Monday, July 23, 2018

Want to join the fight for fairer districts?Join former Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. and OFA Executive Director Katie Hogan--and learn how we can work together to end gerrymandering.

It pleases me to producer on my hometown (Anápolis - Go)the BETTO LUZ & Trio. The great performance happened yesterday at  gastronomical fair of the city.

Documentary "Chico: Artista Brasileiro" 

Presented in Association with Cinema Tropical 
August 1 @ 7:00 PM
Symphony Space 

An essential figure of Brazilian culture throughout the last 50 years, the author, playwright, and composer of an extraordinary compilation of songs, Chico Buarque engages in a dialogue with his own recollections in this film by Miguel Faria Jr. Chico’s search for his German brother, whom he never got to meet (his father had a son in Berlin before getting married to Chico's mother), serves as one of the axis for the narrative and helps put the artist’s trajectory into perspective. “It is an artist revisiting his own past from a mature point of view,” summarizes Faria Jr. 

Brasil Summerfest Film: BADI

MONDAY, JULY 30, 2018 AT 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

School of Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance Space, 55 West 13th Street, Room 531

Brasil Summerfest Film: BADI
Brasil Summerfest in association with Cinema Tropical presents:
"BADI" Film Screening followed by Q&A with Badi Assad.
(Edu Felistoque, Brazil, 2017, 85 min. In Portuguese with English subtitles)
Directed by Edu Felistoque, Badi observes the personal trajectory and career of the singer, guitarist, and composer Badi Assad. From classical to pop, the film follows Badi and her guitar as they move through the hyper-masculine musical universe - persistently reinventing herself and confronting challenges, including the pressure of belonging to a family of virtuoso musicians, with lightness. This gentle and strong woman, with her own creative process and enormous talent, is not afraid to take risks and charm the world without losing sight of who she is: a simple girl from the interior of São Paulo who values not strident success but the simple emotionality of art and life. The documentary features guest appearances by the Assad brothers, Larry Coryell, Toquinho, Naná Vasconcelos, Seu Jorge, and other great names of Brazilian and International music.

Seu Jorge
Presented by Blue Note  
August 1-5 and 8-12 @ 8:00 / 10:30 PM
Blue Note 

Jorge Mário da Silva was born in 1970 in Belford Roxo in Rio de Janeiro, and soon knew that he wanted to be a musician. He went through several jobs since he was 10 years old, was a frequenter of dances and samba wheels in Rio and started singing early in the evening. He left home at age 19 and was a homeless for a few years, where he made his first contact with the theater. Discovered by clarinetist Paulo Moura, he auditioned for a musical and since then his life has completely changed.

Seu Jorge (nickname given by friend and drummer Marcelo Yuka) achieved his first professional achievement as a musician in 1998: member of the band Farofa Carioca, released the album Moro in Brazil in Portugal, Japan and Brazil. In 2001 he released the first solo album Samba Esporte Fino, produced by Mário Caldato and Seu Jorge, mixed and mastered in Los Angeles. The following year he composed with Ed Motta the song "Has space in the Van" and also realized the project of samba of high party called Caatinga of Swing, with presentations in a nightclub in the zone south of Rio and Skol Rio.

During the carnival of 2006 he recorded a documentary for the BBC of London, whose theme was his life, aired on the South Bank Show program, and then shown in Brazil, the United States and Europe. In April, she opened the shows of the singer, Cesaria Évora, in New York, Boston and Washington, and in May Seu Jorge received Gilles Petterson and CNN in his house for the recording of a program broadcast all over the world. Between June and July, he toured the USA and Canada, performing 21 shows in 29 days, including the closing of the Miami Film Festival; Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester; Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco; Coastal Jazz Festival in Vancouver; Summerstage Festival in Central Park, New York; Montreal Jazz Festival; Quebec City Summer Festival, among others, with acclaim from the American public and media, which gave him extra energy to stretch the tour throughout the UK and Portugal.

In 2011 he released the album Músicas para Churrasco Vol. 1, and on November 20 of the same year, on the national day of the black conscience, he recorded the DVD with public success. The launch came 1 year later, on the same date. Seu Jorge defines himself as a popular singer and composer, who likes many musical genres, but whose foundation is samba: Samba is our truth, our particularity, our gold medal, our bulwark, our Brazilian standard.  

Em instantes, a partir das 9h00 a.m., começa o Global Agribusiness Forum 2018, o maior evento do agronegócio mundial. 
Você pode acompanhar tudo o que acontece no GAF18, de onde estiver, através da transmissão ao vivo.
Durante os próximos dois dias, o GAF18 reunirá importantes líderes globais como o Ministro Blairo Maggi, Rajan Gajaria, Pam Johnson, Lucas Di Grassi, entre outros.
GAF18 já é um grande sucesso! Transmissão para mais de 600 mil pessoas (rede GAF + parceiros)
A plataforma é compatível com qualquer dispositivo digital.
Participe da transmissão ao vivo do  #GAF18.
Acompanhe também nas rede sociais:
The Global Agribusiness Forum, the biggest agribusiness event in the world, will soon begin at 9:00 am.
You can follow everything that happens on GAF18, wherever you are, through live streaming.
During these two days, GAF18 will bring together leading global leaders such as Minister Blairo Maggi, Rajan Gajaria, Pam Johnson, Lucas Di Grassi, among others.
GAF18 is already a great success!
The platform is compatible with all digital devices.
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July 23, 2018

Why Marketers Can't Seem to Avoid Bombarding You With the Same Ad
Advertisers aren't any happier than consumers when the same ad keeps getting served over and over and over. The challenge is figuring out when ad frequency reports are accurate. Full Article
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Amazon Prime Day: Not Just Server Glitches
In the latest episode of the "Behind the Numbers" podcast, eMarketer's Andrew Lipsman and Krista Garcia take a look at some of the key data points and storylines that emerged from this year's Prime Day event. "Behind the Numbers" is sponsored by Mower. Listen in.
Who Doesn't Swipe Right for Dating Apps?
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