Saturday, February 20, 2021

National Democratic Redistricting Committee

The fight to end Republican gerrymandering isn't easy -- but with you on our team we're making incredible progress. (Help us keep going!) Today, the NDRC is proud to announce that we're furthering our multi-pronged strategy to end Republican gerrymandering by endorsing these fair-map Democrats:

15 North Carolina house endorsements and 26 Texas house endorsements

Donate to show your support for fair-map Democrats!

And that's not all: The NDRC is also making new contributions in North Carolina and Texas to fight for fair maps, bringing our investments in these states to nearly $500,000.

These two states are essential battlegrounds in the fight for fair redistricting, and this has only been possible with your support -- so thank you. But even as we celebrate this step, there's so much more work to do.

We have seven other 2020 target states on our list, including the swing states of Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. If we want to invest in all of them, we'll need your help. Will you donate now to help us continue our work in these crucial states?

-- Team NDRC


A.G. Holder: If the NDRC is successful in undoing rigged maps, we will be able to achieve a system in which everyone's vote counts.

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All On The Line
All On The Line condemns the insurrection against our democracy. Our team hopes this series will provide context to how institutional racism allows such hatred and violence to thrive -- and what we as individuals can do to help collectively build a more just political system.

If you would like to take a break from receiving our emails, please let us know here. If you're interested in supporting our efforts to increase accountability through our electoral system -- and you're in a position to comfortably do so -- you can make a contribution here. Thank you for your support.

Two landmark court cases in the past decade related to voting and redistricting contributed to the erosion of accountability in our government.

In 2013, the Supreme Court gutted protections in the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA) which established a check on new voter suppression bills in states like Arizona, Texas, and Georgia that had a history of discriminatory voting practices. By the 2016 election -- the first presidential election in 50 years not protected by the full VRA -- 12 states had already instituted new voting restrictions. Now that number is more than 30.

In 2019, the Supreme Court deemed that partisan gerrymandering fell outside federal courts' jurisdiction -- essentially passing on holding states or lawmakers accountable for manipulating district lines to gain political advantage. We know that map manipulators who had already boldly gerrymandered 2011 could be emboldened by the federal judiciary's inaction and try to gerrymander again in 2021 -- taking their chances with state supreme courts.

We share this context for two reasons.

One -- we can fix this! We can reinstitute essential voting rights protections and increase accountability in our government (redistricting and beyond!) by passing laws like the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. You can donate here to support our democracy reform efforts.

Two -- map manipulators are experimenting with new ways to stack the cards against voters.State legislators in Pennsylvania want to elect members of their state's appellate court system by district. Here's why this is such a concern: typically these judges run in statewide elections. This fast-tracked bill opens up the opportunity for map manipulators to gerrymander state courts. The very courts that would hear partisan gerrymandering litigation thanks to the Supreme Court's misguided decision. It's no secret that changing and controlling state courts through gerrymandering is part of the other side's plan -- in fact, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was the entity that finally helped implement a fair congressional map in the state.

The conservative majority in the Pennsylvania state legislature thinks their best bet for maintaining power is an unprecedented attempt to gerrymander a different branch of government -- rather than face true accountability from their constituents in the next election.

All On The Line is running a comprehensive grassroots advocacy campaign in Pennsylvania to demand accountability from the state legislature and to stop the effort to gerrymander the courts. We're running other advocacy efforts in states like Ohio and Texas, calling for stronger transparency measures that could lead to more accountability in state redistricting processes.

Campaigns like these are crucial to the success of our mission to end gerrymandering. Our state-by-state strategy has always prioritized investing in grassroots accountability efforts.

We believe this grassroots movement is key to restoring accountability in our government. Will you chip in to help fund our local advocacy efforts?

Our mission at All On The Line is to end gerrymandering and help restore accountability in our democracy. Here are a few ways you can take action.

Demand accountability: Add your name to demand the resignation of the 147 representatives and senators who attempted to overturn election results -- after the violent insurrection that disrupted the peaceful transition of power.

Submit a letter to the editor: Help educate your community about democracy reform. We've drafted a template LTE about how the For the People Act can help restore our democracy. Our tool will let you customize the letter and submit it to your local newspaper.

Contact Congress: The U.S. House of Representatives reintroduced the For the People Act (H.R. 1) which would provide much-needed democracy reforms on redistricting, voting rights, ethics, election laws, and election security. Our tool will connect you with your members of Congress and provide suggested language on how to advocate for this bill.

Make a donation: All On The Line is committed to training and empowering grassroots activists to peacefully and effectively hold politicians accountable. We appreciate the generosity of grassroots donors who help make our work possible.

Forward this email to a friend: This grassroots movement is strengthened every time someone joins our collective call for accountability and an end to gerrymandering. Forward this email to a friend who you think might be interested in learning more about democracy reform.

All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund. Support our work to end gerrymandering.



OZY Family,

At the start of a great journey, we often don’t know what lies ahead. What are the obstacles in the way? Who will join us? How will this trip evolve from what we thought it would be? On Monday, we sent you our first Reset America newsletter, a collection of 10 ideas for how to improve our country from guests on The Carlos Watson Show, people OZY has profiled and you, our devoted readers. I was anxious to see what you thought, and, to be honest, I was floored by the response.

Thousands of you have written to my personal email and let me know your own big ideas. Many of the responses were incredibly thoughtful and substantial, running hundreds of words. Many of them challenged me and our entire premise: What’s so wrong with the Founding Fathers and the documents they drafted, which have guided America pretty well over nearly 250 years?

I feel your hope and your concern at this fraught moment in American history, and I can tell you: We’re not inclined to toss America’s founding principles into the dustbin. What Reset America is all about, with your sharp insight and keen guidance, is learning from the best of what we’ve achieved so far, and then adding to our country’s story. If America has always been a great experiment, I think now is the time to discuss how to keep iterating and testing, to improve upon our great foundation in search of a more perfect union — to tackle a new era, with new problems that the original founders could not possibly have foreseen. And we want to hear not only what you would fix, but also what you see that is working in your community at this time of great change and challenge. We want to know what works, as well as what doesn’t, so we can blaze the trail together toward a better America.

OZY’s Reset America effort aims to create real, positive change on all levels by engaging with challenging ideas and plumbing the depths of what needs to change about race, voting, the role of government and so much more. We’re excited to keep the conversation going. Watch this space Monday for more big ideas, and do tell us your thoughts and whether you’d like to be a part of this critical conversation. But you don’t have to wait until then: Join in on social media using the hashtag #ResetAmerica, or simply click here for a ready-to-go tweet. As always, you can also simply email me. I will endeavor to get back to each and every one of you.

Come join us as we bring the pub to your house for a night of virtual trivia fun! Complete with an engaging trivia host, you’ll get the full pub trivia experience, without having to leave your chair! The event will run for approximately 90 minutes and you’ll be added to a team with other members to test your knowledge with fun and unique trivia questions.
This will be a networking opportunity exclusive to members, especially new members! Also, BYOB!
Friday, February 19th
4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
(Eastern Time - U.S. and Canada)

Registration Information
Members: Free

Webinar information will be provided to registrants once registration has been completed.
Webinar organized by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in partnership with
Berdon LLP.
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. | 485 Madison Avenue, Suite 401, New York, NY 10022 | (212) 751-4691

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