Friday, March 6, 2020

Exhibition Aspects and Reflections
The exhibition Aspects and Reflectionsand it was inspired  by artists who survive in his daily life the theme of drawings on joys and sadness, family, leituras, you conquer, creativity, mistakes, friendly and enemy, the human being and the urbane life, scenery what they compose part of the line of the time that the artist permeia.em average to their work.
For the Art Show Aspects and Reflections were prepared works based on different reflections and great art.

What permeates the theme of the Display is the critical reflection of each artist on the current times, which, through his illustrations, share with the public his glance and his existences. The works were produced with acrylic, oil on fabrics, photography and graphite.

The artists observe a discreet reflex in which the social reflections found are of as different as possible ones.

The show aspects and Reflections stands out for his differentiated character of the display because of going very much besides the artistic work, she loads reflections on it day by day ”.

The reinauguration of the Showroom Pacaembu Gallery in partnership with  Colchões Ortobom they have the curatory of  World Art Show, which celebrates in the March the Display of Art: Aspects and Reflections exposing through 20 fine arts  to reality of the world in which we live, being able to be understood and I put on in several forms.
World Art Show
World Art Show | Sula Costa

Showroom Pacaembu 
Colchões Ortobom
Curadoria: Chico Cortez

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