Wednesday, July 7, 2021

 Fine Art Paulo Lattarullo exhibits unpublished work in Sao Paulo


The artist and sculptor Paulo Lattarullo is featured at Botanical Garden  Exhibition in São Paulo at Espaço Ortobom. The artist produced an unpublished work by Burle Marx that is almost 2 meters tall. 

Lattarullo is a sculptor, plastic artist, works in the creation of products at his company Art Galpao, which since 2016 has been customizing completely non-standard products, in addition to being the creator of Robo Urbano, a giant robot, produced 100% in scrap, in addition to to be a self-taught chef. 

The Botanical Garden Exhibition Project, takes place at

 Espaço Ortobom, is an art exhibition of a modernist garden  inspired by the New York BOTANICAL GARDEN homage  to The Living Art of Roberto Burle Max, showing connections between his landscape projects and the arts that define them by a  modern artist par excellence.

Although the artist had a very different style in his garden projects, there was not even a creation as a stereotype and, as a landscaper, Burle Marx (1909-1994) did not use any technique that would modify

the natural form of the plants.


The Living Jardim Botanico at Espaço Ortobom Arquitetura e Design is created by the World Art Show  and is inspired by the  New York Botanical Garden - The path bordered by native Brazilian plants is similar to the path of the artists who make up the visual arts

 scene in the environment. The living space of Espaço Ortobom's Botanical  Garden is composed of: Carolina Moraes, Cristina Pires Furtado.

Fabiañá Préti, Elisa Monde, Mariah Campolina, Paulo Lattarullo and Roselena Campos.

The environment designed by the architect Mônica Seabra and the interior designers:

Ana Carla Pagliosa , Sandra Cantuario and Elisa Monde


Direction: Diogo Roque

Organization: WORLD ART SHOW | Sula Costa

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