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Restructuring and Distressed Assets in Brazil: Seizing Opportunities and Avoiding Disaster

Restructuring and Distressed Assets in Brazil:
Seizing Opportunities and Avoiding Disaster
Thursday, August 6
9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. (NY Time)
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the operations of companies across various industries and their ability to service their debt and continue paying suppliers. Aviation, tourism and entertainment were the first industries to immediately suffer the consequences of social distancing and reduced demand and revenues, but other industries are bound to soon follow. Like other crises, the COVID-19-related drop in demand has resulted and will continue to condition in complex debt restructurings and opportunities to acquire strategic assets at discount prices. Our panel of prominent Brazilian-American legal and financial leaders will discuss how the lessons learned from successful and failed restructurings and distressed M&A transactions from the past can pave the way for U.S. and other foreign investors to properly protect their exposure to Brazilian companies in distress. The panel will also discuss how to capitalize on opportunities to make significant profits from a company’s turnaround .
Daniel LaudisioPartnerCescon Barrieu
Fábio RosasPartnerCescon Barrieu
Sam AguirrePartnerFTI Consulting
Pedro JimenezPartnerPaul Hastings
Jon KellnerPartnerPaul Hastings
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All On The Line
Thank Speaker Pelosi for championing fair elections! Add your name.

Sula -- Mitch McConnell continues to play politics by holding up coronavirus relief legislation which includes funding to protect our elections before November.

McConnell's motive? Undermining our elections this year is the first step to putting conservative map manipulators in charge of the redistricting process next year. He should care about the democratic right to vote, but it seems he only cares about holding onto power.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows this. And has said that she will not let McConnell continue to avoid passing legislation to protect our elections and the livelihood of millions of Americans during this pandemic.

"[Pelosi] said new money for mail-in voting needs to be in this bill for it to have a chance to get through the House."
-- Politico 07/28/2020

Speaker Pelosi has shown time and time again that she'll keep her promise. And now, she's refusing to cave on key provisions of coronavirus relief legislation including commonsense funding to make voting safe and accessible amidst a pandemic.

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-- The AOTL Team

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Global Sovereign Conference 2020 - Americas
10 September 2020 | 9:30 AM EDT
Fitch Ratings' Global Sovereign Conference returns this year with a series of virtual events featuring our expert analysts who will be discussing key global and regional sovereign credit developments. Sessions will start with the Global Macroeconomic Outlook with Brian Coulton, Chief Economist, followed by the Global Sovereign Outlook presented by Tony Stringer, Chief Operating Officer, Sovereigns and Supranationals Group.

Policy responses to and rating implications of the coronavirus will feature prominently in this year’s Conference. While all sovereigns have been affected by the pandemic, not all sovereign ratings have, and the Fitch team will expand on factors that have contributed to differentiated rating outcomes, as well as what might lie ahead.

The agenda includes:
  • Global Macroeconomic Update
  • Global Sovereign Update
  • US and Canada: Crisis response and rating outlook
  • Latin America: Persistent negative rating pressures
  • Challenges to post-pandemic economic recovery and fiscal consolidation

We hope you can join us for what is sure to be an insightful event!

For further regional perspective please register for the following:

7th September at 3:00 PM HKT - Asia
8th September at 12:00 PM GST - Middle East & Africa
9th September at 9:30 AM BST - Europe

DC-2351 FG Resize Profile Photos_Brian Coulton.jpg
Brian Coulton
Chief Economist
Tony Stringer.jpg
Tony Stringer
Chief Operating Officer, Sovereign and Supranationals Group
Shelly Shetty
Co-Head of the Americas Sovereign Group
Charles Seville
Co-Head of the Americas Sovereign Group
If you are interested in the discussion topic but are unable to join the live session, please register. We will send you the on-demand recording once available.
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30 North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5GN
300 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019