Sunday, October 20, 2019

October 20, 2019
Sustainability Is Factoring into 2019 Holiday Purchases
Younger consumers are increasingly mindful of where they shop
By Lucy Koch
Discounts and low prices are historic holiday asks. But this year, sustainability is also top of mind. According to a recent survey, shoppers are more mindful of who they do business with, especially as it pertains to the environment.
Coleman Parkes Research, on behalf of Accenture, conducted an online survey of 1,500 consumers in 17 cities, including New York, Seattle and Detroit. On average, 34% of respondents said they were unaware of the negative environmental impact faster shipping causes. But, 50% said they'd be willing to try greener delivery options this holiday season, such as a slower shipping option or in-store pickup.
Shoppers also said they wanted to do business with retailers that were environmentally conscious. Fully, 47% of consumers surveyed said so.
This shift has been a long time coming. According to a January 2019 survey from Hotwire, 47% of internet users worldwide said they had switched to a different product or service because a company violated their personal values. Protecting the environment topped the list of reasons consumers switched, and 5% cited concerns about climate change.
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How Savvy Retailers Use Behavior-Based Personalization to Stand Out in the Inbox Marketing Association.
Email marketing is still the marketing channel with the highest ROI, especially when it’s personalized. So, it should be no surprise that triggered messages, sent in response to specific consumer behaviors, account for 77% of email ROI, according to the Data &
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Podcast: Does Renting Clothes Make Sense?
eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman, executive editor Rimma Kats, senior corporate account director Sarai Bravo and senior director of global accounts Anne Porto discuss Banana Republic’s new clothing rental service: Why do consumers use them? What are the pain points? And can they have mass market appeal? Then, Andrew and Rimma chat about video platforms streaming fashion shows, why Away wants to be a travel company and more. Listen In
Three Email Trends Retailers Should Keep in Mind for 2020
Email is still at the center of marketers’ digital programs. No surprise there; it offers several benefits: It’s an owned communications channel, it’s permissioned—meaning consumers have opted in and indicated interest—and it’s a traditional marketing channel that most marketers are thoroughly experienced with. Full Article
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 Silvana Magda with Katendê Band 
         & Viva Brazil Dancers

Two entirely different shows, First show is a floor show with several choreographs depicting the culture of various states in Brazil, towards the end of the set, the audience is engaged and dance participation is encouraged, it wraps up with a Carnival finale.
The second set after 20 minutes break, disc jockey plays.
The second set the dancers perform different choreographs on stage backing up Silvana.
The crowd utilize the dance floor dancing to Silvana's world beat flavor music.
Tickets are $10 dollars with Dinner reservations, $15.00 advance tickets and $20.00 at the door.
CALL SOB'S box office for tickets. (212) 243-4940
Photo:Ricardo Ferrari

For more information, please contact Howard Lynch       Email: 
Tels:(917)705-9428 0r    (917)528-8151

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