Thursday, May 24, 2018


A Menina que Nunca Terminava Nada
Com Selma Maria

26 de maio
Sábado, às 15h
Contação de histórias para terminar mais um capítulo. Vem ouvir com a gente!
A Menina que Nunca Terminava Nada
AMeninaQueNuncaTerminavaNada_rodapé_meu sesi

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Oficina De Origami_fiesp
Oficina De Origami

Mãos Mágicas - Oficina de Origami
Com Tereza Yamashita

Sala do Educativo

26 de maio
Sábado, às 11h
Encantando crianças e adultos, a oficina vai ensinar a arte da dobradura japonesa. Venha aprender com a gente!
Oficina De Origami
OficinaDeOrigami_rodapé_meu sesi

Organizing for Action

The stakes couldn't be higher in 2018.

Our districts aren't fair: All over the country, congressional lines are unfairly drawn by political insiders and politicians interested solely in their own reelection.

Our representatives aren't accountable: Elected officials continue to vote for this administration's dangerous policies, hurting millions of Americans.

And our states will soon be voting on issues that can help people right now, with efforts to expand Medicaid, restore voting rights, and make our communities safer.

On November 6, 2018, we have a once-in-a-decade chance to fight back -- and our work starts right now.

Today, we're launching Organizing For '18 -- a new program that will turn grassroots energy into action between now and Election Day. Join Team '18.

Team '18 will bring together OFA's nationwide network of experienced supporters and volunteers to make a difference all across the country.

We're focused on three goals:
  1. Electing better representatives. Too many Republican representatives have failed us. They've supported this administration's efforts to sabotage Obamacare, approved a massive tax scam that put billionaires over working families, and failed to take meaningful action on gun violence. We'll work to vote them out.
  2. Fighting gerrymandering. Partisan insiders and conservative politicians have rigged districts in their own favor. But after the 2020 census, states will redraw congressional maps -- and 2018's state-level elections will largely determine this process. We're strategically organizing in these races.
  3. Winning key statewide ballot initiatives. In many states this November, voters can make an immediate impact on ballot initiatives -- like Florida's effort to expand voting rights to 1.4 million more residents. We'll help educate voters in these states, and then get out the vote.
All of this is possible in 2018.

But it'll take a dedicated team -- and whether you live in a blue, red, or purple state, one thing is clear: There is work to be done.

We're gearing up for something big. Don't miss a second -- join Team '18 now, and make sure you're plugged in to receive the latest updates:

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NYC Event Spaces

22 de mai (Há 2 dias)
para sula_costa

Opening Reception
Monday May 28th from 6-8 PM 
at 4W43 Gallery 
4 West 43rd St. off 5th Ave., New York City

Open to the public, no RSVP is required
Opening Reception May 28th from 6-8 PM 

NYC  Event Spaces App is Now Available  

NYC Event Spaces, 4 West 43rd St., New York, NY 10036


What Happened: On May 21, 2018, President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order that intends to prevent the Government of Venezuela from selling or collateralizing certain Venezuelan financial assets, and to prohibit it from earning money from the sale of certain entities of the Venezuelan government. The executive order prohibits US persons from participating in all transactions relating to, providing financing for or having other dealings in: (1) the purchase or pledging as collateral of any debt owed to the Government of Venezuela and (2) the sale, transfer, assignment or pledging as collateral by the Government of Venezuela of any equity interest in any entity owned 50 percent or more by the Government of Venezuela.
The Bottom Line: The Trump administration continues to ramp up pressure on the Government of Venezuela by further limiting its access to US capital markets. This is the third executive order regarding sanctions on Venezuela in less than a year—and fourth overall—and other orders could be issued at any time.
Join us on June 14th as we celebrate
Avianca's landing in Miami!! 
Excellence Award Honoring Mr. Jose Efromovich
Chairman of the Board Avianca Brazil
Excellence Award Honoring Mr. Jose Efromovich, CEO Avianca
The BACCF Excellence Award was created in 1997 to recognize and reward visionary, innovative and accomplished leaders in many different fields, such as business, science, sports and arts. Every year the BACCF is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of top leaders and their invaluable contributions to the development of corporate relations between Brazil and the United States. 

Register Today!
Thursday, June 14th
From: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM
BACCF members: $225
Non-members: $275
Interested in sponsoring this event?
Connect with us
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida | P.O. Box 310038Miami, FL 33231

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