Friday, May 1, 2020

The Supreme Court is split on gerrymandering.
While some Justices believed federal courts should be able to limit partisan gerrymandering,
The majority disagreed, and opened the door for MORE rigged Republican maps.
Now we're facing an even steeper challenge in our fight for fair maps. Will you contribute toward our $75,000 end-of-month goal to join our fight for fair maps today?

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The Impact of COVID-19 on DTC brands

We first talked about the Direct-To-Consumer revolution in 2018, introducing Warby Parker, Casper, and Dollar Shave Club as the next household brands.

And they've done well. There are a lot more of them now.

For these brands, COVID-19 has been a double edged sword.

Traffic is up

Jean-Michel Lemieux, CTO of Shopify, recently tweeted that they are handling Black Friday level traffic every day. Facebook and Google both announced strong Q1 results. The internet has been winning.

Supply chains are hurt

But these DTC startups are in a squeeze. Consumers are shopping online more than ever, but it's also harder than ever to get a package to a customer's door.

That's because DTC startups still sell physical "stuff".

They make that stuff in factories, and those factories are usually in China. And COVID-19 has shut down factories and shipping routes, causing all sorts of production delays. Amazon, which relies on a business model centered around making a box appear at your home in less than 2 days, has wait times that are as long as a month.

So, for now, unfortunately, you'll have to wait a month for your bespoke bed linens.

More from last week

Working remotely pays. A recent analysis by Nnamdi Iregbulem showed that fully-remote software developers earn 22% more than developers who never or rarely work remote.

Even working only a few days each month yielded a pay advantage of 15% on average, and 5% controlling for observable factors (including age, experience, hours worked, size of employer and programming languages).
Superhuman founder and CEO Rahul Vohra shares his guide on running a startup during a recession:
  • Choose how much runway you want to maintain (e.g., 24, 36, 48 months).
  • Every year, adjust your net burn such that your runway is always at this level.
  • You can reduce net burn through revenue growth and cost reduction; conversely, you can increase net burn through faster hiring and more marketing.
A startup's ability to learn and evolve quickly is fundamental to its long term success. Learning needs to be embedded in the culture and organization from the early days. Gigi Levy of NFX breaks down the 3 critical components:
  • Establish a learning culture through company-wide retros and rules.
  • Make transparency an organizational imperative.
  • Scrutinize your wins as much as your losses.
Julia Lipton, the founder of Awesome People Ventures, makes the case for world-positive investing. She argues that it's a human obligation to fund a better future now more than ever.
The emotional rollercoaster of working at a startup is far preferable than the existential toil of big companies. Abi Tyas Tungal enumerates the advantages of a career in startups vs. big companies, and shares his advice for how to approach a startup job search.
Alex Garella shares why remote is the future of work thanks to the many benefits that it brings:

  • Freedom of location
  • Freedom of time
  • Freedom of work environment
  • Freedom of lifestyle
  • Reduced fixed costs
  • Increased robustness
  • Global hiring

Hot startups hiring now 🔥

Fabrica - The easiest way to close real estate transactions. Hiring a senior frontend engineer.
decidehq - Actionable business intelligence. Explore 3 jobs.
Mosaix - Language AI for emerging markets. Hiring engineers.
Vigilant - Platform for public data search and monitoring. Explore 4 jobs. - Create and edit code visually. Hiring senior full-stack engineers.

Funding and Acquisitions

Expedia is raising $3.2 billion in new capital as the coronavirus pandemic has stalled travel around the world. Funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management and Silver Lake will provide the equity investment and will each get a spot on the company’s board. Expedia said it expects the new funds to strengthen its financial flexibility and liquidity position.
Security data and analytics solutions provider Rapid7 announced its intent to acquire DivvyCloud, a cloud security and governance startup, for $145 million in cash and stock. The acquisition comes at a time when enterprises are experiencing a spike in malware campaigns using coronavirus misinformation.
Confluent, a cloud infrastructure platform for Apache Kafka, closed a $250 million Series E funding round at a $4.5 billion valuation. Confluent’s business rests on the idea that the daily cycle of “batch-processed data” isn’t enough to keep up with the speed and personalization that people want.
Blue Prism has raised $124 million in equity financing at a valuation of around $1.2 billion. Blue Prism specializes in robotic process automation, and the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent global lockdowns have tempted firms to invest in the area.
Online collaborative whiteboard startup Miro has raised $50 million in new funding to expand its platform. Remote collaboration tools like Miro are experiencing a surge in usage.

The Membership Committee of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (BACCF) and ERC Consultants
cordially invite you to a webinar on:
David Charner
ERC Consultants
Alex Charner
ERC Consultants
Leaders of ERC Consultants Inc.
The webinar will focus on improving two critical aspects of business communication:

  • Listening: important for all professionals- leaders, managers, salespeople, consultants
  • The Message: structuring a clear, strategic message in all presentations

Thursday, April 30, 2020
12:00 noon to 1:00 PM

Fees/Admission: Complimentary

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We have been busy! There are so many people out there in need of our attention and support.
Supplying hungry families here in Orlando and overseas, widows, single moms,  people living in tents and, sending boxes to Haiti loaded with canned powdered milk is keeping us occupied. Adding to this we are trying to help our regular health uninsured clients who are in need of insulin, speech therapy office visits, and many other health issues requests (excluding COVID-19 needs).  There is so much going on but we do not have enough financial resources to cover all these requests we are being reached for immediate solution.
After thinking and praying for a way out to generate more financial resources we thought about you!  We would like to invite you to become a MEMBER or SPONSOR of our Nonprofit Organization and walk with us on this Rewarding JourneyYou can click on Membership Form or Sponsorship Form for your consideration.
If you feel like walking with us please
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* sign it and
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You can also take a picture with your cell phone and send it to our WhatsApp/Messaging at (407) 739-0612.
* go to DONATE on our website menu
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Check out your benefits on the Membership Form and wait for your rewards for seeding in this Project!
Thank you so much!!  What a joy!!


We can not serve the crowds yet, but we serve the forgotten! 
1 - buying grocery to families leaving overseas 
2 - donating basic grocery bags 
3 -  supplying grocery to unemployed widow and single moms 
4 - serving people who live  in tents in the woods
5 - we are partnering with United H.C.F. Nations and weekly we are able to buy and donate food to 280 families.

We are blessed!!!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

*Webinar em Português

A Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (BACCF)
e Choaib, Paiva e Justo Advogados Associados
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Cenário Brasil: Consequências da exoneração do Ministro Sergio Moro e Recursos para gastos emergenciais da Covid19

Roberto Justo (BIO)
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