Saturday, December 1, 2018

Jeito Moleque presents tour at USA.

 On the last day of November 23, happened in Europe Palace, in the city of Newark, in the State of New Jersey, the Brazilian Group Asher.   On a cold night takes the stage and warms all the brazilian community with your romantic pagoda!  Under stage, Gui Albuquerque, hummed and selfie with the same ease, leaving the fans into raptures. The show the way Mulek attended Thiago Martins special, which took the stage and surprised the audience due to your great interaction with the band. During the show, the actor Thiago Martins asked the audience for a toast of thanks for the amazing night in New Jersey. Tess Barnes and Emerson Gomes are responsible for producing the event and offer once again the success of the tour "makes Me happy".

Gislaine Ricci achievement students at

In the month of October in Brazil travel, kaline Gregorio, who lives in New York took advantage to make a super class of confectionery with Gislaine Ricci, in your new Studio. Gislaine participated in a reality show no performed by the SBT, the ' Bake off Brazil ' (still in the air), and had a history of respect in the program, getting between the 7 best pastry chefs of Brazil before the Repechage, and always received compliments for plenty of fillings and flavors in their work. Kalini is home to the States bringing the flavor and the most delicious recipes of Brazilian cakes. Good luck for both. Credits /photo Gisele Cadamuro/disclosure Denny Silva

Adriane Galisteu favors Aesthetic Clinic at São Paulo, Brazil in the opening cocktail 

In the early evening Tuesday (20), a large cocktail party was held to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Clinic Medical Laser unit, located at the Mall Granja Viana, located at Rodovia Raposo Tavares, in Cotia in São Paulo.   

The doctor Owns Dr Silvia Takakuwa, gathered employees, customers and friends to toast with champagne the success of another year of victories.

  Among the guests who attended, was the actress Adriane Galisteu which is the poster girl and Ambassador of the beauty of the network, and was keen to participate in this moment so important along with the team.

 Adriane currently with brunette locks in the air in the novel of 7:00 pm Rede Globo, ' O tempo não para ', with the character Zelda Larocque, arrived to all-powerful aboard a look consisting of a mini dress in off white color and an overcoat in the same tone, In addition to a beautiful pantyhose stylized that valued beauty's legs even further, showing all femininity and elegance.    Extremely friendly and attentive, the actress responded to all requests for photos with fans who were at the event, joked with the difference of her photos that illustrate the space where the beautiful decor was still blonde and then toasted side of Dr Silvia who owns the clinic.

Photo credit: Renato Cipriano/Disclosure

William Romeo of stardom to the screens of video games.

 With strong performance, highlighting the large and your fighting skills and strong martial power, William Romeo conquers the USA attention on screen and in the arena. Now, Romeo is bringing his talents to a new realm-the world of video games! 
Romeo is the new face of the highly anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops game 4. Just released last month, the latest release of Call of Duty series is already a hit among gamers, and Romeo is the new face that takes them to the battle. He brings his dreadlocks as your trademark and 6 ' 6 frame for the war on screen. Outside the world of videogames, Romeo is best known as the popular ' Mayhem ' in the program ' American Gladiators ', where he was a force to be reckoned with in the arena.
 He also appeared in other movies and films, including tickets for popular programs from CBS, including ' Shark ' and ' Without a Trace '.
Born in Houston, Romeo studied dance, drama and martial arts, where he earned a 2nd degree black belt. He soon left your hometown, to pursue acting and other ventures in Las Vegas, Australia and, eventually, Hollywood, who embraced your unique style. Now, he has a new fan base of players, following your position in Call of Duty Black Ops 4.  

Photo Credit : Denny Silva.


Happened on 27 October, last day at Newark Symphony Hall, the show produced by BShow/EG Productions, the second show of the tour of the MC Kevinho.
The event was held on Halloween night, where most of the public present were costumed .
The artistic production of the musician stood out by tranquility, speed and professionalism being one of the shows that most marked the brazilian community of Newark in the USA. 

 Photos by Rose/Divulgacao File Denny Silva 

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