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World Art Show in partnership with Vinha Brasil Restaurant present the city of São Paulo with Art Wall.

  Sula Costa at Vinha Brasil Restaurant\

The company of Art World Art Show directed by journalist Sula Costa along with the Vinha  Brazil restaurant  present the city of São Paulo with a  art wall very  charming and stylish in one of the most pleasant places to enjoy art and enjoy national and international wines.

The artist Vinicius de Oliveira, known in social networks like @artistapencil was chosen to write the scenario of the proposal Native of Maringa, Vinicius de Oliveira lived in Goiânia and from 10 years ago, has exposed his works in the State of Goias, where he studied drawing and met the artistic medium of Visual Arts, always visiting Brasilia, the federal capital. The pictures have always been and are part of the artist's life, which always enhances their techniques in order to paint with more freedom. Acrylic on screen is what you really like and can do, with precise strokes paint is clear, sharp, qualities that considers important beyond synthesis and congruence with your time.  It is not today that the paintings of artistal comes to surprise admirers of art. His paintings move and if evolve as the artist as a painter evolves.

Trade Show
China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition
 18-20 Sep 2019 

 Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), ShanghaiChina

logo"Biggest Global Adhesives & Sealants Fair"
China International Trade Promotion Council Chemical Industry Branch and China Adhesives and Adhesive Tape Industry Association jointly held the " China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition" is the only adhesive in the global adhesive industry, with adhesives, sealants, adhesive tapes and labels. An integrated professional exhibition, it was founded in 1997 . After 21 years, the exhibition has become a veritable industry communication platform and the best platform for finding potential partners. It is one of the must-listed exhibitions for the industry every year.

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Trade Show
Decor Expo
·          04-07 Apr 2019 
·          Decor Expo provides opportunity to the attendees to showcase their works to a wide range of professionals and also stay on top of current trends etc.

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LLaunch  book “ An Elephant in the Room ”
“ An elephant in the room – family and chemical dependence ”

um-elefante-na-sala-foto divulgação-uiara zagolin

Does an elephant bother many people?
The teacher Paul Campos Dias launches his book “ An elephant in the room – family and chemical dependence ”

The teacher Paul Campos Dias launch his book “ An elephant in the room – family and chemical dependence ” to explain and to help thousands of families that are facing difficulties with a chemical dependant in the heart of his family.
Like an innocent glass of beer, to the Friday end in one “ happy hour ”, it can bring to the end of the night (or some years later …) an elephant in my room?
The alcoholism and other chemical dependences are a problem of public health what it affects around 10 % of the individuals who try some substance alteradora of the mood.
The alcohol is one of them, as well as controlled medicines, cocaine and marijuana, between other drugs.
Statistically, almost any Brazilian family survives this difficulty in his home.
A person whom before the family was loving if making a great nuisance, a great problem and what do not know how it will take office or to decide.

An elephant in the room – family and chemical dependence explains and helps those thousands of families that are at this moment, in this right situation.

um-elefante-na-sala-titulo-divulga-quarta-capa Title category

About Paul Campos Dias

Paulo-Campos-Dias-red1 Title category

The teacher Paul Campos Dias, is a Psychotherapist, with specialization for service to dependent chemists and familiar for the GREA – Interdisciplinary Program of Studies of Alcohol and Drugs – IPq/HC-FMUSP for the USP University of Sao Paulo.
Also, he is an author of study for the same university on the effects of the sative cannabis and his psychotic symptoms.
From 1995 it acts in the area of chemical dependence, having begun his contact with the methodology of the INTERVENTION ORIENTATED with Donald Lazo, cofundador of the Small holding Reindal.
It worked in unities of treatment for chemical and familiar dependants, like the Centre of Treatment Come back to life, Clinic Be Francisco, Outpatient department Victory and Dawned Clinic.
It enabled and supervised teams of the TRE Regional Electoral Court of Sao Paulo and of the Bureau of the Federal Police of Sao Paulo.
He was a collaborator, for years, of the campaign “ For the Life Against the Drugs ” promoted by the Radio Jovem Pan and of the program and of the program Recuperation of the Boa Nova Radio.
It helped in the introduction of programs of prevention to the use of substances psychoative
 in town halls of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais.
It is palestrante and teacher in courses,training and events of enterprises, public organs, institutions of the third sector and of teaching.
It answers in surgery and swift consultancy.
It acts constantly with the technique of the ORIENTATED INTERVENTION,
having attended hundreds of cases up to the present moment.
um-elefante-na-sala-capa-com-sombra Title category

We are excited to announce that individual tickets are now open
for our upcoming Feijoada!
The "Feijoada" is one of the most important annual events organized by the Chamber, when we welcome in the new Board of Directors for the upcoming year and thank our members for their continued contributions.
This informal luncheon will be held on Saturday, February 9th from 11:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon at Chima Restaurant, located in Fort Lauderdale.

"Feijoada" is considered by some as Brazil's national dish - a stew of beans with a variety of beef and pork cuts. It is typically served with rice and accompanied by chopped fried collard greens, lightly roasted coarse cassava flour, and peeled and sliced oranges. You must try a real Brazilian caipirinha made with cachaça, making it a perfect occasion to treat employees, friends and clients alike to a fun-filled afternoon.

Interested in sponsoring this event? We have amazing opportunities!
Please contact our offices today

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