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Expolazer & Wellness 2017 (15th August 2017-18th August 2017) Expo Center Norte, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Dear Industry Colleague,

Greetings from Francal Feiras!

It gives us great pleasure to invite you and your colleague to visit Expolazer & Wellness 2017.

Expolazer & Wellness Is A Trade Show Specifically Dedicated To Swimming Pools, Spas, Outdoor Decor And Wellness Industry. The Fair Expands Its Universe To The Wellness Market That Meets The Demands Of Visitors For Specific Items Of Massage, Relaxation, Fitness, Spas And Accessories.

Expolazer & Wellness A Mandatory Event For Retailers, Architects, Decorators, Builders, Engineers, Suppliers, Buyers From Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Water Parks And A Selected Audience With An Interest In These Sectors. Its Specialized And Focused Profile Contributes To High Business Results During And After The Fair.
Venue:Expo Center Norte, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dates:15th August 2017-18th August 2017
Timings:01:00 PM-09:00 PM
Entry:By Invitation Click here to Pre-Register Online
  • Swimming Pools Articles Stores
  • Constructors / Architects, Engineers and Decorators
  • Hipermarkets and Garden Centers
  • Fitness Centers and Clubs
  • Hotels, Motels and Spas
  • Amusement Parks and Resorts
  • Condominiums
  • Swimming Pool Cleaners

  • Swimming Pools, Accessories and Maintenance
  • Decoration and Lighting
  • Ceramics, Roaring and Stones
  • Spas and Bath Tubs
  • Sauna and Fitness
  • Filters, Pumps, Timers and Systems
  • Beachwear, Sportswear and Towels
  • Health Spas Accessories: Essences, Candles and Cosmetics
  • Sports Accessories and Aquatic Games
  • Accessories
  • Inflatables and Camping

Team Expolazer & Wellness 2017

PREMIO O.R.A. 2016 / 17
La giuria del Premio ORA è composta da 14 gallerie selezionate e professionali interessate a scoprire nuovi talenti da esporre nei propri spazi. Ognuna delle 14 gallerie in giuria, disseminate nelle principali città italiane, sceglierà l'artista per cui ha più interesse e gli offrirà una mostra personale nei propri spazi, preludio per una collaborazione lavorativa duratura (molti degli artisti che hanno vinto il premio ORA al momento lavorano stabilmente con le gallerie che li hanno premiati).  Le gallerie scelgono liberamente e in autonomia il proprio vincitore e hanno l'obbligo di selezionare artisti con la quale non abbiano mai avuto rapporti di collaborazione precedenti. Le mostre personali si svolgeranno tra il 2017 e 2018, in comune accordo tra artista e gallerista.
O.R.A. is an open call for artists. Artists of all nationalities can apply with no restrictions on age, thinking, technique or any other factor. Thejury comprises 14 professional galleries, art spaces and art centres interested in discovering new projects to be exhibited. Each of the 14 galleries in the selection panel, located in the most important Italy areas for contemporary art, will choose one artist to realise a solo show as a prelude of a long lasting collaboration.
The galleries choose freely and autonomously their winners and are just required to select artists with whom they had never had previous work relationships.
All the exhibitions will open 
within the 2017-2018 exhibition season.


Fantastic start to the week for members.

I advised three bets in yesterday's evening email....

  1.  Wolves - Bottle of Smoke  adv 9/4   Result:  WON 15/8
  2.  Wolves -     Enfolding         adv 9/4   Result:  WON  7/2
  3. Plumpton -  Flashman        adv 3/1    Result:   WON 15/8
57.5/1 TREBLE

A £10 TRIXIE (£40) RETURNED £1041.25

It's always really nice to receive emails thanking me for the day's winners & today is no exception

"First day with you and a great treble comes up, thanks very much, more than paid for my subscription"

"Outstanding tipping bud"


There was no need for me to hide any names against the comments as they are there for all to see on my Facebook page.

With Aintree & the new flat season starting soon NOW really is the time to join my service & start backing daily winners.

Figurative Expressions Exhibition

Saphira&Ventura Art Gallery in partnership with Art&Art Gallery presents one of the very best art exhibitions in the Brazil, a collective with works of photos and paintings of artists represented by NEW YORK CONTEMPORARY ART SOCIETY e SOCIEDADE INTERNACIONAL DE ARTE & GASTRONOMIA SÃO PAULO.
Guaranteed Success!!!
The event happened at Opera Classic Transamerica Hotel at Sao Paulo, Brazil.
March 29, 2017.

Figurative Expressions Exhibition
#SulaCosta #ThomasGrassberger #JosuaneChojmacki #ChrisBarreto #NandoCuynha #CelianKaufman

                                                                Thomas Grassberger and  the fine art Chris Barreto

                                                                Curator Celina Kaufman

                                                            Celina Kaufman and guests

                                                            SAPHIRA&VENTURA Art Gallery  - Sao Paulo - Brazil

                                                         The sweetie lady Flavita Boeckel, Celina Kaufman, Gracinha and Mr. José Maurício Pires Alves
                                                                   Maria Emília Genovesi - Journalist

                                                             The fine art Angerami and the  Artist Producer - Edinho Santos

                                                                                                                                                  SAPHIRA&VENTURA Art Gallery  - Sao Paulo - Brazil

                                                                                             The model - Josuane Chojmacki

                                                                    Celina Kaufman - Curator

                                                                The sweetie journalist Maria Emília Genovesi with  the actor Nando Cuynha  , Chris Barreto - Fine art                                                                 and   your husband Thomas Grassberger.


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