Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Webinar: Let’s Get Emotional: How to Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

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Marketers often over-estimate how rational consumers are in their decision-making. They have long attempted to buy customer loyalty with programs that are bolted onto the customer experience and offer the same old discounts, points, and “personalized” offers. While this approach may impact some short-term consumer behavior, it fails to account for the inherently impulsive and emotional side of consumers. Emotion permeates the entire customer lifecycle and is a key driver and predictor of consumer behavior.

Join Emily Rudin, Chief Customer Officer at CrowdTwist, and guest speaker Emily Collins, Principal Loyalty Analyst at Forrester in this webinarwhich will explore why and how loyalty must change to engage the entitled consumer. Participants will learn best practices and hear about the brands that are successfully building long-lasting relationships with their best customers.

Emily Collins 
Principal Loyalty Analyst,
Forrester Research, Inc.

Emily Rudin
Chief Customer Officer,


110 E. 23rd St., 8th Floor, New York, NY 10010 

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A BACCF e Choaib, Paiva e Justo Advogados Associados convidam para:

O que Esperar do Próximo Governo
Alterações Tributárias e Sucessórias 

Impactos na arrecadação das possíveis mudanças no:

  • Imposto de renda sobre dividendos
  • IVA
  • Diminuição da carga tributária para a pessoa física
  • Imposto sobre sucessão – alíquotas diferenciadas e possível majoração de alíquotas
  • Alteração de imposto de ganhos e rendimentos no exterior – possível volta da “MP 627”
  • Fundos fechados – equiparação aos fundos abertos (come-quotas)
  • Mudança de domicilio fiscal

Samir Choaib, Marcos Ferraz de Paiva & Roberto Justo
Local: Four Seasons Hotel
1435 Brickell Ave., 6th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Data/Horário: Quarta-feira, 7 de novembro
8:30am às 11:00am

BACCF members: $40.00
Non-Members: $60.00
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Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida | P.O. Box 310038Miami, FL 33231

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Organizing for Action

In 19 days, we have the opportunity of a lifetime -- the opportunity to help decide this country's course.

See, the story of America is a story of progress. Sometimes slow, sometimes frustrating, but always forward.

But our progress isn't inevitable. And it wasn't achieved by a handful of famous leaders. It was won because of countless quiet acts of heroism and dedication by citizens like you, Sula, who refused to be bystanders. Instead, they marched and mobilized and voted to make history.

Now I don't have to tell you that we face extraordinary times. But here's the good news: In 19 days, we have the chance to restore some sanity to our politics and bend the arc of history toward justice once again.

Because there is only one real guardrail when Washington veers off course, and that's you. You and your vote. And your friends' and families' and neighbors' votes.

The antidote to government by a powerful few is government by the organized, energized many.

In 19 days, you can make history. In 19 days, you can put America back on track. In 19 days, you can set the stage for all kinds of progress. But it won't happen by itself. It won't happen if we decide to be bystanders instead of change-makers.

We've got to do the work.

So I'm asking you, Sula: If you haven't already voted, make a plan right now. Make sure everybody you know is doing the same.

Grab a friend and go knock doors or make phone calls for candidates you believe in -- because there are only 19 days left. Don't wake up disappointed on November 7th, thinking, "I could've done more." Let's give this country all we've got.

If you're ready to take me up on that -- ready to play your critical role in shaping our democracy -- say you're in.

I'm in

Thank you,

Barack Obama

Organizing for Action
Sula --

We're two weeks away from one of the most critical elections of our lifetime.

We all know the stakes are monumental, with control of the U.S. House and Senate up for grabs -- but the truth is, that's only a fraction of what's on the line.

Dozens of governor's races and state legislatures representing an entire decade of progress in the fight against gerrymandering are on the ballot this year, too. And over the next 17 days, we need to make sure our communities are ready to vote.

You can help, Sula: RSVP for Monday night's call with former Attorney General Eric Holder and our partners Sister District and Flippable, and help get out the vote through Election Day.

Here are the call details:

What: OFA call with former AG Eric Holder, Sister District, and Flippable
When: Monday, Oct. 22, 8:00PM ET / 5:00PM PT
How to join: RSVP here.
Sula, if we don't get out and support ballot initiatives and candidates up and down the ticket that will deliver fair districts -- if we don't fight gerrymandering head-on -- we'll be left with another decade of attacks on our voting rights, health care, reproductive rights, and more.

This is it: A once-in-a-decade chance to make our political system more representative. Let's elect better leaders on November 6. Let's build fairer districts. Let's create a better democracy.

Join Monday night's call to get involved:


Thank you,

Jack Shapiro
Program Director
Organizing for Action


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O mercado brasileiro de açúcar e etanol passa por uma das maiores crises dos últimos 10 anos. A queda nos preços aliada às dificuldades de obter recursos para o setor só torna o cenário ainda mais preocupante para produtores e empresários.
Isso, todo mundo sabe.
O que muitas pessoas aindam não entenderam é que a melhor (e talvez a única) forma de se preparar para este cenário é por meio do conhecimento.
Quais serão as novas oportunidades de financiamento nos próximos anos? Quais países podem influenciar o preço do açúcar e etanol? Como cada um dos candidatos à Presidência do Brasil podem interferir no sucesso (ou fracasso) do setor?
Saber responder todas essas perguntas da forma mais assertiva possível significa ter conhecimento.
Desde 2000 a Conferência Internacional DATAGRO sobre Açúcar e Etanol tem a missão de reunir as pessoas mais influentes do setor sucroenergético do mundo.
Este ano, por exemplo, vamos ter a presença do Embaixador da Índia, Ashok Das, e também de V. K. Saraswat, Membro da National Institution for Transforming India, assim como políticos, empresários e traders renomados.
Nesta edição a conferência irá acontecer em São Paulo, nos dias 29 e 30 de Outubro.
Se você valoriza o seu conhecimento e deseja garantir a sua vaga no evento, te convido a acessar este link e finalizar a sua inscrição.
Restam apenas dois dias para que ela seja encerrada.
Patrocinadores e parceiros

Enviado por DATAGRO
Calçada das Magnólias, 56, Centro Comercial de Alphaville, CEP 06453-032, Barueri/SP


16 - 18 Nov 2018 | Santiago, Chile


  •  16-18 Nov 2018
  •  CentroParque Centro de Eventos, SantiagoChile
  • "International travel fair for Tourism, Leisure and Travel."
    VYVA Fair is a 3 day event being held from 16th November to 18th November 2018 in Santiago, Chile. This event showcases products like Chile Tourism and International Tourism Fair Chile, VYVA signed a joint agreement allowing the event to enhance the business of all the exhibitors through the participation of international operators from Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil , Europe and the U.S. Various events and programs are organized in this event so that the excitement and adventure is there. Exhibitors from around the world come here to augment the business and increase the tourism of Chile etc. in the Travel & Tourism industry.

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