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Born in São Paulo, ALEXANDRE NARDELLI began his studies inspired by the Evangelical Orchestra of a church named -  Christian Congregation in  Brazil. His musicality was formed with based in improvisations and ear tocatta, which he performed in serenades on farms at Minas Gerais State. His future project is to set up a Music Therapy clinic, as his passion for music has expanded to a passion for helping people, both in rehabilitation and in the prevention of physical and pisco diseases.

Alexandre Nardelli has adopted an extremely eclectic repertoire, through works already carried out, both in Orchestras, and with renowned artists such as Altemar Dutra Jr., as well as in events, balls, weddings and receptions (Chamber of Deputies), over 12 years , has a degree at Faculdade Souza Lima & Berklee College of Music (Boston), has already presented his work with MPB, Bossa Nova and Standards Jazz, in more than 60 venues in the state of São Paulo/Brazil.

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Phone: Whattsup: + 55 11 9971-6823




 Music Bachelor - Faculdade FITO - Osasco

1st. Year and Degree.

Teaching Director: Helder

Souza Lima School of Music

Instrument: Saxophone - Profs. David Richard (Berklee), Vitor Alcântara (Fac. Cantareira) and Marcelo Coelho (UNICAMP).

Theory: I, II - Prof. Daniel Maudonnet.

Popular Harmony I, II, III - Prof. Daniel Maudonnet.

Harmonia Tradiciona I - Prof. Ciro Visconti
Perception I, II, III, IV - Prof. Miguel Laprano.
Band Practice with Prof. Pollaco.
Jazz Performance I, II - Profs. Guilherme, Lupa Santiago, Gilberto.
Fundamentals of Improvisation I, II - Prof. Magnifying glass Santiago.
Blow Group - Prof. Ed Fogaça (Tatuí).
Arrangement Course I - Prof. Daniel Maudonnet.


Informatics Applied to Music:

Sibelius 6.0 / Sonar 9.0 / SoundForge 8.0 / Reason 2.0 (Instrumentation Timbrage), Band-in-a-box 12, Midi and Wav Recordings, Mixing and Mastering CD's in the Studio.


  • Domain instruments:
  • Alto Sax
  • Keyboard
  • Transverse flute
  • Voice
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes:
  • Souza Lima Conservatory
  • Santo Amaro Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Wedding
  • Graduations
  • Corporate Parties
  • Balls of nostalgia
  • Hotel receptions
  • Events in general
  • Artists Show
  • Professional recordings.


World Art Show promote  Botanical Garden at Space Ortobom Architecture & Design

The  project is a modernist garden inspired by the NY BOTANICAL GARDEN named after The living Art of Roberto Burle Max.

The Botanical Garden living at  Ortobom Space Architecture and Design comprises a Brazilian Modern Botanical exhibition - Inspired by "The Living Art of Roberto Burle Max" showing connections between his landscape projects and the arts that define them by a modern artist par excellence. Although the artist had a very different style in his garden designs, there was not even a creation as a stereotype and, as a landscaper, Burle Marx (1909-1994) did not use any technique that would modify the natural shape of plants.

World Art Show is idealized of the Botanical Garden at Space Ortobom Architecture and Design

The Modernist Garden is idealized by the World Art Show and inspired by the New York Botanical Garden - The path bordered by native Brazilian plants is similar to the path of the artists who make up the scene of the visual arts of the ambiance. The living space of the Botanical Garden of Ortobom Space is composed by: Carolina Moraes, Chris Barreto, Fabiañá Préti,  Roselena Campos, Nelma Granja and Mariah Campolina.

The ambiance designed by Sandra Cantuário and Ana Carla Pagliosa.



Ana Carla Pagliosa and Sandra Cantuário are responsible for signing the ambiance.

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