Friday, May 8, 2020

Let's Be Lucky Racing
Horse Racing Ownership Syndicate, Presented by Alex Gorrie.   

We have a great offer for clients to join the UK service to 01/12/21 and that will also involve a day at the races in 2021. For more details email me at
We are looking for clients old and new to get behind us for what will be a very exciting period for us once racing starts again and things get back to normal.
We have a few offers for you in this newsletter that will change your involvement in horseracing forever. Please consider taking a small share in one of our horses because this will open up many doors for you and give access to great information.
We are delighted to report that all the shares in Jabbaar and Azor Ahai are now fully sold. We still have shares in just 5 horses to sell and a small share in any one of them during this period will get you all the horse racing information to 01/12/21 at no extra charge.
What you will get if you buy a share?
The last 12 months on the UK service has fantastic. 6 winning months from the last 8 last year and we have had 2 winning month from the last 3 this year and more than £300 profit to modest stakes.We also had a fantastic Cheltenham Festival Week.
We had 5 winning bets from 7 in 2019 and had 4 winners at 7/2 from 15/2, 5/1 & 7/1 SP and 5/2 from 9/2 and a very close 18/1 advised 2nd (e/w).   The terms for this service are £40 to the odds on each bet and we had a tremendous 2019.
We will have no Big Sting in 2020 but we will be going for the bet in 2021. All racehorse share owners get the Big Sting information every year we go for the bet. Last year we won on the bet with a winning nap on the bet that won at 8/1 SP. We will be going for the bet in 2021.
This service is for jump racing only and and is the back bone of our winter inside information. We give news on every runner every day from 3 top jump stables from November to the end of April.
For your first share purchase with us regardless of the size bif or small we will give you a 20% discount and up to a £100 discount on any share you buy. Over and above that you get all our inside information on UK horses at not extra charge. The All incusive training fees covers everything except the BHA which will be squared off with winnings. It does not matter how big or small your share is you will be treated the same way and plenty of owners badges are made available to our clients. Please email me at if you want to get involved. 
Jump The Gun continues to thrive. I promised Iain Jardine that we would buy him a special horse at the October sales last year. I have no doubt at all that in Jump The Gun that we have purchased a very special horse. He may well end up being our best ever purchase.

Electric Angel and Havana Party continue to do very well. I suggest 0.3125%, 0.625% or 1.25% in each . They are both nice horses and Iain Jardine has told me both will be winning races. With 2 year olds you could buy anything and these horses are showing up well on the gallops. Iain told me that Havana Party is moving well and going better than colts that cost a lot more than him and are born earlier.
She has won 3 races in her life including one for LBL. She's been very unlucky not to win more for us and I think she can at least double her tally of wins before we sell her in October 2021. She is well handicapped on the flat and over hurdles and I have no doubt at all that this sound mare will get her owners in the winning unclosure.
Won 2 races for us at 14/1 and 8/1 last year and we were on E/W and win. He was unlucky not to win more for us last year but picked up a niggle and then was due to run at a few meetings that were called off. He's back down bellow his last winning mark and following 2 eyecatching runs on the sand he looks sure to be winning more races on the flat before he goes hurdling. This nice big forse has plenty of scope.
He's a massive late maturing horse that is now down to a very good mark. He's way better than his 3 runs for us suggest and Phil Makin is learning more about him all the time. He routed a good field last year and has plenty of ability.

Please visit our website for further info and a full details on the horses we have for sale.
Don't forget, you get 20% off any horse you want to buy a share in at up to £100!
You can see Western Dawn, Flood Defence, Jump The Gun, Sioux Frontier racing on the horses for sale section on the website.

Kind Regards

Alex Gorrie
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All On The Line
Support efforts to address census delay impacts »

The Census Bureau announced it needs to delay reporting deadlines on the data used for congressional apportionment and redistricting. The postponed timeline is understandable as the Census Bureau endeavors to get an accurate count despite our current public health crisis -- but this delay will have a significant impact on the 2021 redistricting process.

A months-long delay will present challenges to many states -- especially those holding off-year state legislative elections, those with constitutional deadlines for passing maps, and those with redistricting commissions that require adequate time for public hearings.

We need to address the consequences that this delay will have on the 2021 redistricting process if we want to preserve the principle of "one person, one vote" for future elections. Tell Congress, individual state governments, state legislators, and our federal executive branch to take action. Add your name to support the following guidelines:
  • Allocate the Census Bureau resources to prioritize collecting and processing core census data
  • Release census data on a rolling basis to prioritize states with early elections and redistricting deadlines
  • Allocate any needed additional congressional funding to support the Census Bureau's efforts to collect and process data
  • Conduct state redistricting processes in a transparent manner despite potential expedited timelines
  • Ensure new maps are in place in a state before any post-census elections are held in that state

All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund.


Voter Suppression Watch

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National Democratic Redistricting Committee
President Obama said it best: Access to safe voting shouldn't be a partisan issue.
But we are fighting against forces who are willing to use the tragedy of a pandemic to compromise our democracy.
The NDRC and its affiliates are working to ensure safe voting in 2020 (and beyond) so we can secure fair maps in 2021.
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Webinar - Harmonia e Convivência Familiar
em tempos de Quarentena
O Conselho de Cidadãos da Flórida com o apoio da BACCF e
do Consulado-Geral do Brasil em Miami promove esse evento
on-line com o intuito de trazer:

  • Dicas Práticas sobre Comportamento e Diálogo;

  • Controle Emocional e Pessoal em período de Afastamento Social;

  • Convivência Familiar durante a quarentena; 

Psicóloga há mais de 20 anos, já participou de diversos projetos sociais no Brasil, México e EUA. Mestre em Mental Health Counseling e especialista em Violência Doméstica e Psicologia Breve.
Atualmente trabalha para o Consulado-Geral do Brasil em Miami oferecendo orientação psicológica aos brasileiros da jurisdição. Também atua como Psicóloga Clínica , atendendo em consultório particular situado em Miami. Fluente em Inglês e Espanhol, trabalha há 4 anos em projetos e missões do DHS - Depto de Segurança Nacional dos EUA, prestando assistência aos imigrantes menores de idade que cruzam a fronteira em busca de asilo.

Brasileiro, casado, 50 anos. É Psicólogo Clínico, Mestre em Psicologia Clínica e Psicologia da Saúde pela UFP- Portugal. Atualmente tem atuado muito na preservação da saúde mental em tempos de covid-19. Foi promotor de justiça, por dois anos, aprovado em terceiro lugar em concurso público. Foi juiz de direito, por 20 anos, aprovado em primeiro lugar em concurso com nota 10. Exerceu o magistério como professor de graduação no curso de direito e no curso de psicologia em graduação e pós-graduação.

Moderadora: Moira Pinto Coelho, Consul-Adjunto,
Consulado-Geral do Brasil em Miami


Data: Hoje - 08 de maio - 11:00AM EDT (12:00hrs Brasília) 
Nos vemos lá!
Visit our website
Connect with us
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida | P.O. Box 310038, Miami, FL 33231

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