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Fine Art - Mariah Campolina from Brasilia - DF , gained spolight in the art market in exhibition at NYC.

Fine Art -  Mariah Camppolina

For the12th time in New York,  Women in Art is the centerpiece at Plaxall Gallery in the Month of March, to celebrate women’s Day. And it shows to the world the art work of 29 artists, from all over in the world The mix of nationalities brings a unique contemporary atmosphere. The exhibition takes place at  Plaxall Gallery, NY, from March 07th through April 07th 2019, and it will delight the public with a variety of colors and detailed sculptures.

Curated by Leda Maria, an American born Brazilian artist herself, curator and Art Historian.

Women in Art  is open to all of the art lovers and to those who want to dive in a colorful and vibrant world.

Featured Artists are: Mariah Campolina
Ana Ulate • Anne de Suède • Anne Vignau
Beth Parin • Cândida Soares • Céline Pellerin •
Christine Marie Nobre • Conceição Pombo •
Elisa Pinto • Fatima Moura • Fátima Sá Pereira •
Filipa Macedo • Florence Thibaut • Gabriela Graça
Gladis Reveilleau • Isabel Matos • Joana Silva
Johanne Kourie • Leda Maria • Luma Sanos
Madalena Lei • • Marie Lauzon •
Nati Sáez • Roselena Campos • Saori Kurioka •
Silvia Vale • Steffie Wallace • Vania Valdo •

Located in Long Island City ,NY, Plaxall Gallery is a non-profit space specially created for an artist in The United States. The gallery exhibits from traditional to experimental art forms. Thousands of artists have started their career at Plaxall Gallery.

Works by Mariah Campolina

Works by Mariah Campolina

Women in Art 2019

On view:
March 07th through April 07th 2019
Plaxall Gallery – 5-25 46th Ave, LIC, NY, 11101

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The Queen of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Diambi 

Kabatusuila Mukalenga Mukaji of Nkashama (Queen of the

 Order of the Leopard) made a tour in Brazil from February 

27 to March 16, passing through 4 states, Bahia, Minas

 Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and more than 20 


Accompanied by the entourage of prince, princess and 

intellectuals, Queen Diambi visited Brazil in order to value 

and celebrate African peoples and traditions and to promote

 intellectual encounters with descendant communities.

According to the Queen, Brazil is a country rich in Afro 

culture and  very special for the Afro culture.When finishing 

her visit to Brazil, the African Queen came to New York 

where she had scheduled meetings.

Her first meeting was in the town of Mount Vernon, New York

 where she was welcomed by Mayor Richard Thomas 

during a dinner hosted by producer and photo / journalist 

Denny Silva.

In this dinner, the Queen was honored with a proclamation

 where it was recorded that on that day the community would

 be celebrating the "Queen Diambi's Day" (March 18th).

On March 19, the Queen appeared at the UN (United 

Nations) and spoke about her visit to Brazil.

On March 20,  Queen Diambi met again at the UN 

headquarters with the leaders of the African Union, where 

she was honored by the president of the African Union 

along with several ambassadors leaders, Kings and 

Queens of several African countries.

We can not forget to mention that all this work was 

coordinated by one of the most important Afro-descendant 

producers in the USA, Mr. Christian Ruart, whom our team

 is very grateful for the privilege of coordinating the Queen's 

media in Brazil and USA.

Article by Denny Silva/Photos Rose Lima

BACCF Chamber News March 2019
Dear Members, Partners and Friends:

As we reach mid-March with Carnaval just behind us, the Chamber is proud to have accomplished many goals in this period.

Over 450 guests have joined us for high profile and educative events. We didn’t have to wait to after Carnaval to move!!

And more is on the way! On March 22 join us for a very interesting and informative networking luncheon discussing why Brazil is Back in the game. Click here to register.

See you there!!!

Cassio Segura
BACCF 2019 President
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Connect with us

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida | P.O. Box 310038Miami, FL 33231


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