manifesto for change. She and other protest leaders have since spent time in jail for criticizing the king, contracting COVID-19 while behind bars. Now out on bail, Panusaya is once again urging protesters to return to the streets. “Our fight is not over,” she tweeted recently.   


Countries like Pakistan — home to several million Afghan refugees — are refusing to let them enter. But even in an increasingly inward-looking world, a surprising cast of nations is opening its arms. 

1 - Iceland

A small size can come with a big heart. Even as the U.S. has shrugged off any ownership of the crisis in Afghanistan, NATO’s tiniest member, Iceland, is stepping up. Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir yesterday said that Icelanders must “shoulder our responsibility,” expressing her concerns particularly for Afghan women under Taliban rule. The country of nearly 350,000 people will also consider taking in additional Afghan refugees over and above its usual quota, Jakobsdóttir said.

2 - Uganda

One of the world’s poorest nations might not sound like the most natural, welcoming destination for refugees. Yet for all its other problems — including an authoritarian regime — the country has for long kept its doors open when wealthier nations have shut them. It offers refugees — more than 1.45 million of them — the right to education and health, allows them to start private businesses and provides land on which to farm and build a home.

3 - Ecuador

When country after country in the Americas started closing borders amid migrant crises this past decade, this small South American nation went the other way, introducing a refugee law laying down extensive rights for those seeking shelter — temporary or permanent. An influx of Venezuelan refugees and concerns over the spread of COVID-19 have made Ecuador tighten some rules, but its policies — including a visa that’s relatively easy to access — have made it the latest gateway to the Americas for refugees all the way from Africa. Read more on OZY.


They’re berry berry special. 

1 - African Berry

It’s also known as “miracle fruit, ” and there’s a reason for that flattering title: Native to West Africa, this red berry contains a substance known as miraculin that causes a sweet sensation on your tongue the moment it comes in contact with acidic foods. That makes it a perfect natural sweetener for those looking to consume tangy diet food. So the next time you want your low-fat Greek yogurt to taste like a loaded New York cheesecake, you’ll know what to add.

2 - Jabuticaba

Packed with antioxidants, this deep purple Brazilian tree berry ferments quickly off the trunk — where it oddly grows — making it difficult to export. Luckily, it’s now also being grown in Florida, which is warm enough for the tropical crop. Often mistaken for a grape, it’s both tart and sweet, and an ingredient you’ll find in jams, jelly and even cocktails in Brazil. But if you want our advice, try it raw, and transport yourself to dense Brazilian forests.

3 - Omija

If any berry can give the West African miracle fruit a run for its money, it’s the Korean omija. Called Schisandra berries in North America, they contain five distinct flavors, making them a smorgasbord of sensations in your mouth. Try omija-flavored tea — or if you’re in the mood for something harder, punch laced with the berry



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