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June 7, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Location: Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc., New York, New York

In conjunction with the Worldfund’s Education Leadership Award Dinner, The Chamber and Worldfund are pleased to organize a panel of educators and philanthropists who will discuss methods for improving public education in Brazil. This year’s panel will debate recent innovations that can improve the quality of public education while helping students develop the skills needed to participate in an increasingly globalized economy.

The panelists will discuss recent innovative developments in both public policy and private public partnerships (PPP’s). Public policy initiatives include efforts to combating school evasion, improving instruction quality, expanding full time schools, and instituting the National Core Curriculum. Simultaneously, PPP’s are helping to revamp the infrastructure of public schools and providing teachers with quality training that connects learning with the skills necessary for the jobs of the future.

Join us for a discussion with a distinguished panel of experts and practitioners who are dedicated to advancing the quality and relevance of Brazil’s public education. 
Kelly Maurice, Executive Director, Worldfund
Worldfund is a leading Education NGO that provides teacher and principal training programs in Mexico and Brazil. Kelly joined the organization in 2010, and has been leading its growth as the Executive Director for the since Jan. of 2015. Since then, Worldfund has doubled the size of its operations and has scaled its programs across dozens of Mexican and Brazilian states.
Jair Ribeiro, Founder, Parceiros da Educação
Parceiros da Educação is a civil society organization that advocates for the fundamental right of very Brazilian child to quality education, via supporting the government in the adoption of etter public policies for education and facilitating private-public partnerships aiming to improve public schools' infrastructure and students' academic performance. Mr. Ribeiro will be honored at the 2018 Education Leadership Award Dinner, Worldfund’s 15th Anniversary Gala, on June 7th at Mandarin Oriental New York City. 

Marcos Magalhães, Founder, Instituto de Co-Responsabilidade pela Educação
Instituto de Co-Responsabilidade pela Educação was founded to contribute to improving the quality of Public K-12 Education by using innovations in content, method and management. The institute dedicates itself to turning public schools into full time schools with a methodology that emphasizes developing each students' life project.
Marília Gessa, STEM Brasil, Worldfund

STEM Brasil has been offering top-quality support to Science and Math teachers in public high schools and middle schools in 14 Brazilian states, and it's now scaling to Mexico. The success of the program is to synthesize the official school curriculums of Science and Math with innovation, technology, creativity, practical projects and local context. Marília has been working with strategic partnerships for STEM Brasil for 4 years and is the leader of the expansion of STEM México.


July 12, 2018
Time: 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Location: Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc., New York, New York

This hour and a half long afterschool workshop for kids based on two children’s picture books, Stolen Spirit and Without Words, which introduces a brief overview of Brazil’s early history while encouraging young people to think about their Brazilian heritage through their personal experiences as immigrants, or as the children of immigrants.  This workshop would present some general information about Brazil’s early history through a brief discussion, but it will also be interactive.   

Stolen Spirit, which takes place in 1500, focuses on the arrival of the Portuguese from an Indian boy’s point of view.   We can bring objects such as a sample of brazilwood to talk about how Brazil got its name and why the Portuguese were interested in this land. That would be Part I of the workshop.  We would base Part II of the workshop on our book Without Words, which is about a Brazilian immigrant boy who uses his talent for draw to adapt to life in the United States.  We would encourage kids or draw or to write about some personal experience they had with Brazil, and then share that memory with everyone else if they are comfortable. 

June 13, 2018Time: 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Litigation in Brazil can be costly and time consuming. The new Code of Civil Procedure, which came into effect a little over three years ago, was designed to simplify and shorten the duration of judicial proceedings. Yet not much has been changed for those that need to litigate cases in Brazil. Join us for an overview of Brazil’s current judicial system and proceedings in the areas of civil and tax litigation, including a discussion of the practical implications of the new Code of Civil Procedure for companies doing business in Brazil. Our panel of experts will also address frequently asked questions on topics such as attorney-client privilege, disclosure of evidence, publicity of court records, and the effects of injunctions and orders freezing assets.
Scott Wilson, Partner, Boies Schiller Flexner LLP
Mark Perla, Senior Tax Counsel, Pfizer
Glaucia Lauletta Frascino, Partner, Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroa Advogados
Fernando Neustein, Partner, Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroa Advogados

International Fashion Jewellery & Accessory-New York

  •  08-11 Jun 2018
  •  Stewart Hotel New York, New YorkUSA
  • "Trade event dedicated to fashion jewellery and accessories industry."
    The International Fashion Jewellery & Accessory-New York is quite an exclusive event that features jewelries, fashion jewelries, jewelry accessories, contemporary jewelries, silver and gold jewelries, designer jewelries, occasional jewelries, hair jewelries, jewelry materials and lots more to talk about. It is an international platform that features the best collection of jewelry products and accessories and attracts buyers from around the world. The event is also known to give huge business possibilities and prospects to the exhibitors and introduces them to new customers.
  • More information: 

Let's do the immersion!

Bom dia! Como vocês estão?
Por aqui estamos ótimos, nos últimos preparativos para a nossa imersão.
Você já deixou de conquistar um emprego por não saber falar de negócios em inglês??? 
Hoje é essencial saber inglês no mercado de trabalho. E se você não for fluente apenas em inglês, mas for fluente em negócios?
No final de semana teremos 18h de imersão aqui no BCCenter em inglês, com os tópicos Project Management, Business Meetings, Leadership e How Your Brain Works.
E você já deu uma olhadinha no nosso time de Consultores que irá guiar essa imersão?
Deem uma olhadinha no Ted Talk do Tomas Drunkenmolle, o nosso consultor que irá guiar a segunda parte da nossa imersão no domingo.
Horário: 8h30 as 17h30
Data: 26 e 27 de maio
Idioma: Inglês
Endereço: Rua Conselheiro Carrão, 445, Juvevê - Curitiba - PR
1º lote: R$799,99 - Até 19/05
2º lote: R$1.199,99 – Após 18/05
Taxa de Inscrição: R$200,00*

*O valor restante da taxa de inscrição pode ser parcelado em até 4x
Perdeu algum prazo? Possui interesse em fazer a imersão? Estamos abertos a conversas, então pode aparecer aqui para tomar um cafezinho e conversar.
Na ultima terça (15), tivemos a palestra "Balancing Your Life Using a Wellness Radar & Mind Maps" e foi um sucesso! Recebemos excelentes feedbacks e aprendemos muito!
Gostaríamos de agradecer ao nosso palestrante Silvio Wille por trazer uma palestra tão completa, por toda a sua preparação e disponibilidade. Agradecemos também ao nosso vizinho Chiffon Cake por adoçar a nossa noite com deliciosos bolos. Amamos essa parceria!
A todos que participaram, um grande muito obrigado, nossas portas estarão sempre abertas para vocês!
Confira fotos e vídeos da palestra aqui
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C-Level Chats: In a new spin to the informative fireside chats, senior journalists from leading publications will interview C-Level retail executives of America's most innovative retailers, with Q&A to follow.

Women In (R)eTail Leadership Panel and Networking: One of the most popular events has expanded to encourage more networking than ever before, with speakers from big box retail to VCs.

C-Suite Retreat: On August 7, you'll exercise your mind, and hear from those who truly have their pulse on the industry. For C-Level retail executives (invite only), be surrounded by retail peers who want to discuss open innovation through interactive panels and small group discussions.

All New Speakers: The brands to watch this year are sharing their stories. 100+ retail speakers are confirmed and 85% are new, including: FreshDirect, Rakuten Kobo, Newell Brands, Citizen Watch Company, Sugarfina, Asics Digital, Ethan Allen, Boxed, Dover Saddlery, Framebridge, American Eagle Outfitters, Kenneth Cole, Vitamin Shoppe and many more. Get ready for fresh insights and new connections.

Party With Us: Head out on the town for two new cocktail parties at The New England Aquarium on August 6 and The House of Blues on August 7. Check out full details in the agenda.

View the agenda here for the full list of speakers, topics, fun activity, formats, and a lot more, all in one easily-accessible place.
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China International Robot Show

04-07 Jul 2018
National Convention & Exhibition Center, ShanghaiChina

China International Robot Show is a 4 day event being held from 4th July to 7th July 2018 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China. This event showcases products like Promote the leaping development of robotics, Leed the deepening transform of manufacture, to build the communication platform for robot industries and enormous Chinese market,education service robot,household service robot,environmental cleaning robot etc etc. in the Automation & Robotics industry.In this trade fair products to be showcase are Promote the leaping development of robotics, Leed the deepening transform of manufacture, to build the communication platform for robot industries and enormous Chinese market,education service robot,household service robot,environmental cleaning robot etc.

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