Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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MAY 2020 - VOL 37
Admit it. You’re deep in a reality TV hole because you’ve basically finished Netflix. Tune in Fridays, starting this week, we are bringing you a captivating short film followed by a conversation with the creators. It's exciting to be able to turn this time of home confinement into an opportunity to explore film, beyond the usual tune in to tune out.
TUESDAY: Live Art 
Tuesday, May 19 | 3 - 3:30pm
IC Instagram Live
Sit with artists of IC + tap into your inner Picasso, as they paint, draw and create and you follow along.
Tuesday, May 19 | 5 - 5:30pm
IC Instagram Live
Afternoon stretch + release with Nicole Cardoza.
Wednesday, May 20 | 3 - 3:30pm
IC Instagram Live
Whether you need some background music for your work from home, or just simply want to relax and be transported by Rebecca the Harpist and her ethereal sounds, here’s your opportunity.
Thursday, May 21 | 12 - 12:30pm
IC Instagram Live
Midday stretch + release with Nicole Cardoza.
THURSDAY: Happy Hour
Thursday, May 21 | 5pm
IC Instagram Stories
Happy hour with your favorite IC bartenders, because drinking alone is so April.
Friday, May 22
IC Instagram Stories
Join familiar faces of IC, at home, to get a look at their quarantine routine.
FRIDAY: IC Cinema Club
Friday, May 22 | 5pm
IC Facebook Live
Continuing our in-person programing with Rooftop Films with a short film followed by a conversation with the creators.
SATURDAY: Rock + Roll Playhouse
Saturday, May 23 | 1pm
IC Facebook Live
This signature IC weekend program is coming to your living-room via IC’s Facebook Live!
SUNDAY: Chess at 3
Sunday, May 24 | 1pm
IC Facebook Live
New to the digital lineup, but a regular weekend staple, Storytime with Chess at 3, will educate and occupy your kids so you can take a beat, wash your hair or sit back and learn alongside your kiddos.
SUNDAY: Cook-Off
Sunday, May 25 | 5pm
IC Instagram Stories
Learn how to cook something new direct from your couch.

All On The Line
 The scale and energy of the movement we've built to end gerrymandering inspires me every day. I truly believe our mission has resonated so deeply with supporters because our message is simple: when the people speak, our governments should listen.

This foundational principle of our democracy was recently violated in Michigan and in Missouri where politicians have attacked citizen-led redistricting reforms that were overwhelmingly supported by voters at the ballot box in 2018.

We're preparing for more attacks on fair redistricting across the nation. So I've asked the team to develop plans to protect these good reforms and enact others, and now we need your help -- will you chip in $15 to our Reform Protection Fund?In both Michigan and Missouri, we see self-interested politicians experimenting with newfangled ways to overturn the will of voters to preserve their illegitimate power.

In Michigan, an organization with ties to Scott Walker's National Republican Redistricting Trust tried and has so far failed to block the state's independent redistricting commission from taking effect. The ballot measure was supported by 61% of Michigan voters.

In Missouri, the Republican-controlled legislature is seeking to reverse redistricting reforms supported by 62% of voters in 2018. They're working on creating a new ballot initiative that dismantles the very protections against partisan gerrymandering that Missourians voted to pass.

For map manipulators, these experiments are not happening in a vacuum. If they reclaim power or succeed at suppression in one state, they'll try to replicate that to tear down reforms across the country.

We have to be more agile, more creative, and more responsive than our opposition, Sula.

If you can, please make a donation to All On The Line's Reform Protection Fund so we can keep up the fight.

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

Express Donate: $15
Express Donate: $35
Express Donate: $50
Express Donate: $100
Express Donate: $250
Or donate another amount

Thank you,
Eric H. Holder, Jr.

All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund.

All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund.


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