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Friday, October 18, 2019

Please join us at our annual Washington conference for presentations and panels by Brazil’s leading economic and financial representatives. Together, they will provide a comprehensive update on their policies and goals, as well as current conditions.

The conference coincides with the fall meetings of the World Bank and IMF, with an audience comprised of executives from the public and private sectors, fund managers, financial analysts, members of the press, and representatives from academia and government.
Preliminary Agenda

Paulo GuedesMinister, Ministry of Economy (Invited)
Introduced by Alexandre BettamioCEO for Latin America, Bank of America, and President & Chairman of the Board, Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce

Gustavo MontezanoPresident, BNDES
James Scriven, CEO. BID INVEST (TBC)
Moderator Jane FraserCEO Latin America, Citigroup and Chair, Brazil-U.S. Business Council

Marcos TroyjoDeputy Minister, Ministry of Economy
Moderator Donna J. HrinakPresident, Boeing Latin America & Caribbean

Ana Paula VescoviChief Economist, SANTANDER, São Paulo
Fernando Honorato BarbosaChief Economist, BRADESCO, São Paulo
Shelly ShettySenior Director, FITCH Ratings, New York
Thiago AragãoDirector of Institutional Strategy, ARKO Advice, Brasília
José Carlos CarvalhoChief Economist & Partner, PAINEIRAS INVESTIMENTOS, Rio de Janeiro
Moderator Paulo Vieira da CunhaPartner, VERBANK Consulting, LLC

Discussion of the current economic and political outlook in Brazil by economists, analysts, and political consultants.

Registration Fees
Member: $250
Non-Member: $350

Corporate Table (10 seats):
Member: $2,500
Non-Member: $3,000

Silver Sponsor (10 seats): $5,000
Gold Sponsor (10 seats): - Premier location: $10,000
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Lee Anderson Conference Room
US Chamber of Commerce

1615 H Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Brazil’s tax system is notoriously complex and unpredictable, leading to enormous compliance costs and massive tax contingencies. With pension reform nearing completion, tax reform is the next major item on the Government’s path to economic reform.

Join us for a panel discussion that will identify the key issues behind Brazil’s tax complexity, and why tax reform is so necessary. The panel will review the laws and constitutional amendments being proposed, including differences in the proposals of Congress and the Bolsonaro administration. Finally, the panel will consider the corporate viewpoint of Brazilian taxes and tax reform as well as the key political factors behind the expected timing and ultimate shape of the reforms.

Glaucia Maria Lauletta Frascino, Partner, Mattos Filho Advogados
Luiz Felipe Ferraz Partner, Mattos Filho Advogados
Ana Malvestio, Partner, PwC
Rafael Vianello, Global Tax Director, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Richard Black, Political Analyst, XP Investimentos
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce
485 Madison Avenue, Suite 401 (at 52nd Street)
New York, NY 10022
Register Today
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
Registration, light lunch, and Networking
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Panel Discussion
Members: Free
Non Members: $50

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Scientific literacy is not just for the gifted few or for those who choose science or engineering as a career. It can be equally important for developing talents essential to a productive life and citizenship. A successful program for active learning in science requires materials for student investigations, as well as the time and space for teachers to learn, practice and refine new instructional approaches.

Distinguished Professor, Author, and Templeton Prize Laureate Marcelo Gleiser will share his thoughts on current Brazilian public education policies, and what more could be done to help students develop the skills necessary to engage with science. With Marcos Paim, Educando’s director for STEM Brasil and STEM Mexico as moderator, they will discuss topics such as public funding for science education, the role of states in education, curricular and instructional innovations, and how to better support schools and teachers with material resources and professional development.
Marcos Paim 
Director for STEM Brasil and STEM Mexico Educando

Marcelo Gleiser Author and Templeton Prize Laureate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce
485 Madison Avenue, Suite 401 (at 52nd Street)
New York, NY 10022
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8:00 am - 8:30 am
Registration, Breakfast, and Networking
8:30 am - 10:00 am
Panel Discussion
All On The Line
Scott Walker: Republicans must push back against Eric Holder's voter redistricting efforts
-- Fox News

We've set a $10,000 one day goal because All On The Line needs to continue its grassroots campaign for fairness in the face of attacks from Fox News and Scott Walker. Can you chip in to help us hit our goal?
Sula -- Scott Walker, former Governor of Wisconsin -- a state he made a mess of through map manipulation -- is now is trying to take his schemes nationwide.

In his new role as head of the National Republican Redistricting Trust, Walker took to "Fox & Friends" to spread misinformation about AG Holder and the campaign for fair maps. Fox News paraphrased his message: Republicans need to push back. But Walker is mistaken. Republicans don't need to push back against this campaign, instead, we should all be a part of it, because under gerrymandered maps voters -- Rs and Ds, alike -- lose out while special interests win.

Here's the truth: Walker wants to rev up big donors who have a vested interest in holding on to gerrymandered majorities. Our grassroots-funded campaign MUST serve as a check against special interests desperate to keep their control of state capitols.

We expect Walker's donor network to rally to his call. We don't have to match them dollar for dollar, but we need to respond.

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

Express Donate: $15
Express Donate: $35
Express Donate: $50
Express Donate: $100
Express Donate: $250
Or donate another amount

Scott Walker likes to peddle the myth that advocates for fair maps will use the courts to "sue until blue" -- he backed this claim by pointing to North Carolina, where the courts just ruled the General Assembly maps must be redrawn.

Here are the actual facts:
  • In 2018, one party maintained a majority of the seats in the NC state legislature, even though that party won a minority of the popular vote.
  • Just last month, North Carolina's General Assembly maps were deemed partisan gerrymanders by a unanimous panel of state court judges. This was only the most recent court decision this decade ruling that North Carolina legislators had drawn unlawful maps.
  • The role of the judicial branch is to say what the law means -- including determining when things are unconstitutional. And the North Carolina Constitution prohibits extreme partisan gerrymandering that harms voters.
Scott Walker continues to spread misinformation about redistricting because neither the facts nor the votes are on his side. But he does have deep-pocketed supporters desperate to hang on to a status quo where special interests and corporate lobbyists drive the agenda in state capitols.

We're committed to holding map manipulators like Scott Walker accountable -- because when the maps are fair, elected officials have to listen to their constituents instead of just special interest lobbyists. Donate to help reach our $10,000 one-day-goal so we can fight back against Walker's attacks.

As AG Holder has said, it's time for this era of gerrymandering to come to an end.

-- The All On The Line Team

All On The Line is the grassroots advocacy campaign supported by the National Redistricting Action Fund.
About the BACCF
The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (BACCF) is an independent, non-profit business organization founded in 1981. Our mission is to foster business relations and partnerships in order to increase trade and investments between Brazil and South Florida.

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