Saturday, February 15, 2020

All On The Line
 AG Holder reached out to you this week with a request.

He said that with the support of our grassroots donors and volunteers, we'll have what we need to prevent the map manipulation that's fueled polarization and obstruction from continuing in the decade ahead.

AG Holder asked you to chip in to hit our mid-month goal so we can stay on track with the benchmarks in our state plans to fight gerrymandering. Donate now to help us reach $25,000 by our deadline on Sunday.

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

Express Donate: $15
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We've taken big strides in Virginia and Wisconsin lately -- but next year, we'll be facing tough redistricting battles in all of our target states.

All On The Line is built to be a check against the politicians and special interests who will be fighting to protect their power in every state. We need supporters like you to invest in the foundation of this movement now to ensure we have the resources we need to be successful in the fight ahead.

Chip in now to tell AG Holder you have his back in this fight.

Thanks for your support,

All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund. Support our work to end gerrymandering.


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Trade War Truce?
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All On The Line
Hi Sula -- I wanted to reach out to officially introduce myself. I'm the Finance and Grants Manager on the AOTL Team and part of my job is to make sure we're bringing in enough grassroots donations to keep us on budget.

When AG Holder emailed you a few days ago, he asked that you chip in to our mid-month goal to ensure we stay on track with the benchmarks in our state plans. We have a goal of raising $25,000 by the end of the weekend -- I did the math and in order to hit it, we need 26 people from New York to step up.

Will you donate $15? You can use this personalized link to direct your donation toward our goal:

Thanks for your support,
Isa Roa

All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund. Support our work to end gerrymandering.


Contributions or gifts to The National Redistricting Action Fund are not tax deductible.

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