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Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects and Deadlines

  •  06 Mar 2018 
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  •  The Roosevelt Hotel, New YorkUSA

"The International Spring Art Fair In New York."
Affordable Art Fair New York is an art event. The event presents the latest trends in contemporary art for all tastes and all budgets. The event includes over 70 exhibitors and over 300 contemporary artists. This fall fair will showcase 48 regional, national and international galleries including Affordable Art Fair mainstays, Manifold, Art Angler, Tolman Collection of Tokyo, and Rebecca Hossack Gallery, as well as highly anticipated newcomers such as HOV, Eye Buy Art and Galerie Youn. This five-day event is dedicated to fostering an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere where a diverse array of affordable, contemporary art by living artists is available.

BACCF 2018 - Luncheon featuring Gesner Oliveira, GO Associados
Electoral Year:
Current Developments, Trends and Challenges of the Brazilian Economy

Join us on Feb. 23rd for a luncheon featuring Gesner Oliveira, Partner of GO Associados and Professor of Economics at Fundação Getulio Vargas.
Learn more about Gesner Oliveira - click here

BACCF members: $60
Future members: $75

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Organizing for Action

In 2008, the big banks crashed our economy, and President Obama inherited one heck of a mess. Millions of Americans lost their jobs, millions lost their homes, millions lost their life savings -- all because of Wall Street's reckless greed.

Ten years later, this administration and many in Congress seem to have forgotten all about the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Now they are trying to jam a bill through the Senate that would roll back Dodd-Frank -- the rules that President Obama signed into law to help regulate the big banks and protect American families. This bill would let some of the very same big banks that broke our economy go back to the way things were before the American taxpayers bailed them out.

I call this bill the Bank Lobbyist Act -- because that's who it's for, after all.

If we don't speak out right now, the Senate could roll back these banking regulations as soon as this month. Sign on with OFA now and add your voice to those speaking out against legislation that lets the big banks go back to gambling with our economy.

Even a decade later, too many Americans are still feeling the effects of the 2008 crisis. The stock market may be doing better -- but that doesn't matter a whole lot to families living paycheck-to-paycheck who can't afford any stock.

Lots of the folks who were wiped out will never recover. They won't get new houses or build up a retirement plan. Some are back at work, but at lower-paying jobs. And others are drowning in debt. They are still paying the price for the banks' recklessness.

The very last thing that we should be doing is taking the cop off the beat on Wall Street -- and letting these big banks put more at risk.

If you agree there should be a level playing field -- not one rigged in favor of giant banks -- speak up with OFA now.

We must stop our leaders in Washington from rolling back the rules President Obama signed into law. We must prevent another financial crisis:

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Fashion Week. Join us on February 14th
for NYC @ Live ! 

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NYC Event Spaces, 4 West 43rd St., New York, NY 10036

El jurado de la Convocatoria RADAR está formado por 6 galerías y espacios culturales españoles interesados en descubrir nuevos talentos para exponerlos en sus espacios. 

La Convocatoria RADAR está abierta a todo tipo de artista, de cualquier nacionalidad, residentes en cualquier país, sin límite de edad,  ideología, técnica y otras calificaciones. El premio anima a participar a artistas de todos los niveles.
Cada una de las 6 galerías seleccionadoras escogerá al artista que más le interese y le ofrecerá una exposición individual en su propio espacio, que podrá ser el preludio de una colaboración profesional duradera. Las galerías escogerán libremente y con completa autonomía su ganador y tienen la obligación de seleccionar a artistas con los cuales no hayan tenido nunca ninguna relación profesional previa.

Además, la comisión de comisarios seleccionará a 3 artistas ganadores que recibirán un premio en metálico: 800 euros para el primer clasificado, 400 para el segundo y 200 euros para el tercer clasificado.

Chicago Auto Show

Image result for Chicago Auto ShowImage result for Chicago Auto Show

"Automobiles, Spare Parts and Accessories industry trade fair."
The Chicago Auto Show is the largest national auto show in Chicago and displays wide range of vehicles that includes sports cars, concept cars, dream cars that are either newly manufactured in the market or have emerged to be leading brands in the market. It is a great platform where the visitors are exposed to an array of choices, when it comes to car and they have a good experience in this show. The show was first staged in the year 1901.

Fashion Jalsa

  •  16-19 Feb 2018 
  •  World Trade Centre, MumbaiIndia
  • Fashion Jalsa is a 4 day event being held from 16th February to 19th February 2018 at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai, India. This event will offer a perfect blend of creativity and style, fashioned out by highly creative designers and artistic craftsmen & specially selected from all over the country.
    Trade Show

    Bombay Times Fashion Jalsa

    contemporary styles and celebrating fashion industry. The event involves trendy and current fashion ideas and innovations that gather inspiration from different parts of the world. This event helps various brands and companies to establish themselves and use various innovative ideas that enable them to set apart from other brands. This show evolves the retail apparel designs and revolutionise the fashion industry by using latest technologies. This event is a must attend event show for all fashion designers and aspiring fashion industry students to gain knowledge from the professionals and experience the latest trends from different parts of the country under a same roof.

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