Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The luncheon was an opportunity for our membership to come together in celebration of a successful year. For this luncheon we are fortunate to have as our guest speaker Ambassador Enio Cordeiro, Consul General of Brazil in New York and newly arrived from his most recent position as Ambassador to Mexico.  The Consulate plays an important role in the activities of the Chamber, so we hope you will join us in welcoming Ambassador Cordeiro and hearing his remarks.  Finally, as required in our By-Laws, we will take a few moments during the luncheon to elect and re-elect Board Members. We look forward to seeing you there.

Keynote Speaker:
Ambassador Enio Cordeiro
Consul General, Consulate General of Brazil in New York
Please click here to see his bio.
Note for Members Only!
If you are unable to attend this this luncheon, please click here to download the Proxy.
More information to be announced.

A sua empresa já faz parte do maior e mais importante Mercado mundial?

Alexandre Piquet - Piquet Law Firm & Membro do Conselho da BACCF 
Carlos Mariaca - Center Group & Membro do Conselho da BACCF
Leonardo Velasco - Banco do Brasil Americas
Palestrante local - FedEx Express

Inscreva-se hoje!
Inscrições gratuitas - vagas limitadas
10 de abril
8h30 - 12h00
Salão Nobre Senac
Rua Doutor Vila Nova, 228, térreo,
Vila Buarque 
São Paulo, SP

11 de abril
8h30 - 12h00
Núcleo Operacional do PEIEX de Maringá

12 de abril 
8h30 - 12h00
 Pavilhão Smart Agro Parque de Exposições Governador Ney Braga
19 de abril
8h30 - 12h00
Tópicos a serem abordados no Road Show 2018
Florida: A porta para o Mercado Global
  • A importância do Brasil para a Flórida
  • Os principais produtos importados/exportados
  • Oportunidades para brasileiros
Soluções Financeiras
  • Abertura de conta nos EUA
  • Regulamentos e normas
  • Financiamento
  • Empréstimos comerciais
Recursos para os Exportadores
  • As vantagens dos diferentes modos de transporte
  • A simplicidade do processo de importação nos EUA
  • A agilidade da logística nos EUA
Novas fronteiras e expansão de seus negócios
  • Diferenças Culturais
  • Modelos de Negócios
  • Plano de Vendas
  • Desenhando seu projeto de entrada nos EUA
Aspectos Legais Imigratórios, Corporativos e Tributários
  • O processo de vistos de Trabalho, Estudo, Esportista, Investimento e Green Card
  • Abertura de empresas nos EUA: Diferenças entre LLCs, Corporações e Offshores
  • Tributação da Pessoa Jurídica Americana
  • Planejamento Sucessório
  • Renda Global

Connect with us
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida | P.O. Box 310038Miami, FL 33231

We help clients understand customer needs and behaviors using our market approach and develop actionable segmentation from the resulting insights. We help clients define the target customer —the area of distinct advantage over competitors—to inform business decisions and investment allocation. We help firms break down barriers to innovation and improve ongoing customer-led product development so their value proposition is differentiated and meets customer needs.
Private Equity Investments in Brazil, April 4, 2018
Private Equity Investments in Brazil Breakfast Seminar April 4, 2018–April 5, 2018
A breakfast seminar discussing private equity investments in Brazil.  The event will bring together an impressive panel of speakers who will share insights from the perspective of both the investors and the companies receiving the investment.
Location: New York, NY
Hosted by: Brazilian-American Chamber of
New York International Auto Show
The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida presents:

FinTech companies are the new businesses leveraging new technology to create new and better financial services for both consumers and businesses. Many are the verticals in this new trend such as block chain, crypto currencies, digital & mobile payments, capital markets, peer to peer lending & crowdfunding and others.  You are invited to hear from an expert what is going on in Silicon Valley.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018From: 12:00 Noon to 2:00PM
Hotel 1495 Brickell Ave., 6th FloorMiami, FL 33131
Organized for over a decade, the Brazil Summit is one of the most important events in the Chamber’s annual calendar. Government officials, business leaders, members of the international financial community and academia will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate key developments affecting the Brazilian economy, as well as the current political, economic and investment outlook for Brazil.
Keynote Speakers
H.E. Henrique MeirellesMinisterMinistry of Finance of Brazil (Invited)
H.E. Ambassador Sergio Amaral, Ambassador of Brazil to the United StatesEmbassy of Brazil(Invited)
Fabio KanczukSecretary for Political EconomyMinistry of Finance of Brazil

The Agriculture Business in Brazil
The panel will discuss current market conditions in Brazilian agriculture, including ethanol, comparative advantages, infrastructure needs, and policy issues.
Thomas DeCoeneSenior AdvisorShelter Rock Capital Advisors
Caio Mario Paes de AndradeFounding PartnerWebforce Networks
Henrique Americano de FreitasExecutive Vice President and CEOWestchester Group South America
Paula KovarskyDirector of Investor RelationsCosan
Antonio WeverPartnerAgribusiness DivisionsPatria
The 2018 Political Environment in Brazil
The panel would discuss the review the political landscape for the 2018 elections followed by discussing new political movements in Brazil seeking to improve public administration, and polling data that examines the broader public sentiment in Brazil, and its impact on the upcoming election.
Robert SimonDirector, Forensic & Litigation ConsultingFTI Consulting
Christopher GarmanManaging Director for the AmericasEurasia Group
Mauricio MouraCEO & FounderIdeia Big Data
Ricardo SennesManaging PartnerProspective Consulting
Ilona Szabó de CarvalhoCo-Founder and Executive DirectorIgarapé Institute and MemberMovimento Agora!
Special Presentation
Marcos TroyjosCo-Founder and Co-DirectorBRICLab at Columbia University
Consulate General of Brazil
The Consulate General of Brazil in New York is a sponsor of the exhibition  "Tarsila do Amaral: Inventing Modern Art In Brazil" 
Sula Costa | Costa Consulting Co

COSTA CONSULTING CO works in the creation of strategic and tactical actions to reach the objectives and results of the business of its customers. We have experience in understanding what we need, what we serve, in addition to pointing out the needs of each client and evaluating the proposals. Therefore, COSTA CONSULTING CO works based on the following fundamentals: knowing what is needed; know how to ask and know how to evaluate the solutions presented. Best Regards
Sula Costa Executive Director
+ 55 61 3045-6949
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Brasilia - DF
SCS Edificio Venâncio 2000 | Bl 50 Sala 430 | CEP: 70.333-900           


Good morning, Sula
After exceeding by 20 million tons the sugar production in 2017/18 (Sep/Aug), beet farming should not be subject to major variations for the next European Unit crop, as many farmers have entered into beet supply agreements with duration of two or three years with major production groups. Another factor that should keep the interest in beet planting is the low price of other cultures, such as wheat.
 According to a survey conducted by DATAGRO, the forecast for European Union sugar exports went from 3.0 million to 3.52 million tons. The initial forecast was 2.8 million. In the 2016/17 season, 1.39 million tons were exported.
 To discuss the European Union export and expansion strategy, Friedrich Becker, Head of Global Markets, Suedzucker and Hans-Dieter Schroeder, Export Manager, Pfeifer & Langen will attend the ISO DATAGRO New York Sugar & Ethanol Conference 2018.



 March 29, 2018Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PMLocation: PrideGlobal, New York, New York

 join us for an educational, interesting, and fun evening on the Flight Deck, Pride Global & Russell Tobin's Penthouse Event Space.  Russell Tobin is one of the nation’s leading recruitment and staffing advisory firms with offices worldwide, including Brazil. The company’s founder, Leo Russell, a Brazilian, will discuss how he founded and developed his firm, and the lessons learned along the way.

Joining him will be Marcel Arins, head of corporate development at Neoway, a big data analytics subscription platform, empowering organizations to become data driven. Marcel spearheads Neoway’s operations in the US market with customers in both banking and the consumer packaged goods industries.  In 2017, he successfully led fundraising for Neoway of $45 million.
Tiago Compagnoni , Co-Founder of WeDemand will also share his experience. WeDemand was founded in 2010 in Brazil as Queremos! - a successful startup, providing solutions for both international and local bands seeking live touring opportunities. WeDemand launched operations in the US in 2013, becoming the go-to platform for big data and business intelligence in the live concerts space.
Candida Borges is the International Business representative of Zanna Agency, the first sound branding agency in Latin America. Zanna Agency is a pioneer in the field and has created sound identity for leading Brazilian companies, as well as musical and artistic projects, for the last 10 years. After being internationally awarded with Rio de Janeiro's subway case, they are launching business in the U.S.

Following the panel discussion, Pride Global will host a networking reception. Their conference space doubles as a reception center, in the best tradition of today’s leading-edge companies.

Leo RussellFounder and CEOPride Global
Marcel Arins, Head of Corporate DevelopmentNeoway
Tiago Compagnoni, Co-Founder, WeDemand
Candida Borges, International Business DevelopmentZanna Sound Branding

Você sabe o que é um Joint Venture?
Uma estratégia de Joint Venture empresarial pode estar relacionada a um novo projeto ou outra atividade comercial, por exemplo. Assim, operações de Joint Venture são executadas para diversos fins, como: logísticos, industriais, tecnológicos, comerciais, entre outros. Na maioria dos casos a estratégia é adotada para acelerar a expansão dos negócios, pois ao unirem seus recursos as empresas têm acesso a habilidades escassas podendo, inclusive, penetrarem em novos mercados.
Pensando assim, a  COSTA CONSULTING CO ( otimiza parcerias com empresas em todo  Brasil para oferecer  um novo conceito sobre as artes plásticas com intuito de fomento a cultura brasileira.
As empresas envolvidas avaliaram que a probabilidade de sucesso com a criação de novos negócios trabalhando em conjunto.

Hesperides entre o céu e a terra
Artista; Damascena
Técnica : Acrílica sobre tela
Dimensões : 1,13(A) x 1,70(L) m/cm
Ano: 2016
Valor de venda: R$ 40.000,00
" Repouso in natura "
Artista: Everson Fonseca
Técnica : Óleo s/ linho
Dimensões : 80 (A) x 120 (L) cm
Ano : 2016
Valor da obra: R$ 30.000,00
Artista: Fernando Naviskas
Título: Prague
Técnica: Acrílica sobre tela
Ano: 2015
Dimensões: 80 (A) x 100 (L)
Valor de venda: R$ 8.500,00
Rêves Urbains
Artista: Fatima Marques
Técnica: Oleo s/ tela
Dimensões : 70(A) x 100(L) cm 
Ano:  2015
Valor de Venda: R$ 12.000,00
Artista; Renata Lauer
Dimensões: 48,5 (A) x 40,5 (L) cm
Técnica: Óleo s/ linho
Ano: 2015
Valor de Venda: R$ 10.000,00
O vazio se faz presente
Artista: Vanda Ramirez
Dimensões: 120 (A) x 120 (L) cm
Ano: 2014
Técnica: Óleo s/ tela
Valor de Venda: R$ 10.000,00
Artista; Andrea Barata
Dimensões: 100 (A) x 80 (L) cm
Técnica: Mixed Art
Ano: 2017
Valor de Venda: R$ 6.000,00
Artista: Valques Pimenta
Técnica: Acrilico sobre tela.
Dimensão: 79 (L) x 110 (A) cm
Ano: 2017
Valor de venda: R$ 6.500,00
Artista : Carolina Saidenberg
Dimensões: 80 (A) x 80 (L) cm
Técnica: Mista de Óleo c/ douração
Ano: 2015
Valor de Venda: R$ 6.000,00
Sem titulo
Artista ; Rodolfo Chiaverini Neto
Técnica : Acrílica sobre eucatex
Dimensões : 65(A) x 92(L) cm
Ano: 2017
Valor de venda: R$ 3.000,00
S/ Titulo
Artista: ELISA MONDETécnica : Acrílica s/ tela
Dimensões : 1,50(A) x 1,00(L) m
Ano: 2012
Valor de venda: R$ 2.400,00
Por do sol pantaneiro
Dimensões: 40 (A) x 70 (L) cm
Técnica: Mista de Óleo
Ano: 2017
Valor de Venda:  R$ 2.200,00
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World – Art Show é o novo espaço de artes de São Paulo - SP. Pretendemos ser um referencial de oportunidade de apoio aos artistas brasileiros, promovendo encontro de pessoas, cultura e artes. Somos inspirados pela mesma força que move o universo artístico: a idéia de que é possível trilhar seu próprio caminho. Faça parte do universo da arte.
+55 61 98176-6121

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SCS Edificio Venancio 2000
Sala 430 Bl B50
Brasilia - DF
CEP: 70.333-900

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