Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A note of regret: It is with deep sadness that we communicate the death of the lawyer - Dr. Sebastião Richelieu da Costa, affectionately known as Gegê.

Dr. Sebastião Richelieu was a great collaborator in the opening of the consulting company Costa Consulting Co, based in Brasilia - DF and New York - NY, directed by his daughter, journalist Sula Costa.

Dr. Sebastião, one of the successful legal professionals in the State of Goiás, worked in the tax area, in defense of the main companies that are the basis of the regional and state economy of the Brazilian Midwest. In addition to acting for more than 20 years as a director of SINDIFISCO AFFEGO in Goiânia - GO, where he established his legal career in parallel with the tax audit of the State of Goiás.

He acted strongly as Sports Secretary at Anápolis - GO, in the management of the late mayor Jamel Cecílio.

It was extremely important in the foundation, formation and integration of Anápolis Futebol Clube, “O Galo Tricolor”, Anápolis football team, which was truly worshiped.

Sebastião Richelieu da Costa leaves his partner Terezinha Maria de Souza, with whom he lived for 47 years, in addition to six children, 18 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

Dr. Sebastião Richelieu was a victim of kidney failure, a disease he had been facing for three years.

He leaves leaving us many lessons of love, friendship, professionalism, ethics and humanity. In the legal field, Gegê is recognized as “irreplaceable”.
To God we pray that Dr. Sebastião Richelieu also has his eternal rest in his eternal rest in his kingdom.
We respectfully provide our condolences and offer our most sincere condolences.

The New Legal Framework for Water and Sewage Services (Sanitation) in Brazil
Thursday, July 30th
10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Join us as our panelists discuss the impact of the new legal framework for water and sewage services, including (i) possible removal of obstacles for privatization of state-owned water companies, such as SABESP, CEDAE and others, (ii) options for full or partial privatization, (iii) incentives for private and foreign investment in the sector, (vi) incentives for more projects and investments in the Sector, and (v) the possibility of achieving universalization.
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Jose Virgilio Lopes Enei
PartnerMachado Meyer
Martha Seiller
Special Secretary, Investment Partnership ProgramsPPI
Teresa VernagliaCEOBRK Ambiental
Rafael VanzellaPartnerMachado Meyer
Dolly MirchandaniPartner, White & Case
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Webinar organized by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Machado Meyer and White & Case.
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. | 485 Madison Avenue, Suite 401, New York, NY 10022 | (212) 751-4691

National Democratic Redistricting Committee
"2020 is the last chance for fair maps"
-- The Hill op-ed

We couldn't have said it better, Sula. This year is our absolute last chance to defeat map-manipulating Republicans and elect Democrats who will fight for fairness during redistricting next year.

And with just three months left until Election Day, time is running out.

Can we count on you to end gerrymandering and make fair maps a reality?

A few months ago, President Obama wrote:

"One of the biggest threats to democracy is indifference. In fact, the folks who manipulate and distort electoral maps depend on the inaction of voters."

We can't be indifferent, Sula, not when so much is on the line. Will you take this last-chance opportunity to join the fight for fair maps today?
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A.G. Holder: If the NDRC is successful in undoing rigged maps, we will be able to achieve a system in which everyone's vote counts.

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