Monday, January 21, 2019


The artistic producer and presenter Denny Silva is exciting with the new Productions of the program Denny Show at New York. National and international Celebrities will participe of circuits of interviews  in the Land of the Uncle Sam.
With vast experience in the artistic market Denny Silva it contributed with great names of the Brazilian music internationally. In last year it was more than 10 directions directed to the United States through the Fantastic work what it develops in the state of New York New Jersey and also Califórnia.
With 20 years of experience photographing the most rung events of Manhattan, Denny survives an unpublished phase: the producer threw himself like presenter of events fashionistas of celebrities in New York .Além of that Deni is otimizador of the cultural projects that the enterprise Costa Consulting Co develops in the United States on behalf of the Brazilian culture.

New York International Make-Up Artist Trade Show

logo"International Make-Up Artist Trade Show"
International Make-Up Artist Trade Show, or IMATS, is the world’s largest celebration of make-up artistry. Thousands of make-up artists, exhibitors and enthusiasts discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer. Make-up pros from fashion and film provide education and demonstrations at IMATS, and new products often debut there. It also features a Make-up Museum and the Battle of the Brushes student make-up competitions, where international make-up students race to create winning looks.

Brazil: Economic and Political Outlook
JAN 248:00 AM TO 10:30 AM
The Bolsonaro administration defines itself as “conservative in customs and morals” and “liberal in economics”. While there is uncertainty, fear, and skepticism about the broader goals of the administration, the economic program is off to a good start.
The new economic team headed by Paulo Guedes is committed to economic liberalization and has promised to act with boldness and urgency. What it may lack in experience is compensated by its willingness to embrace the best parts of the 2017-2018 agenda. On the fiscal side, the promise is to deepen and accelerate the change. Reform of the social security system must happen first, and already in 2019.  Otherwise the debt burden will overwhelm the economy.  The administration must also address a crippling infrastructure, misguided regulatory constraints, and a burdensome tax system to recover growth to a rate beyond the paltry sub-2% average of the last decade. The agenda is daunting.
Please join us for a discussion with a distinguished group of panelists. Individually and collectively they are eminently qualified to set forth and define challenges, expectations, and possible outcomes for Brazil in 2019.
Paulo Vieira da CunhaPartnerVERBANK Consulting, LLC
Alvaro Taiar, Brazil Financial Services Leader, PwC
Fábio KanczukBrazilian Executive DirectorWorld Bank Group
Christopher GarmanGroup Director,Eurasia Group
Alexis CrowAdvisory Lead, Geopolitical Investing Practice, PwC
Zeina LatifChief EconomistXP Investimentos
Lisa M. SchinellerManaging Director, Sovereign RatingsS&P Global Ratings


New Perspectives & Opportunities in Brazilian Infrastructure & Energy
JAN 298:00 AM TO 10:30 AM
Brazil’s infrastructure needs are well known, as are the struggles to meet those needs. The Temer administration made substantial efforts to streamline and encourage infrastructure investment through the Program for Partnership and Investment (PPI). Substantial progress was made, but much work still remains.
New Perspectives & Opportunities in Brazilian Infrastructure & Energy
You invited join us for an update of the PPI, with special emphasis on how the PPI could be expanded or enhanced under the Bolsonaro administration. Delivering the keynote address will be Secretary for Public Policies of the PPI, Pedro Bruno Barros de Souza. He will present an overview of the PPI and results to date, as well as initial thoughts on the PPI’s future. Joining him in a panel discussion will be Edson Ogawa of Banco Santander Brazil, a leading lender and advisor in infrastructure finance, and Jose Virgilio Lopes Enei, who co-heads the infrastructure and energy practice of Machado Meyer.
Pedro Bruno Barros De Souza
Secretary of Public Policies
(Secretário de Articulação de Políticas Públicas)
PPI – Program for Partnerships and Investment
Edson Nobuo Ogawa
Managing Director, Head of Project Finance
Banco Santander Brasil
Felipe Pinto
Partner and COO of the Infrastructure Group
Rafael Vanzella
Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice Advogados


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