Friday, April 16, 2021


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Survival Things: Works of a Native New Yorker 

Until April 30th 2021



Born in 1977 in Bushwick, Brooklyn, USA
Lives and works in Lower East Side, New York City, USA

In a time where America questions power and systems American artist, Michael Alan stands in the forefront, asking the questions that challenge, loudly and boldly, over and over. A painter for the people, he creates works that address racism, corruption, poverty, greed, and control. Michael Alan sees and paints the world his own way, with an alternative vision of the ongoing, overall human feeling. Alan, inspired by his surroundings, growing up and living in NYC, paints the fast paced menacing life of his city. A physically disabled son of an immigrant family, he has seen a lot, been through a lot, and puts it all into the work.
The way he sees and interprets life is unlike other visions in art. The work defies a type or a group or a style. This work leads us into a new ocean that invites us all, looking to redefine who we are as Americans. 

Alan works around the clock, creating a visual language and a modern day commentary, trying to understand the absurd world we live in. The artist is attracted to mediums that traditionally don't mix, but collide to create their own worlds. Using a broad range of tools, handmade brushes, his hands and fingers, split tips of pens, and repurposed drawings, he is constantly exploring mark making techniques to make odd lines and marks with obscure color combinations. His work is a mixture of high-end art on fire that is burned down to the ground, waiting for we the people to touch and grab. 

He sees his visual works as puzzles that can be broken down and reconstructed by the eye. They are meant to be looked at, and reevaluated over time. Speaking on many popular and unpopular topics, he paints all sorts of people, places, and things, with a range of commentary in his work as a work within itself. He is known for street art activism, punk performance, standing for individuality, equality, positivity, freedom, wackiness and acceptance and questioning and challenging the systems that have all the power and control. 

Alan is a strong believer in the constitutional right of freedom of speech, and his work portrays this. Alan is known for his masked performances around NYC, long before Covid-19 and the mask mandate. He created the performance art project The Living Installation. It is a staple icon of the city, which he runs with his wife and partner Jadda Cat. Together they stand for living in the moment, the power of the body as living sculptures, the power of being alive, appreciation of life, and comment on the absurdity we go through as humans. 

You can see in Michael’s paintings and drawings that he is inspired by the performances and costumes. The performances inform the drawings and drawings inform the performances. They are worlds inside worlds.

Alan creates like an unbreakable renaissance artist working on a painting with a broken sewing machine, looking through a window filled with war.


12, rue Vivienne
75002 Paris, France

34-36, I. Abashidze, Vake
Tbilisi, Georgia

510-520 West 21st Street
New York City, NY 10011, USA
tel. +33 (0) 6 61 00 10 33
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APRIL 2021 - VOL 81
Hometown Bar-B-Que brings their jam band vibes to the Band Shell with a rotating roster of artists. Popping up on the weekends with a ticketed seated series, reminding us all of just how great live music is.
FRIDAY - SUNDAY: Oyster Cart
Friday, Apr 16 - Sunday, Apr 18 | 4 - 8pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Nothing says the weekend quite like oysters from the Mother Shuckers in the courtyard. 
FRIDAY: Live Latin Music
Friday, Apr 16 | 6 - 9pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Music by Cuarteto Guataca by the fire pit at Sahadi's.
FRIDAY: Live Bossa Nova Music
Friday, Apr 16 | 6 - 9pm
Near Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
Grab a drink, and cheers to the weekend with Brazilian beats.
Saturday, Apr 17 + Sunday, Apr 18 | 11am - 3pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Weekend brunch available via reservation.
SATURDAY: Bead Workshop
Saturday, Apr 17 | 12pm
Near The Makers Guild - Courtyard 5/6
Join Saskia for a kids + adults beading workshop. Kits will be available to purchase.
Saturday, Apr 17 | 5 - 9pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Live set by DJ Sino to take you into your Saturday night. 
SATURDAY: Live Music
Saturday, Apr 17 | 7 - 10pm
Near Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
A weekly show by Robert Whaley and his band for your weekend enjoyment.
SUNDAY: Live Bachata
Sunday, Apr 18 | 3 - 6pm
Sahadi's - Courtyard 3/4
Grupo Aurora will be in the courtyard for a free afternoon of live Bachata.
SUNDAY: Live Jazz
Sunday, Apr 18 | 2 - 4pm
Near Barrow's Intense - Courtyard 5/6
Drinks + tunes in the courtyard.
SUNDAY: Spring Spirits Tasting
Sunday, Apr 18 | 2 - 6pm
Courtyard 5/6
Barrow’s Intense is partnering up with fellow New York distillers for a courtyard-wide tasting.

Tuesday, April 20th
10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
(Eastern Time - U.S. and Canada)
2020-21 has seen significant new resources and attention dedicated to corporate Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives. The COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide protests have renewed D&I efforts, leading to a demand for change and drawing attention to the importance of such initiatives in creating a more equitable, productive, and meaningful workplace.

This trend has influenced companies, law firms, and professional organizations – across regions and industries – to diversify representation and create inclusive cultures, even if D&I has advanced unevenly across different sectors of the economy and society. When it comes to adopting D&I programs in offices and through remote work arrangements, one size does not fit all. Please join us as our seasoned group of speakers share their insights into best practices and strategies for D&I programs in 2021, with particular emphasis on examples in Brazil and the United States.
Click here to download the speaker bios.
David FlechnerPartnerPaul Hastings LLP
Domingos FortunatoPartnerMattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados
Jean LeePresident & Chief Executive OfficerMinority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA)
Beatriz SoutoSenior Legal Counsel & D&I Committee Co-FounderBW Offshore
Registration Information

Members: Free
Non-members: $15

Event information will be provided to registrants once registration has been completed.
This event is organized by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in partnership with
Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados and Paul Hastings LLP.
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. | 485 Madison Avenue, Suite 401, New York, NY 10022 | (212) 751-4691

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