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Good morning,

Don't forget the info from 'The Don' goes tomorrow .

You may have missed yesterday's email, so I thought it best we get back in touch.

If you are not familiar with the Don he's the guy we call 'The Mastermind of Gambles'

Named because of the big price winners he has put our way in the past, I can't list them all but the most recent being....

12/1, 7/2 & 6/1

And if you haven't sampled his info before, we include a guarantee for your peace of mind.

Confidence is always massive when it comes to info from this guy so we never have any problem including our cast-iron 100% free month guarantee.

If you choose to get involved & for any reason we fail to collect from Wednesday's info, we will give you a months membership to the Premium Horse Info Service totally free of charge (worth £50).

  • Never odds-on or some really short price favourite
  • Profit guarantee included
  • Info sent out early so you can get on at the best price

Speak soon,
Andrew & team

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Organizing for Action

This administration continues to drag us backward in the fight against climate change -- withdrawing the U.S. from the groundbreaking Paris Climate Agreement, pushing dirty fossil fuels, and rolling back common-sense standards like the Clean Power Plan.

But following a summer of monster storms, flooding, and wildfires with impacts linked to climate change, people across the country aren't just sitting by and letting the White House undo the progress we worked so hard for.

Thousands of local leaders, businesses, cities, and others have made the pledge to remain committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement with a clear message: We are #StillIn.

This week, OFA supporters and partners are hosting events highlighting the important work people all over the country are doing in their own communities to keep up the fight against climate change -- even if this administration won't.

There's an event happening in your area -- say you'll be there.

Climate change isn't some far-away issue. We're already seeing its impacts in communities from coast to coast -- costing us billions of dollars and creating unquantifiable human misery. That's why it's crucial that we keep speaking out, and come together at events like these to make sure we don't let this administration's refusal to act define this fight.

I hope you can make it to your local event this week.


Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy and Campaigns
Organizing for Action

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