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January  21 & 28 at 7:30pm

(Hugo Prata, Brazil, 2016, 115 min. In Portuguese with English subtitles)

Back by popular demand!

The life of Elis Regina, undoubtedly the greatest Brazilian singer of all time, is told in this biopic film with energetic and pulsating rhythm. Winner of eight awards at the 2017 Brazilian Academy of Cinema Awards, including Best Actress for Andréia Horta as Elis Regina. The film tells the story of the singer from her arrival in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 19 , her rise to success and national and international recognition, until her tragic and early death.

BMF is offering 10 complimentary tickets for January 21 st screening and the discount for Jan 28th.

Symphony Space
2537 Broadway at 95th Street, NYC

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Purchase tickets $ 13

Thursday February 8 @ 6:00 PM

Luiz Simas (piano/vocals)

Luiz Simas invites you to celebrate his 70th birthday at Birdland! 

"I'm really excited about my upcoming 70th birthday celebration concert at Birdland on
Thursday February 8 at 6pm!

It's going to be a show like I've never done before. Besides myself on piano and vocals, the band will include the superb musicians Itaiguara on bass, Mauricio Zottarelli on drums, Wesley Amorim on guitar, Joe Deninzon on violin and Paul Lieberman on sax and flute.There will be many very special guests as well such as
Kenia, Marilynn Mair, Nanny Assis, Julia Haughton, Kerry Linder,
Hendrik Meurkens, Sue Maskaleris, Urbano Sanchez, Eliane Amherd,
Vanessa Falabella and more...


Thursday February 8 @ 6:00 PM (doors open at 5:00 PM)
at Birdland

at tables: $30 with $10 minimum
at the bar: $30 (no minimum) or $25 when using code "Luiz" at the door.


Purchase tickets
Endorsed and promoted by Brazilian Music Foundation
By Madalena Sousa / Founder/President/CEO
Promoting Brazilian Arts and Music

 The contemporary discussions in Spinosa’s sculpture

Antonio Spinosa’s sculpture in carbon steel is graphic. This sentence would be nonsense, if written on the 19th century; and, immediately, contested. That because until the 20th century, sculpture was a volumetric form in space.
Marcel Duchamp (1889-1968) made the question: what is Art? Back in 1917, he sent a sanitary toilet as an art piece to an exhibit, in New York, being refused. Marcel Duchamp’s question is still alive nowadays on the deepest contemporary discussions.

This question led to others: why a sculpture should have volume? That way was born the sculpture without volume, lying on the floor or suspended on the air, or still inserted on the roof, as Antonio Spinosa does.

The artist calls one of his sculpture series as Strips, others as Ties or Flames, but the sculpture runs the space graphically, many times sculptural artworks create enigmas on the wall, as copper sheets, until it becomes shiny panels.

Finally, Spinosa’s graphic sculpture has reached the roof, for example at the decorated room by Casa Cor, an Architectural Project.
Spinosa’s sculptures converse with “Animals” by Lygia Clark, climb the walls, in a cheerful way, play with the ambient lights, are forms and molds, true devices of meaning its firm and strong colors.

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Temos a oportunidade histórica de criar a maior área protegida da Terra: um santuário no oceano da Antártida, com 1,8 milhões de km2!

Além do aquecimento global, que desestabiliza o gelo, a expansão da pesca industrial na região interfere na cadeia alimentar e põe em risco a sobrevivência de animais incríveis como pinguins, baleias e focas.
Proteja a Antártida - Assine a petição »
Assine a petição e acompanhe o nosso navio, Arctic Sunrise, que está a caminho da Antártida, levando a bordo ativistas, cientistas e jornalistas que vão documentar toda essa jornada pela preservação dessa incrível região.

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