Saturday, November 25, 2017


 Comprehensive discussion on key consequences of Lava Jato.

Organized by leading Brazilian and New York law firms, separate panels will address enforcement, compliance, and due diligence issues, and how they have been impacted by Lava Jato.

Registration - 4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Panel 1: Anti-corruption Enforcement in Brazil and Beyond – 5:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.

There have been a number of recent coordinated enforcement actions involving American and Brazilian authorities. This panel will feature the current head of the Justice Department’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act unit, Dan Kahn, and attorneys from the private sector with extensive experience in cross-border investigations. The panelists will address the roles and prerogatives of American and Brazilian enforcement agencies, international investigative techniques and coordination, recent enforcement trends (i.e., lessons learned from Car Wash), and practical tips for companies that are navigating multijurisdictional investigations.


- Kyle Sheahen, Partner, King & Spalding
- Marcio Mello Silva Baptista, Partner, TozziniFreire Advogados


- Daniel Kahn, Chief of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Unit, U.S. DOJ, Fraud Section
- Jason Jones, Partner, King & Spalding
- Denis Jacob, Director, Global Commercial Compliance, Becton Dickinson

Panel 2: Compliance in Brazil and Beyond: a Brave New World – 5:45 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Sweeping Lava Jato investigations and other high-profile anti-corruption investigations, as well as the implementation of Brazil’s Clean Company Act, have changed the game for multinationals in Brazil, upending the political and legal landscape. This panel will explore the new compliance framework in Brazil and consider what steps companies operating or investing in Brazil should do to protect themselves and their investors, including the benefits and drawbacks tied to conducting and reporting the results of internal investigations, and whether companies should consider complying with ISO 37001.


- Nick Berg, Partner, Ropes & Gray


- Colleen Conry, Partner, Ropes & Gray
- Art Middlemiss, Partner, Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss
- Anna-Louise Oliver, Vice President, The Carlyle Group
- Eloy Rizzo, Partner, KLA

Panel 3: Corporate M&A in the Wake of Lava Jato – 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

As many companies come under investigation for corruption, divesting assets has become a common strategy to address the need for liquidity and/or a desire to exit the market. While this scenario creates multiple M&A opportunities in Brazil, investors worry about acquiring assets and companies that may have corruption-related liabilities or that are under investigation by Brazilian or US authorities. This panel will focus on due diligence issues that come up in these transactions and ways to minimize liabilities.


- Wade Angus, Partner, Jones Day


- Marcello Hallake, Partner, Jones Day
- Michael McGuinnes, Partner, Jones Day
- Marcos Spieler, Managing Director, Rothschild
- Marcelo Messer, Director, Rothschild
- João Ricardo Ribeiro, Partner, Mattos Filho

Networking Reception - 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

November 15, 2017
4:30 PM to 8:30 PM

- Member: $ 35.00
- Non Member: $ 70.00

Jones Day (250 Vessey Street, New York, New York 10281)


Join Us on December 12, 2017Time: 8:00 AM to 10:30 AMLocation: Coming Soon

Impact investing can be defined simply as investments "made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return."  But such a simple definition still leaves many unanswered questions, even more so when applied to Brazil.
A diverse and distinguished panel, representing bilateral institutions, NGO’s, asset managers, and entrepreneurs explore key questions surrounding impact investing in Brazil: 
  • What role does impact investing play in social development?  How impactful is it currently, and what is the expectation over time? How are impacts being measured?
  • What are the roles of bilateral institutions, foreign and domestic NGOs and traditional or new asset management firms in Brazilian impact investing?
  • What is the role of the Brazilian government in the process, how can it do more to promote impact investing?  Could regulations be improved to increase the volume of impact investments?
  • Who is actually providing the funds for impactful investing?  Family offices? Foundations?  Foreign governments?  Private sector funds?  Does debt play a role, or only equity?  
  • What are the principal criteria and what is the process behind identifying impact investments?  Can investments be differentiated between philanthropy, venture capital, and private equity?  Are there other meaningful categories?
  • Can investors who are looking to make a positive difference with their investments really expect to also enjoy market returns?  What are the vehicles for doing so, both at the institutional and individual level?
  • Who and what ype of funds are involved in impact investing? Do they have external ratings? As an individual where can I go to make Impact Investments?
We will address these and other questions with the following panelists:
Mary Rose BrusewitzPartnerStrasburg and Price LLC
Fabio Jose FagundesHead of Financial Products, Investment Operations,  IADB
Leonardo Letelier
, Founder and CEOSitawi
Daniel IzzoPartner and Executive DirectorVox Capital
Genevieve EdensImpact and Research DirectorAspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, The Aspen Institute
Venue to be announced!
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Marie Miramont & Jean-Louis Moreels

19 Octobre - 2 Décembre 2017

Marie Miramont
Un accident de la vie a remis en question son existence. Le sens d'une vie accomplie a été retrouvée dans l'art de la calligraphie. L'encre a permis à Marie Miramont d'exprimer son art et ses émotions à la perfection mais aussi sa torpeur et ses doutes. L'artiste nous livre un message allégorique et d'ode à l'oeuvre sur encre et au travail sur papier s'illustrant dorénavant dans des grands formats et une plénitude inégalée à ce jour.

Jean-Louis Moreels
L'artiste se nourrit des oeuvres de peintres tels Eugène BoudinPaul Cézanne ou encoreClaude Monnet. Impressionniste de la photographie, Jean-Louis Moreels s'est imprégné de ses illustres prédécesseurs et compose avec passion le traitement des sujets et de la lumière. Comme Jacob Van Rusydal, il ressent l'importance de l'ombre portée pour le paysage et les objets. A ses yeux, le traitement du sujet photographié doit aussi tenir compte de l'état d'âme de l'artiste. C'est dans l'appréhension du noir et du blanc que l'artiste exprime au mieux la prise de vue et son traitement au travers l'impression picturale et le papier.


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Organizing for Action

This administration continues to drag us backward in the fight against climate change -- withdrawing the U.S. from the groundbreaking Paris Climate Agreement, pushing dirty fossil fuels, and rolling back common-sense standards like the Clean Power Plan.

But following a summer of monster storms, flooding, and wildfires with impacts linked to climate change, people across the country aren't just sitting by and letting the White House undo the progress we worked so hard for.

Thousands of local leaders, businesses, cities, and others have made the pledge to remain committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement with a clear message: We are #StillIn.

This week, OFA supporters and partners are hosting events highlighting the important work people all over the country are doing in their own communities to keep up the fight against climate change -- even if this administration won't.

There's an event happening in your area -- say you'll be there.

Climate change isn't some far-away issue. We're already seeing its impacts in communities from coast to coast -- costing us billions of dollars and creating unquantifiable human misery. That's why it's crucial that we keep speaking out, and come together at events like these to make sure we don't let this administration's refusal to act define this fight.

I hope you can make it to your local event this week.


Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy and Campaigns
Organizing for Action

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