Tuesday, December 17, 2019

All On The Line

As I look back at the past decade, I am proud of this grassroots movement for championing the issues that matter most. Any time progress was on the line -- securing health care for millions of Americans, combatting gun violence, confronting the threat of climate change, fighting for equality and justice -- you made your voices heard.

Right now, with redistricting around the corner, we stand at the horizon of a critical time in our democracy. And I'm asking you once again to be a champion for change.

Building the movement for fair maps is essential to protecting and expanding progress in the next decade. Will you donate to the All On The Line Community Organizing Fund?

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Back in 2011, politicians and insiders crafted a plan to manipulate voting maps and dilute the power of voters through partisan and racial gerrymandering. Too often, this contributes to a real disconnect between voters and their elected officials. We see it in Ohio, where gun violence prevention bills are stalled. We see it in Florida, where folks have been denied access to health care without Medicaid expansion. And we've seen it in states like Georgia, where the right to choose is under siege.

In a democracy, power should rest with citizens, not with special interests. And in 2021, we have a chance to wrest that power back, correcting some of these unfair maps and creating districts that better reflect the will of the people. That's why All On The Line launched a plan to mobilize activists across the country to end gerrymandering. From training hundreds of volunteers through our Redistricting U gatherings to activating voters to contact their elected officials, the fight for fair maps -- and the grassroots organizing needed to win the fight -- has already begun.

Our ability to make progress will always be rooted in our commitment to organizing. As we head into the new year and the next decade, I hope you'll do your part to help strengthen the foundation for this movement.


Thank you for your support,
Barack Obama

All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund.


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