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We help clients understand customer needs and behaviors using our market approach and develop actionable segmentation from the resulting insights. We help clients define the target customer —the area of distinct advantage over competitors—to inform business decisions and investment allocation. We help firms break down barriers to innovation and improve ongoing customer-led product development so their value proposition is differentiated and meets customer needs.
Brazil is facing a volatile security environment. Persistent inequality, youth unemployment, poor education, an high levels of impunity are contributing to soaring crime and victimization. Last year, more than 62,000 Brazilians were murdered. Not surprisingly, Brazilians are feeling afraid: more than 80 percent fear they may be a victim. A recent poll suggested that over 60 percent of young Brazilians would leave the country if they could.

The security agenda will dominate the 2018 election cycle. Brazilians are demanding action. Yet despite recent federal-level initiatives - including the military intervention in Rio de Janeiro - crime rates are continuing to rise. A recent study prepared by the president´s strategic affairs unit, with inputs from the Igarapé Institute, found that lethal violence alone is costing the Brazilian economy roughly 4.5% of annual GDP.

Please join us for a discussion of Brazil’s security crisis.  Ilona Szabó, co-founder of the Igarapé Institute, one of Latin America´s leading "think and do" tanks, will discuss the importance of pursuing a comprehensive approach to public security.  She will review data-driven strategies to effectively reduce crime and the use of new technologies to improve law enforcement, criminal justice and the functioning of prisons. The Igarapé Institute´s work on crime is regularly featured by Bloomberg, the Economist and the Financial Times, among others.

Roberto SimonDirectorFTI Consulting, Inc.
Ilona Szabó de Carvalho,  Executive Director and Co-FounderIgarape Institute
Join Us on July 12, 2018Time: 4:00 PM to 5:30 PMLocation: Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc., New York, New York
This hour and a half long afterschool workshop for kids based on two children’s picture books, Stolen Spirit and Without Words, which introduces a brief overview of Brazil’s early history while encouraging young people to think about their Brazilian heritage through their personal experiences as immigrants, or as the children of immigrants.  This workshop would present some general information about Brazil’s early history through a brief discussion, but it will also be interactive.   
Stolen Spirit, which takes place in 1500, focuses on the arrival of the Portuguese from an Indian boy’s point of view.   We can bring objects such as a sample of brazilwood to talk about how Brazil got its name and why the Portuguese were interested in this land. That would be Part I of the workshop.  We would base Part II of the workshop on our book Without Words, which is about a Brazilian immigrant boy who uses his talent for draw to adapt to life in the United States.  We would encourage kids or draw or to write about some personal experience they had with Brazil, and then share that memory with everyone else if they are comfortable. 
Trade Show Brazil Promotion
"The largest Promotion Road Show in Brazil"
Brazil Promotion is a 3 day event being held from 31st July to the 2rd August 2018 at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This event showcases products like promotional gifts, corporate gifts, products and services for holding events, specialized graphics, agencies, merchandising solutions for the point of sale, marketing digital, new technologies , interactive media and more etc. in the Business Services, Gifts industries.
The Consulate General of Brazil in New York is a sponsor of the exhibition  "Tarsila do Amaral: Inventing Modern Art In Brazil" 
Sula Costa | Costa Consulting Co
COSTA CONSULTING CO works in the creation of strategic and tactical actions to reach the objectives and results of the business of its customers. We have experience in understanding what we need, what we serve, in addition to pointing out the needs of each client and evaluating the proposals. Therefore, COSTA CONSULTING CO works based on the following fundamentals: knowing what is needed; know how to ask and know how to evaluate the solutions presented. Best Regards
Sula CostaExecutive Director
+ 55 61 3045-6949
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Brazil Promotion

  •  31 Jul-02 Aug 2018 (
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  •  Transamerica Expo Center, São PauloBrazil

"The largest Promotion Road Show in Brazil"
Brazil Promotion is a 3 day event being held from 31st July to the 2rd August 2018 at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This event showcases products like promotional gifts, corporate gifts, products and services for holding events, specialized graphics, agencies, merchandising solutions for the point of sale, marketing digital, new technologies , interactive media and more etc. in the Business Services, Gifts industries.

MOre information:

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You can already register online to the Apparel Sourcing, Avantex, Leatherworld, Shawls&Scarves, Texworld and Texworld Denim Paris September 2018 shows.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 
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Instagram has a lot of news lately – they just hit 1BILLION active users and they have just rolled out a brand new feature called IGTV that now allows you to upload videos longer than 1 minute.


Musicians Guide to IGTV


What is IGTV?

IGTV is Instagram’s new app centered around consuming long-form, vertical videos from Instagram creators. Users can also access the platform on the Instagram app by clicking the TV button in the top right corner next to the messages button (if you don’t see this on your Instagram app update it!)
Instagram has designed IGTV to emulate an actual TV by hosting channels of videos created and uploaded by Instagram users. These videos differ from those on Instagram Stories in that creators can upload up to 10 mins of content. The platform is also designed to view videos vertically, in the same way you use your phone, making a more natural viewing experience.

Why Musicians Should Care About IGTV

IGTV is definitely not a just a longer form of Stories; it’s Instagram’s way of giving YouTube a run for it’s money and by utilizing vertical video they are adapting to the way most people prefer to hold their phones. Instead of reposting your Instagram Stories into a montage video, Instagram users can upload completely new forms of content that help disseminate your personality (aka your brand) and your message.
From a marketing perspective, this is fabulous because now you can focus on one platform and showcase various types of content.  In addition to expanding your reach, it will be easier to facilitate deeper connections with fans, which means you can grow your loyal fan base. Since IGTV is still brand new, now is the perfect time to start capitalizing on new views and fans while the platform isn’t inundated with content (yet).

Still not sure what to post on Instagram?

Identifying ONE Ideal fan and only speaking to them is a great technique – Download this to get started on honing your messaging

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Here's to your IGTV Success


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Online or In-Store?
How To Influence Consumer Shopping Behavior

Oracle surveyed consumers in the US and the UK to learn more about the changing trends in online versus in-store shopping. How frequently do they shop? Which channels do they use? What’s their motivation? This report details how everything from income to age to advances in technology have influenced the behaviors of consumers today.

If you market to consumers, you will want to download this now:

What you'll learn:
Discovering which consumers prefer to shop in stores or go online – and how to target them
Millennials vs. Baby Boomers – who spends more and on what? 
Which sources do they rely on to learn about new products? Is your website one of them?
Are they shopping for fun, out of necessity or to be in a social environment? This directly impacts their purchase path
How does having children in the household affect shopping behavior?

There’s a lot of rich data points that you can use to map to your marketing campaigns! Check it out here:

Here’s to your success,
Michael Crosson
Moderator & Publisher


Brazilian virtuosity guitarist, vocalist and percussionist Badi Assad, ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the world’s top female guitarists, comes from a musical royalty (Brazil’s acclaimed Assad family).  She is one of the most innovative, passionate and talented Artists of all times and is lauded as one of the world’s most unique and cross-transcendental performance artists of this generation. She transcends traditional styles of her native Brazilian music with a mixture of pop, jazz and world/ethnic sounds from around the world. As a result, the extraordinary singer, guitarist, and percussionist is successfully forging an exhilarating genre of music that quite literally defies categorization.

The movie is  documentary of her professional life. 

Check out Badi Assad's Interview with Bossa Magazine coming up in July.

Supporting the Brazilian Musicians in United States of America
By Madalena Sousa/Founder/CEO/President
Brazilian Music Foundation.Org.

“BADI” is co-presented with Cinema Tropical’s MUSIC+FILM BRAZIL
Friday, July 6, 2018 at 4:00PM
John Drew Theater
158 Main Street
East Hampton, NY 11937
For tickets:

Supported by Brazilian Music Foundation and Bossa Magazine
An evening concert featuring performances by Israeli superstar David Broza, considered one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant performers, world music virtuoso, Badi Assad, and the acoustic duo from For Living Lovers, with composer and jazz guitarist Brandon Ross and acoustic bass guitarist Stomu Takeishi.

buy tickets:

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