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The artist Celau has always been passionate about all types of arts. He lived his life alongside family artists from other areas, and this fascinated him with the life of an artist. Celau is a self-taugth artist who started painting his hand 15 years ago...his initiation to painting only lasted a year, because living in a small city in Bahia, had difficulties to publicize his work and this left him without stimulation and stopped painting. After 13 years, Celau is back to painting and now screens...with great inspiration by Pop Art, influenced by Andy Warhol, Basquiat, among others pop icons. Celau's paintings draw attention to the vibrant colors and harmonious combination of colors. The artist stands out mainly for the firm trait, where everything is required to be very straight; and also of its abstract pulses that please the eyes and transmit joy.

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Opening Reception August 3rd @ A.I.R. Gallery. 6-8pm.(Leia em Português)

Another Gesture/ Um Outro Gesto/Eine weitere Geste/ presents four German and Brazilian female artists working in painting, drawing, and photography. The notion of “another gesture” suggests a two-fold approach: first, one that moves away from the dominant male legacy of abstract expressionism, in which gesture and opticality were used to champion purity and the uniqueness of painting as a medium. The artists included in this show, working today, and in two differing hemispheres, either acknowledge or incorporate this past, but beyond that, they cling on to gesture, not only as a visual element, but as a conceptual vehicle for humor, for refusal, narrative, or memory. Second, within the word “another” there is a subtle play with the idea of being other to someone, a slight reference to the otherness that haunts historical relationships between Brazil and Germany.

These historical ties are mostly known in regards to colonial expeditions and German immigration to Brazilian territories: most famously, in 1557, the German explorer Hans Staden wrote about his capture by the Tupinambás and their cannibalism, a notion that would permeate, in the early 20th Century, Brazilian intellectuals’ idea of Anthropophagy, a time when Brazilian critic Oswald de Andrade famously said, “Only anthropophagy unite us.”

In the 19th Century, German traveling artists such John Moritz Rugendas and Eduard Hilderbrandt arrived in Brazil to depict its flora, fauna and native inhabitants. From the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th Century, German immigrants settled in cities all over Brazil, escaping war and poverty; many German artists had a fundamental participation in the first São Paulo Biennials. In the 21st Century, with the art world’s globalization, German and Brazilian art institutions have sought to shorten the geopolitical and invisible distances between the two countries.
Although these historical ties do exist, in Another Gesture/ Um Outro Gesto/Eine weitere Geste/ we eschew them to tell yet these women artists’ stories: we interrupt this rigid transnational narrative to create alternative ones through the idea of “gesture” as a generative theme. “Another Gesture” thus become an open-ended, consciously ambiguous, and fluid space, in which these artists, from different backgrounds, can navigate.
Dates: 3rd to 20th August, 2017
Artists in Residence Gallery – 155 Plymouth Street   |   Brooklyn NY   |   (212) 255 6651  |


Our special thank you for the institutional support of the:
Elza Soares
Elza da Conceição Soares has achieved what most people can only dream of. She has remained a superstar in her field for over six decades, melodically soaring through the ages. A native of Rio de Janeiro, Soares began her professional singing career in the 1950s, when she joined Mercedes Batista on a dazzling samba tour of Argentina. Her popularity grew exponentially when she released her debut Se Acaso Você Chegasse, in which she invoked a Louis Armstrong flavor as she incorporated jazz into samba-scat riffs. From there, she relocated to the bustling São Paulo, where she illuminated clubs and theaters with her signature raspy, boisterous voice. Soares’ next album, A Bossa Negra, saw her star continue to rise, as she was invited to represent Brazil at the ’62 World Cup in Chile. Now known throughout South America, the luminous Soares would partner with vocalist Miltinho, and they would co-record three potpourri style albums,Elza, Miltinho e Samba (Volumes 1-3). By the 1970s, she was touring all over Europe and the US, enthralling audiences with her hallmark husky and impassioned tones. A few decades of unwavering, joyous singing later and she would be named “Best Singer of the Millennium” by the BBC in London in 2000. Soares has remained vital and current; her 2004 album Vivo Feliz featured the single “Rio de Janeiro” (a tribute to her birthplace), that mixed samba and bossa with electronica. In 2016 she put out A Mulher do Fim do Mundo (“Woman at the End of the World”), and sang at the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. Truly a living icon, Soares is a gift to experience live.
Deep in the lush countryside of Brazil, a gifted gang of like-minded musicians came together. Led by the effervescent Liniker Barros, a transgender vocalist, Liniker e os Caramelows was assembled – never dreaming that they would one day tour the world, spreading their uplifting music. The first tracks that they ever recorded were based off Liniker’s personal letters, and thanks to the far-reaching power of Youtube, this band’s up-tempo songs spread like wildfire (over 10 million collective views). Performing at Brazil’s most important festivals, from São Paolo to Rio, they soon became a national treasure. In 2016 they delivered their first studio album Remonta, and added new members for the subsequent tour (bolstering the sound with keyboards, percussion and saxophone). With unbridled enthusiasm, they are now poised to wow the world stage.
Teleseen (DJ set) Special project of global underground DJ, a mix of deep & afro-house, samba and baile funk  The primary project of nomadic DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Cyr, Teleseen weaves together musical influences from the global underground into a refreshingly unique mix. Manifesting in freewheeling DJ sets, and a wide variety of his own releases and production work for other artists, Cyr’s musical vision draws equally from deep house and afro house, samba, batucada, baile funk and MPB influences absorbed while living in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. He also adds to his worldwide dish of musical experimentation the sound-system culture of his hometown of NYC. Known for his shifting polyrhythmic programming style and psychedelic synth work, Cyr has released records on 100% Silk, Feel Up Records, Boomarm Nation, Percepts, and Goldmin Music. His latest album, The Emotional Life of Savages, is due out in the fall of 2017, as his fans eagerly await to hear what new, funky and internationally-imbued beats he’ll merge together.

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Aline Muniz presented in association with Brasil Summerfest

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Joe's Pub

August 10

Ticket Price: $15.00

Doors at 9PM
Show at 9:30PM

Music fans in the US will soon have a chance to hear an exciting new voice emerging from Brazil’s diverse music scene, singer/songwriter Aline Muniz. With three acclaimed albums already released in Brazil, Muniz is highly regarded for her sophisticated compositions and sultry vocal style, and her US digital debut ALINE MUNIZ / BRAZILIAN POP MUSIC, to be released on May 26th, will introduce fans stateside to her fresh global pop sound. Showcasing a broad range of influences from bossa nova, classic MPB (Música Popular Brasileira) to electronica and pop, Aline collaborated on the song selection with acclaimed Brazilian producer Béco Dranoff for the 17-track collection, which features popular original songs from her three previous albums such as “Mensagem de Amor” and the recently released track “Eu, Você e Mais Ninguém” (You, Me and No One Else) featuring a stunning video filmed in NYC’s Meatpacking District which has garnered close to 500,000 views, alongside Muniz’s exquisite reinterpretations of songs including “Ribbon in the Sky” (Stevie Wonder), “Tempos Modernos” (Lulu Santos), and “Jack Soul Brasileiro” (Lenine).
The daughter of one of Brazil’s leading TV and stage actresses, Aline was immersed in music and the arts at a young age and discovered her passion for music while studying at the renowned ‘Casa do Teatro’ school in São Paulo. Following university, Aline continued honing her musical skills by playing with various local bands while writing and composing her own original material. In 2008, Aline released her debut independent solo album “Da Pá Virada”, whose lead single “Básica” generated huge national buzz and visibility. In 2011, Aline released her sophomore album “Onde Tudo Faz Sentido”, which solidified her position among the new generation of MPB (Música Popular Brasileira) artists.
2014 marked the release of “Outra”, Aline’s third album and first with Sony Music Brasil. Several singles from the album received strong radio airplay and the videos for songs “Dançando Com a Vida” and most recently “Eu, Você e Mais Ninguém”. Aline relocated to New York City in 2016, now her new homebase, and is also studying at NYU, Berklee College of Music and New York Film Academy.

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Organizing for Action

Today, the Senate voted to proceed with debate on Obamacare opponents' disastrous repeal plan.

Make no mistake: Repealing Obamacare would harm millions of Americans -- our friends, our family, our neighbors -- who rely on Medicaid, who were born with a pre-existing condition, or who are bravely battling cancer. Moving forward with a plan to take care away from those depending on Obamacare's protections isn't just irresponsible -- it's appalling.

But this isn't over. OFA supporters and volunteers will continue fighting back against this law's repeal. And with Senate leaders rushing toward a final vote, we don't have much time.

So tomorrow, Valerie Jarrett, former Senior Advisor and Director of the Office of Public Engagement during the Obama administration, will join us on a health care briefing call to discuss what we can do next.

We'll go over how we can keep putting pressure on elected officials, and making sure they're acting in the interests of the people they were elected to represent. I hope you can join us -- here are the details for the call:

Date: Tomorrow, July 26
Time: 8pm ET

Thank you,


Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy & Campaigns
Organizing for Action

Assine a petição para enviar um email ao governo dos EUA 

Não é necessário falar muito sobre a terrível situação em que se encontra a Venezuela (perseguição à população, miséria, violência, supressão de direitos, etc.).
Mais uma vez queremos nos mobilizar e fazer a nossa parte. Assine a campanha para pedir ao governo americano que continue tomando medidas para resolver a situação:
  • 85% da população rechaça a criação da Assembleia Nacional Constituinte, não prevista na constituição vigente e sem ser submetida ao referendo, como mostra o art. 347.
  • Mais de 7 milhões de venezuelanos mostraram o seu rechaço ao golpe de Estado de Maduro no dia 16 de julho.
  • A Suprema Corte usurpou as funções do poder legislativo(Assembleia Nacional).
  • Os civis detidos são julgados por tribunais militares simpáticos ao regime de Maduro.
  • O número de mortos pelas forças armadas e policiais já passa de 100.
Una-se a esta campanha para pedirmos ao governo dos Estados Unidos a proteção do povo venezuelano.
Dirigimos a campanha ao governo norte-americano porqueinfelizmente a OEA, apesar de diversas declarações condenatórias, acabou não fazendo nada porque faltaram alguns votos para que fosse aprovada a resolução condenatória durante a última Assembleia Geral.
Além disso, o Conselho de Direitos Humanos da ONU não aprovou nenhuma resolução de condenação da violação dos direitos humanos na Venezuela.
Finalmente, o governo Trump já mostrou que está disposto a tomar medidas reais para frear os abusos do narcoditador Maduro.
Assine a petição e a compartilhe nas redes sociais!
Desde já agradeço a sua valiosa ajuda.
Guilherme Ferreira e toda a equipe de CitizenGO.



  Former Executive Director at Brazilian -American Chamber of Commerce - José Robeerto Azevedo participated of BRAZIL: MIDYEAR ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL OUTLOOK, JULY 26, 2017 , at New York.
Who help  organize the event all year at Brazilian -American Chamber of Commerce - Ruth Phillips lined by entrepeneur Manoel Baião(Neolink International Company) at BRAZIL: MIDYEAR ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL OUTLOOK, JULY 26, 2017 , AT NEW YORK.

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Economic Observer
Fed, ECB Highlight the Week

Overview: Two major central bank meetings caused some volatility in mortgage rates over the past week. Neither ended up having much net effect, however, and mortgage rates ended the week with little change. 

As expected, the U.S. Federal Reserve made no change to the federal funds rate at its meeting on Wednesday. Of note, the Fed statement said that officials expect to begin to reduce its holdings of Treasury securities and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) "relatively soon." Investors think that this policy change may be announced as early as the next meeting on September 20. The statement also slightly changed its description for inflation as "running below 2%" instead of "running somewhat below 2%." Concerns that the Fed might be more hawkish had caused mortgage rates to rise on Tuesday, but the increase was reversed on Wednesday when the statement contained no surprises.

While the Fed is currently holding its balance sheet steady and plans to soon begin to shrink it, the European Central Bank (ECB) is still adding to its portfolio. At the ECB meeting on July 20, investors were hoping to learn more about the ECB's plans for its massive bond purchase program next year. Investors were disappointed by a lack of new information, though, as ECB President Draghi only provided the vague guidance that the discussion about when to begin scaling back the program should take place "in the fall."

The housing data released this week revealed that home sales have been holding fairly steady in recent months, despite a lack of inventory in many markets. In June, sales of previously owned homes decreased a little from May, but they still were higher than a year ago. Total inventory of homes for sale fell slightly to a 4.3-month supply, and it was 7% lower than a year ago. In addition, the median existing-home price was 7% higher than a year ago.

Week Ahead

Looking ahead, the Durable Goods Report will be released on Thursday. The first reading for second quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the broadest measure of economic growth, will come out on Friday. The core Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index, the inflation indicator favored by the Fed, will be released on August 1. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Index also will come out on August 1, and the next Employment Report will be released on August 4. 

Contact me to discuss how I can help your clients with their mortgage needs.
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Hi sula,


John is launching his newest version of Music Marketing Manifesto and he's one of the few people in this business who's programs I love because they work!
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Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0 is a brand new training program, in which John will show you the exact strategy that he has used to help countless artists climb to the top of various Billboard, iTunes, Amazon, Barns & Noble, and CD Baby sales charts. This strategy even led to one artist landing a GRAMMY nomination earlier this year!
In MMM 4.0, John allows you to watch over his shoulder and see how it's done. From A to Z, with nothing left out.
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MMM 4.0 is a multimedia course containing over 25 videos, the New and Improved MMM Website Template, custom email templates, case studies, and - my favorite part - an interactive members area where you can ask questions along the way and get direct assistance from John and his team!
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"John Oszajca helped me with the marketing on my last two albums. Both albums climbed to #5 on Billboard's Blues Charts, and the last one was nominated for a GRAMMY. John is my music marketing Ninja! Follow his advice and your music career will flourish." – Janiva Magness

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Assim como o nosso direito de luta em defesa do meio abiente. Precisamos de ajuda antes que seja tarde demais. 

Defenda os Corais da Amazônia
Duas gigantes petroleiras tem planos de explorar a região e o vazamento pode causar danos irreparáveis aos Corais da Amazônia. A hora de agir é agora, precisamos da sua ajuda!